The Children Of Each Zodiac Sign At School

The school year is beginning: Holidays for parents, terror for children. The question is: do they all behave? Which zodiac sign children are the good ones, and which ones are in the bad behaviors list when the teacher leaves the room? Discover all this and a little more to follow!

Aries Children at School

The Aries loves to go to school because that’s where he can meet his classmates and spend all his energy at recess. He is that child who forces the inspectors to shout “CANNOT RUN” every 5 seconds. As for studies, he even likes it as long as the school knows how to take a different and dynamic approach. If it works that way, you can bet that a student will not accept nine as a minimum at the time of the grade!

Taurus Children at School

At first, the Taurus feels insecure in the new environment, so he is that child who needs to take a favorite toy with him until he feels safe and protected. When he is adopted, he is that son who will always ask for a few extra bucks to spend in the school cafeteria.

Gemini Children at School

The Gemini is another controversial student because he knows how to be both good and bad. He’s the Hermione Granger in the room who keeps raising his hand to ask questions, but he also knows that Harry loves to get one ready when no one is looking.

Cancer Children at School

Adaptation for Cancer is difficult, especially if studying full time since it is very common to miss parents and their home. But once he gets attached to the teachers and students, he will see the school as his second home and family and prove to be one of the best students, thanks to his great memory.

Leo Children at School

The Leo is that child that does not accept seeing the teacher being more loving with another student. He loves the feeling of being the favorite and will do anything to be the favorite of both coordination and as a class representative.

Virgo Children at School

Virgo is that child who takes a little longer to make friends, but when he forms his group, he has his inseparable clique there. Besides, he tends to be very strict with himself, so it is important to help him understand that making mistakes is human and that he can always be better.

Libra Children at School

Do you know that child who is friends with everyone? The Libra is part of all the groups, is the first to separate conflicts, likes to help everyone, and is also known for having one of the best-presented works in the room.

Scorpio Children at School

Scorpios are those who usually sleep in classes without much emotion, such as geography. But he is the ultimate in interactive classes like biology or science. Besides that, despite being a good student, he may get confuse by trying to impose his way on others.

Sagittarius Children at School

The Sagittarius does not have major adaptation problems, but studying can be a problem for him. This is that child who does not sit quietly and keeps talking, drawing, sometimes watching the mosquito go by. He usually gets distracted easily, and both the school and the family must know how to work this out.

Capricorn Children at School

Yes, he is the “champion” of the room. Everyone wants to copy his homework, and he feels good at school for enjoying being in an environment with rules. Despite his well-known effort, he may have difficulties with abstract concepts, so Arts may end up being a more complicated subject for him.

Aquarius Children at School

The Aquarius loves the school environment because he can expand his cycle of friends while learning something new every day. He loves group work, is a great talent in all team sports in physical education, and has creativity that will be very valuable if they know how to develop it in that period.

Pisces Children at School

Pisces are students who may or may not be problematic, and everything depends on the reception they have at school. That is, he loves a welcome from both his friends and his teachers. Otherwise, it is common not to be in a good mood. Other than that, he is very creative, being one of the biggest highlights at the School Art Fair.

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