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When looking at a personal birth chart or horoscope for a given day, it is common to come across some symbols that seem to change the meaning of the planets, and one of these symbols is a small “r” that means “retrograde”. But, after all, what does that mean?

Retrograde is the moment when a planet seems to be moving “in reverse”. From the perspective of those who observe him from Earth, he looks as if he is walking on his back. As every symbol has its energetic meaning, we can feel or perceive this opposite movement in our lives or the collective.

Jupiter’s Retrograde Movement

In this text, we are going to talk about Jupiter’s retrograde movement. To understand how to perceive this moment, let’s talk a little bit about what represents the largest planet in the solar system.

Jupiter well symbolizes the benefactor and provider father’s image, who expands the horizon of his kingdom to give all the best and the best to those under his protection. Jupiter is also seen as the lucky planet. A personal birth chart shows us which energies help us and are easy to deal with, and that is why we can use them to help us. As the ruler of the sign of Sagittarius, it is also associated with long trips, philosophy, studies and optimism. In short, we can say that Jupiter is a great benefactor and can teach and help us a lot about life and the world.

Even when it is retrograde, the impression we have is that these domains of Jupiter seem to be going in the direction of the luck he has so much. This does not mean that these energies are stagnant, but that, at that moment, it will be much more difficult to perceive them as they are.

On a personal level, people with Jupiter retrograde on the map or Jupiter retrograde at a time indicated by the horoscope feel that situations of expansion, learning and travel may seem more difficult to accomplish than normal.

Problems With Parents Or At Work

Problems with parents or people at a higher level can also happen and give the impression that the relationship with them is “going backwards”. At the collective level, we can see problems with government officials and that acts of charity are less active than necessary.

These are some features that you may notice in a moment or a map with retrograde Jupiter. The most important of this, and that goes for other retrograde planets as well, is that everything passes. As much as the moment indicates difficulties and things seem to be going backwards, move on, as this will pass. The retrograde moments bring us good moments of introspection and learning, making us think about how to improve the fluency of the energies involved in our lives, which is very important for your personal growth. So when something seems backwards, the best way out is always to move on.

Jupiter Retrograde: See Everything About Their Meanings

Jupiter is the fifth planet closest to the Sun and the largest in the solar system, symbolized in Greek mythology as the god Zeus, so it represents the day, the sky and the thunder and, of course, is the Lord of Olympus and the king from Gods. Like its Greek counterpart, it is related to power, prestige, order and justice.

It is also noteworthy that Zeus is the father of several other gods and the most powerful. Jupiter retrograde, incredibly, shows us exactly the opposite of what is expected (great deeds, great positions etc.) since we are aware of the smallness of some things, and we see positivity in areas that previously took asleep.

It is interesting to remember that, using his power and intelligence, the god Zeus, to conquer his father’s throne and repair the injustice that Cronos did in eating his children, gave him to drink a drug that made him vomit others children previously swallowed.

The astrological significance of retrograde Jupiter has to do mainly with itself.

During the retrograde movement, reconciliations and reevaluations can take place about attitudes taken a long time ago and about a certain arrogance that the person may acquire when in power.

There is also the possibility that there is a misunderstanding about some actions that have been taken and why this has shaken more than expected, but this is a positive thing to see that things have the weight we give them.

Jupiter retrograde symbolizes the perception about what matters, which is the family, the values and even the faith. It is a time to deal with unforeseen circumstances and make the best of them. After all, no matter how much power you have, you cannot control everything.

The same goes for life since when Jupiter is retrograde, it becomes easier to deal with errors and less complicated to understand them and see them as opportunities.

The phrase that symbolizes Jupiter retrograde is: “The positive side always exists, even when we cannot see it.” - Unknown author.

Like the god Jupiter, one must take advantage of opportunities and take good things out of experiences that would have everything to be a catastrophe. After all, even in chaos, there is light.

What Does Jupiter Retrograde Mean

Because it is connected to excesses, what Jupiter retrograde means refers to the period in which the person will become aware of attitudes that he has, which he did not always realize.

For example, a person who always saw himself as someone with good self-esteem can see that he had too much and was arrogant.

This is an inside-out phase of resolving internal conflicts, affecting relationships and how a person treats others. Because it is an easier time to recognize mistakes and ask for help, they may come to feel vulnerable. However, don’t be ashamed!

Forecasts About Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter’s retrogradation appears as a period of seeing the positive of things, especially about what goes wrong, of perceiving things from a more complacent angle.

The predictions about retrograde Jupiter, on the other hand, can also be negative, as the facade becomes heavier to maintain, and the person may feel vulnerable.

When Jupiter Becomes Retrograde

But, after all, when will Jupiter be retrograde?

In the year, the retrogradation will occur from 06/20, when it will be in Pisces, until 10/18, when it will be in Aquarius.

Even When Jupiter Is Retrograde

Jupiter will be in retrogradation for four months, which is a long time, but very useful in consolidating the changes.

During this period, even when Jupiter becomes retrograde, one can internalize more positive attitudes to neutralize the pride in you, focusing only on new opportunities and realities.

That in itself is not the problem. However, care is needed not to impose yourself on others and force them to accept your new self. Must also take care not to be irritated when people do not accept what went wrong and you.

How To Deal With Retrograde Jupiter

For you, who do not know how to deal with retrograde Jupiter, the tip is to take advantage of these periods when the universe proposes self-assessment and go deeper in changing yourself. Immersion is valuable for coming up with new ideas.

In society, it is a good time to change attitudes, be sincere, and recognize mistakes. However, must keep in mind that not everyone can believe in their change. After all, you cannot control the minds of others.

In psychological and spiritual terms, it is a time that indicates the possibility of a change and the creation of new effective bonds. Thus, whoever was more frigid, can become more available in creating true bonds.

With Jupiter retrograde, one should take advantage of and appreciate the “glass half full” and the tide of greater tranquillity concerning its errors. Not charging yourself is a very good thing, but try not to become silent as a result. Worry is something that keeps us alert to dangers and deadlines as well.

It’s a great opportunity to help work on clarity in relationships and at work, bypassing things that don’t happen as expected and making adaptations. A problem becomes a creative solution that can generate a new perspective on your boss and how you deal with pressure.

Use this moment of reflection to review rigid postures, ask forgiveness from those who have hurt you, acknowledge mistakes (and, of course, forgive yourself) and start over in the right ways in various areas. Renew yourself and, with that, also renew everything around you.




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