Sun in The Signs

How does our sun’s influence of emotions and the unconscious manifest itself in the different signs? Find out here their affinities and the style with which they express themselves in your birth chart.

Sun in Aries


According to Kabbalistic astrology, its internal energy is water and its external energy is fire. These elements are antagonistic: in the Kabbalistic tradition, water is right and fire is left. Since fire can boil water, Aries can act very reactive and be an aggressive sign. In turn, water can put out fire. These two symbolic issues speak to us of excess and lack of integration.


Sun in Taurus


He is strong, solid, with strong legs and a lot of beauty, given the rulership of Venus. Theirs is absolute comfort. Even though he is not ordered in his home, it invites enjoyment. He can stay in his beautiful and harmonious corner and not move from there. He is routine. Safety matters a lot to him, and his routines support it. It is, therefore, predictable. He consents to his body and his senses. He takes hours to get ready and worships his physique.


Sun in Gemini


In the body, it is related to the respiratory organs. They suffer from cramps in the extremities. They are intellectuals. Very versatile, like all air signs. They gain advantage very quickly in business transactions, so they can be excellent business people or perpetrate deception and fraud. Another quality is that they are very sociable, which leads them to explore and be fickle.


Sun in Cancer


Your great opponent is fear. Once they take something, they don’t let go. Physically, Cancer represents the stomach and breasts. They are the great pessimists of the zodiac. They don’t take risks. They feel extreme connection with their home, house and family. It’s what protects them from the world.


Sun in Leo


Its weak point is the heart, the center of desire; also, the vascular and circulatory system are of vital importance. They are noble and honest. Of elegant, haughty and arrogant bearing. They radiate the energy of kings. They are born leaders. Leo is the most brusque of the three fire signs. They are the luminous center of all meetings and groups.


Sun in Virgo


The parts of the body it governs are the nervous system and the intestines. Anxious character and nature. Physically they are thin, but strong and attractive, with a well-drawn face, large and pretty eyes. His appearance is neat. They like to look good. They are cultured, alert and cunning. They know it and they presume it.


Sun in Libra


It is very sensitive to excesses (food, medicine). He can’t handle junk foods (it affects him more than any other sign). They are usually pretty, handsome, light-blooded people. Seek justice, balance and truth. Watch the full movie, both sides of the coin. If you are not balanced you can be very indecisive.


Sun in Scorpio


Scorpio’s fears are not so much on a physical level as on an emotional level, that is, they are more afraid of what they themselves see in their heads than of reality. They are paranoid people who are afraid of being abandoned, deceived or lied to. They are vengeful out of fear and lack of trust causes them to go into crisis.


Sun in Sagittarius


They are direct, they speak without a filter, they are super honest and transparent for better and worse (because sometimes so much sincerity can get us into trouble). Sagittarians are also positive, optimistic, proactive, dynamic people… They get bored quickly and routine kills them , which is why they are always on the run, both in their personal and work lives. They are lovers of challenges, danger and adventure.


Sun in Capricorn


Astrologically speaking, Capricorn is a feminine cardinal earth sign with a strong connection to the material world… Let’s say if this post had a soundtrack, song #1 would be “Material Girl” by Madonna. Because? Because the Capris have a very strong fixation on financial security, it is not for nothing that their life motto is “I achieve.”


Sun in Aquarius


They are original, unpunctual, creative, rebellious, intellectual, stubborn, passionate, independent and lovers of freedom. They are social fighters, they do not like “what should be” , and for this reason, they do not like structures (marriage included) .


Sun in Pisces


They are people with fine and delicate feet and hands or the opposite; They are not very tall and have a shapely body. They have pretty eyes, a small mouth and when they walk they seem to float, but in general we could say that they go unnoticed. They prefer to live in calm and peace, without problems, without confrontations, without friction, rejecting and avoiding everything that takes them out of their comfort zone.

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