Balsamic Moon Spiritual Meanings And Interpretation In Astrology

The Balsamic Moon is a name given to the state of the Moon when it is between the waning state and just before it is in the state of the New Moon. They say that Moon is balsamic when it is about three and a half days before becoming a new moon. If we analyze the symbology of that moment, we discover a little of the energies in force.

Balsamic Moon Characteristic

The waning Moon has the characteristic of showing us an energetic moment of detachment, of leaving behind what no longer belongs to us. It is a time for more introspection, isolation, and reflection on what should be in the past. The moment of the new Moon is the energetic moment of planting new seeds for the future. It is a time to think about whatever flourishes in your life and to take the necessary actions, that is, to plant what you intend to reap later on. The realization of the New Moon is very great, so it is an energetic moment widely used for spells related to the realization of plans.

Taking into account these two energetic moments, we can analyze which energies the Balsamic Moon represents. It is almost at the time of the new Moon, but it still influences the waning Moon. In this way, we realize that it is a moment when the energies are already turning to the future, thinking about the concretizations that you want to plant the seeds in the new Moon, but without leaving aside the balance about the past, about everything that has already passed through your life and that you need to leave behind for something new to appear in your life.

Born During Balsamic Moon

If you were born during a balsamic moon, you would likely carry that energy into your personality. You will have the ability to think about the future without leaving aside the past experiences that you had to go through to grow as a person.

Whenever you need to make important decisions in your life that have something to do with leaving something behind, reflect during the period of a balsamic moon. Thus, good ideas can arise, and personal growth and maturation will happen in the new choices you make for your life.

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