What Does Mercury In Scorpio Zodiac Sign Birth Chart Mean?

Acid, ironic, sarcastic, even at times cynical. This is Mercury in Scorpio, an intense, deep, and transformative mindset. Due to the rule of Mars and Pluto in this sign, it is of great importance to corroborate the cosmic state of these planets in the natal chart. If they are in dignity (Mars domiciled in Aries or Scorpio, or exalted in Capricorn, Pluto in Scorpio), the Scorpio qualities will intensify.

Mercury in Scorpio is endowed with a great intuition that dissects you without having asked you anything due to the water element. Its X-rays investigate the occult and access the B-side of people. His nature is mysterious, reserved but intelligent, and sometimes cruel, allowing him to be carried away by the emotional underworld’s most intense and dark feelings.

The issues that concern this Mercury are closely connected with the 8th house: sexual desire, the unconscious, inheritances, the money of others (especially the spouse), power, crises, revolutions, purges of everything type, death, resurrection, crimes, mysteries, and taboos. The repressed that must be revealed.

Under the influence of difficult aspects, people with Mercury in Scorpio live suspiciously of everything, imagining endless conspiracies lurking. They must learn to let go, enjoy more, or maintain a more friendly relationship with the surface of things. The Scorpio mind can reach a higher development if it does not always focus on the painful and critical aspects of existence.

Some personalities with Mercury in Scorpio are Oscar Wilde, John Lennon, and Gandhi: all three had to face the established and unmask the society of their time. We should not forget that many consider Uranus, a planet associated with revolutions and drastic changes, exalted (that is, empowered) in the scorpion sign.

The Mercury In Scorpio: Significance and Meaning

People with Mercury in Scorpio  are passionate about getting to the bottom of things. They have unparalleled mastery in getting to the truth and are NOT afraid to go where others fear to tread.

The intelligence of Mercury combined with the might of Pluto - in many cases - is a lethal weapon. It is a kind of surveillance camera that can see through almost any scam.

They detest superficiality and are very suspicious. They communicate with passion, and their observation skills are limitless. They tend to see - more clearly than ever - what others miss.

People with Mercury in Scorpio are STRATEGIES, cunning, intelligent, and they work by instinct. They are relentless, and they can make the most scathing criticisms or expose devastating information without mercy. It is practically useless trying to beat them in an argument.

They are not very discreet, they are not very diplomatic, and will often speak their minds: They are NOT afraid to talk about what others are not. They can have a very sharp tongue. They are stubborn and tenacious. They own an issue and DO NOT leave it until they are satisfied. Instead, if they have no interest in something, they will do their best to avoid it.

They are loyal to their cause and will defend it until their last breath. They know how to keep secrets: their own. They have a special talent for digging into the secrets of others and are experts in exposing people. They are excellent detectives and investigators, searching incessantly until they find. They love mystery, and science intrigues them. Anything that challenges your brain will keep you busy.

They are passionate about finding out what motivates people. They have a deep understanding of human nature. What may seem obvious to them may be confusing to others. This brings out an intensity that others cannot help but notice.

It is not uncommon for people to love or hate them. They usually have psychic talents. They are often interested in mystical and paranormal subjects. They are also attracted to the darker side of human nature.

Sometimes they are manipulative and controlling, and possessive of important people - they feel that it is a way to protect their loved ones. They DO NOT hesitate to explore the dark secrets of others while tending to hide their own.

During the transit of Mercury in Scorpio, masks tend to fall, or mysteries, secrets, lies, manipulations, double faces, and facts that clarify many things are revealed. Thinking becomes much more critical, vigilant, looking for hidden facts or secret motivations: we look for the truth behind the words. We become more stealthy, mysterious, suspicious, suspicious. We suspect.

Mercury in Scorpio DOES NOT rest until you get everything hidden under the rug.

Mercury in Scorpio ♏  activates the following zones:

SAGITTARIUS Initiatives  ♐  House 12: Unconscious; subconscious reactions or impulses. Dreams Hidden dangers and enemies. Isolation, places of seclusion. Karma, spiritual debts. End of cycles.

CAPRICORN ♑  House 11: Friendships, social life. Future projects, aspirations, ideals, and personal goals. Adoptive children, nephews.

AQUARIUS ♒  House 10: Professional affairs, career, vocation. Image, reputation, recognition, social status. Authority figures, relationship with parents.

PISCES ♓  House 9: Travel abroad or far away places, other horizons. Relations with different cultures or countries. Languages. Higher education. Religion, spirituality. Legal matters, law, laws, justice. Life philosophy

ARIES ♈  House 8: Sex. Financial affairs with third parties, joint assets (inheritance, marriage assets). Debts, taxes. Insurance policies, investments. Crisis. Transformation. Finals, loss. Fears, mysteries, secrets. 

TAURUS ♉  House 7: Relationships in a couple, marriage. Partners, commercial companies. Commitments, contracts. Partners, alliances, rivals, enemies declared.

GEMINI ♊  House 6: Labor matters, work. Health, body care, food. Routine, wellness.

CANCER ♋  House 5: Creativity, talents, skills, hobbies, vocations. Self-expression. Hobbies, fun, parties, sports, vacations. Games. Pleasures, Loves, love affairs, romances. Children, procreation

LEO ♌  House 4: Home and family, relationship with parents, family relationships. Real estate, housesIntimate matters, private life, inner world, feelings, emotions, memories. Issues of the Past.

VIRGO ♍  House 3: Communication and relationships with blood relatives, siblings, cousins, neighbors, or acquaintances. Primary and secondary studies, courses. Displacements, short trips, to nearby places.

LIBRA ♎  House 2: Money, economy, and personal finances. Sources of income, purchasing power, profits, and losses. Goods, material resources, properties.

SCORPIO Values  ♏  House 1: I, identity, personality. The physical body, personal appearance. Growth, development, and emotional projection.

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