Lucky Wedding Dates In 2024 Based On Astrology And Numerology

After so many doubts, uncertainties and incomplete partners, you have finally found the ideal partner, and now a wedding is part of your plans. Preparations have already begun to be made, the details discussed, family and friends are already cheering for happiness and asking about the party. You only need one definition: the date! To find out the best day to celebrate this relationship, there is already an ally: the numerology for the wedding date.

The principle is the same as for any basic numerology, the sum of energies of the numbers that make up the intended day. Just add the numbers for the day, month, and year you have in mind until it arrives in a single-digit number, except if the final numbers are 11, 22 or 33. For example , if you intend to get married on the 18th October 2018, it is necessary to add: 1 + 8 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 which results in 21, add again 2 + 1 and will have the number 3 as the final. With this final number you get, follow the table below and check which wedding energy is on this date.

The Wedding Dates in 2024 And Its Meaning

1: The beginning

It is beginning with joy and will have healthy children

These couples, in general, have an exceptionally passionate and fiery demeanour. To be conquered, the best weapons are tenderness, sweetness, patience and ingenuity, and being careful not to be too knowledgeable when it comes to sex. They will seek to base their relationship on solidity, for only this will allow them to have security regarding the terrain they are treading; They hope that their union will be lasting, since this way they will be able to plan their days as a couple, and comfortable in all the areas that love life implies. Likewise, they will need to discover and get to know their peer to not fall into doubt since their emotional world is based on understanding rather than feeling.

2: Wisdom

Stability and security

The reflective and meditative and the mysterious and unfathomable feeling play a significant role in this relationship. In general, they are natural, spontaneous, cheerful, careful and respectful of their spaces and belongings. If each one manages to couple their emotions to the other, they will be able to surrender and love with intensity. And although they can be modest, they will be very sensual and capable of creating an environment conducive to the occasion, as they will take care of the details and demand them.

3: Love

Family, many children and fidelity

These couples are very productive. It is likely that husband and wife are also partners, have good businesses, real estate and the ability to come up with ideas. On the other hand, they will be very fertile and sensitive. Moreover, the person who will lead the marriage, that is, who will determine whether the relationship works or not, will be the most fragile and sentimental because, from his soul, he connects with the depths of feeling. From his body, he exercises and surrenders the energy it possesses. As for the sexual, each encounter will be characterized by the healthiest of intentions, assuming its consequences, since they admit it to procreate.

4: Independence

Economic security and autonomy

This marriage will have excellent stability since it has a sustenance platform and has the basics and elementals to enjoy life together. However, one of the two will have to assume the role of supporter on all levels: psychological, physical and mental. For this reason, you must be careful not to become too authoritarian because the other will give you the power of the mandate within the relationship.

5: The effort

Stable family, customs and mutual sacrifice

This couple will have to know what the other feels and says, as they are very emotional. In this sense, they must be interested in everything the couple does and maintain good communication about it, which will help them to consolidate the family. By nature, your relationship will be enjoyable, passionate, and intimately memorable. They are seductive and very flirtatious, so they do not hold back to deliver an unforgettable experience of pleasure to the loved one, for whom they feel great admiration for their accentuated features -such as personality- and triumphs. They are characterized by being cheerful, vital and resistant in everything that concerns energy investment.

6: Polarity

Couple attraction and romance

Couples who choose this date are always in the middle of a significant crossroads. Although they are willing to determine the direction to follow in the emotional field, they usually do not define how to do it. For this reason, once married, they should not be confused, as they can lead to withdrawal and provoke doubts that are interpreted as indifference. Either way, they are affectionate to the extent that they knock down their controls and thus can live in constant romance. On the other hand, it is the number of the brotherhood so that they will distribute their emotional, physical, mental, economic and material resources very well.

7: Victory

Triumph over Difficulties

For these couples, understanding must occur in every sense, both spiritually and physically. Their search for new experiences, remarkable adventures and challenges, usually causes a bit of concern in their environment. Although they are wrong, they always manage to take advantage of that situation. They are perfectionists and critical in managing the relationship, seeking projection and stability in it, and making it harmonious. Sexually, they long for something more than an idyllic relationship because they want to feel integrated.

8: Justice

Support, commitment and loyalty

These married couples are very enthusiastic, but they will have to manage their character and lead their incredible strength towards seduction, to provoke each other. Not only passionately, but also in everyday situations, like at home. Besides, they will be characterized by gambling for what they feel and giving their best to build a stable and happy home.

9: Maturity

Ageing together and stable

In general, they are couples very attached to tradition and diplomacy. At the beginning of the marriage, they prefer to spend some time alone without children and go to live far away. They are characterized by being very long and stable relationships, either because they have been dating for many years or because the marriage will last a long time, as they are capable of considering a life dedicated to someone special and loving him or her exclusively and jealous. However, sometimes this can become a dominant situation. Many of these unions occur when people are older.

11: The intellect

Work and family projection

These marriages like to challenge and try not to weaken their company, always putting themselves to the test to get to know each other more. This gives rise to great debates. For this reason, sooner or later, they will have to reach an agreement and sometimes they will need someone outside to help them mediate in their relationship. Both in their feelings and in what matters to them in life, they will use all their resources to the full: seduction, loyalty, pleasure, constancy and a spirit of sacrifice, which will help them realize their plans.

13: The changes

Bear the onslaught of destiny

This summation signifies a radical change, mainly because at some point in the relationship, what bothers the other person will be brought out, even though this has always been the case, showing that what made it irrelevant, that is, falling in love initial, disappeared. Therefore, he warns that you have to act sharply with the situation, looking for how you can make a profound change within the relationship to not end in heartbreak.

14: Patience.

Tolerance and mutual taste

The main characteristic of this couple is the patience that they will show in everything. It is made up of very relaxed people who let their children develop freely. For example, they have a very well-managed emotional conscience that allows them to be “light” in their posture towards life.

16: Dreams

Illusions and hopes

This number tells couples that one of the two will have to take a distant course and the other will follow, or that both will have to face something they never thought about, which will cause a break in what they had planned. Therefore, they must accept that they will test whether the commitment has a basis to overcome a significant challenge at some point in the relationship.

19: Intelligence

Good support and a secure future

These couples are a cultural engine with good potential for conversation. Besides, they are characterized by being very warm, good receptionists, evident in their relationship and very paternal. They usually have many children, most of whom will be very sensitive, and if they have women, they will have a more rugged and aggressive personality.

22: Chaos

Disorder and joy

Married couples under this number are a true whirlwind of sensations and notorious ways of taking risks and venturing, but they do not leave anything to chance because they hate taking steps in vain, so they prepare well to achieve what they want. And safely, they usually do. They are loyal and responsible, and their relationship has a profoundly mystical touch, a communion of body and soul. Sexually, they enjoy quality more than quantity, although they tend to give up if the first condition is met.

How to calculate your marriage number in numerology

Care to drill down any further? You may also do some simple math using your and your partner’s birthdates to determine something called your “marriage number” in numerology, which can help you determine which type of number date might be most opportune for your wedding in particular (such as any date that lowers to, say, 3 or 6). Kamlesh Trivedi, a numerologist and astrologer behind the Nebula app, suggests doing so by adding their individual life path numbers together to arrive at a composite number that represents the couple.

Life Path Number and Wedding Date

Similar to how the above dates have been condensed to a single digit, your life path number is simply the sum of the digits in your birth date. From then, you would add your numbers together until you arrived at a single-digit number again (here’s the math: 9+7=16, and then 1+6=7). This would be your wedding date. “The number seven would be auspicious for a wedding day in this situation,” says Trivedi.

He suggests either looking for days with a numerological value of 7 (i.e., dates whose numbers drop down to 7 using the aforementioned math) or, for the sake of simplicity, picking the seventh of any given month on which to tie the knot. Choosing a date based on its numerological vibe may not be as effective as choosing a date that corresponds to the marital number you and your partner have. (This is why, in the aforementioned example, Trivedi recommends a 7 date even though, as you may recall, Wolfe advises against 7 dates for marriage.)

Ultimately, the day you choose for your wedding is as unique as your relationship and marriage. So if there’s a certain date that appears to be calling to you, or if it includes a number that’s brought you success in the past, you’d be wise to heed that spiritual indication.

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