Plants To Ward Off Evil Spirits and Spiritual Protection


It is no secret that having plants at home is extremely recommended. After all, they can purify the air, give more lightness and beauty to the environment, and still be useful to be used as spices or raw material for teas. However, you probably didn’t know yet that some plants can also be useful to ward off evil spirits from your family life.

This is because plants bring energy from the sun, from where they get their food and their strength to grow. Evil spirits, on the other hand, feed on darkness, the opposite extreme. Based on this principle, any plant can be useful to leave your home purified, but the seven below are the most suitable. Check out:

Nobody can with me plant

It is a plant suitable for having in places of great circulation of your homes, such as entrance halls and the living room. It is only necessary to be careful with children and pets, as it is extremely poisonous and can cause problems if accidentally ingested. On the other hand, it is one of the most efficient, as it is extremely faithful to the meaning of its name.

Saint George’s sword plant

It acts as a protective shield and is a true sword for evil omen and negative energies to come. The ideal is to have a pot with this plant right at the entrance to your home.

Peace lily plant

It is a plant suitable for having in the bathrooms of your home. It could be a small vase. If it wilts without any sign of bad care, there are negative energies in the environment that sucked all of its energy. Cleaning the environment is necessary.

Basil plant

It is a herb that fills your home with joy, keeping any sadness away. Regardless if it is sadness from stray spirits or even from living people.

Rosemary plant

Just as there are incarnate people who like to play with people and make fun of others without many limits, there are also spirits like that. It is that kind of spirit that a vase of rosemary keeps far away.

Guinea plant

It is one of the most powerful plants, as it keeps any obsessive spirit from its family environment. Especially those who continue to chase your life afterlife.

Rue plant

It is one of those plants that protect you from any envy, be it from living people or spirits that have already passed away. It is extremely necessary for any home.

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