Four Leaf Clover: Why Do We Consider It To Be Lucky?

The so-called four leaf clover is one of those rarities of nature that we can rarely find. For this reason, when we see a finding of this type, it is said that it will bring good luck for the person who finds it, especially in matters such as love or health.

History of this belief

The belief in good luck when finding a four leaf clover by chance goes a long way. Many writings on this type of plant are associated with good fortune and good luck throughout history.

For thousands of years, this symbol was considered sacred to the British Isles’ Druids since they thought that they had supernatural powers because of the possibility they gave to see demons. Until today, these beliefs were spreading throughout the world, which still maintains its function as an element of good luck for everyone who finds it.

Many philosophers, occultists, and historians who have studied the phenomenon pointed out that this plant protected from the madness in ancient times and any associated evil. 

For example, in Celtic culture, it has always been thought that each of the petals of the four leaf clover is associated with the four elements of energy: earth, water, air, and fire. For this reason, this culture thought that each person had developed one of these elements, which caused imbalances. The four leaf clover would help whoever found it to find total balance.

Christian thought

In Christian thought, this shamrock is also associated with good luck and the symbol of the cross. They thought that it had special powers and, often, each of its petals is associated with one of the evangelists related to different elements: John, the eagle; Marcos, the lion; Mateo, the man; and Lucas, the bull.

As we see, in most of the ancient cultures of the world, the four leaf clover has a magical meaning. In Egypt, the groom had to offer his wife a bouquet of four leaf clovers to secure their love. The Romans considered it a symbol of wealth and prosperity. During the seventeenth century, it was customary to throw four leaf clovers on the ground when a bride would get married to scare away evil spirits.

Meaning of the leaves

Each culture associates the meaning to clover differently, but usually, each leaf carries a meaning to give value to this discovery. It is said that there is a four leaf clover for every 10,000 three-leaf clover. For this reason, the importance and meaning of finding one.

According to many cultures, and one of the most widespread thoughts that we know, each leaf represents a component of happiness such as hope, faith, love, and luck. However, it is also usually associated with other elements such as wealth, fame, love, and health.

This exceptionality of the four leaves lies, according to botanical experts, in a genetic mutation in one of its genes, the PALM1 gene, which is often called the good luck gene. Scientists who study the behavior and treatment of plants agree that two versions of this same gene in the plant determine the appearance of the fourth leaf of clover.

What to do if we find a four leaf clover?

Having seen those as mentioned earlier, it is clear that finding a clover with these characteristics is difficult, but this does not mean that they do not exist. If we are lucky enough to see one of these clovers, the first thing we have to do is save it.

In many cultures, and as they dictate in their traditions, the usual thing is to place it in the footwear to transmit its share of the fortune.  Others use it hidden in the pages of books or even, as the Egyptians also did, pendants are created to wear around the neck and protect us with good fortune.

It is also ubiquitous that many people who find a four leaf clover give it away, so good luck will pass to the person who receives it.

Four types of luck that the four leaf clover will give you ... if you find one

If you are one of the lucky ones to find one of them, you will be lucky in these aspects:

Protective symbol

According to astrology, the clover is the protective symbol of Taurus, so if you find one, you will have the protection of the energy of the stars.

Good news

The sailors believed that this plant was excellent luck and the bearer of fantastic news.

Amulet against madness

Occultists say that this herb allows you to go unnoticed by hostile demons.

Christian symbol

For Christians and Catholics, the four leaves of the clover symbolize the cross of Christ, thus providing spiritual protection to its owner.

These are just some of the fortunes attributed to this strange variation of clover, which favors prosperity and good luck.

Shamrock today

The truth is that the supposed benefits that the four leaf clover gives have been spreading to this day, and, usually, we find this symbol associated with many well-known brands and objects.

The best known is that of the Alfa Romeo car brand, which made it its symbol in the 20th century, as a sign of wealth and reliability for its brand.

Also, there are examples of brands and clothing accessories that use the benefits of this plant as an advertising claim, and it is not strange to see them on T-shirts, bracelets, or jewelry associated with wealth.

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