Calculation of Your Kabbalist Zodiac Sign with Birth Chart Calculator

To understand what Kabbalistic Astrology is, we must first understand where the word Kabbalah comes from (or Kabbalah - you can find it written both ways). The word comes from Hebrew and means “to receive.” Receive in the sense of being a field of study and a piece of knowledge received directly from God. Simply put, Kabbalah is the branch of the study of Jewish mysticism. Many religions have a more “mystical” or “hidden” side. In Judaism, this more limited knowledge is transmitted through the study of Kabbalah.

In this way, Kabbalistic Astrology is the astrology studied by Kabbalists. Therefore, to understand it, it is necessary to study Jewish Kabbalah and its elements, especially the Hebrew alphabet.

As for the similarities with Western and contemporary astrology, Kabbalistic astrology also studies the energies related to the planets and signs of the zodiac, elaborates and explores the person’s astrological chart from the place, date, and time of birth. Regarding the differences, we can mention that Kabbalistic Astrology uses the Hebrew calendar instead of the solar / Gregorian calendar. The Hebrew calendar takes into account the sun’s position in the solar system and the position of the moon, so the energy of the sign that enters each new moon is significant for this type of astrology.

Another important point that I must highlight about Kabbalistic Astrology is how it is linked to the beliefs and studies of Kabbalists. Kabbalists believe in reincarnation . With each incarnation that you come to this planet, the zodiacal energies present on your map are crucial to understanding the challenges you must overcome and what lessons you must have in this life to evolve. This goes far beyond the simple use of using astrology to try to “guess the future by looking at horoscopes” and leads us to much deeper reflections, such as the search for answers to who you are, what you are doing in this world, and what the best decisions to be made to fulfill your “destiny” (“mazal” in Hebrew).

Kabbalah has an area dedicated to studying planets, the relationships they make with each other, and their position in the zodiac. There are explicit references to this in the Torah, including the relationship of the 12 sons of Jacob and the 12 tribes of Israel are pretty clear concerning the 12 signs and their qualities. It does not use the circular zodiacal mandala but the placement of the planets on the Tree of Life. The analysis is centered on developing the soul and is used as one of the tools for the cure of physical ailments. It is expected that, when consulting a Kabbalist versed in this Astrology, the consultant will receive guidance on the use of certain foods, stones, Spiers, and colors, which will provide the balance of spirit, mind, and body. The Tree of Life consists of 10 Sefirot. The highest Sefirah, Keter, receives no planet.

Kabbalistic Astrology Birth Chart Calculator

Let’s take as an example the placement of the Sun, according to the date of birth, in the other Sefirot. The following is the essential characteristic of those born with the Sun positioned in each of them:

01/01 to 10/01 - Sefira Biná Austere people who have a large workforce.

11/01 to 19/01 - Sefirá Chéssed People who work aiming not only for their success but also for the well-being of others.

01/20 to 01/29 - Sefirá Guevurá, Altruistic people with universal concerns. They wish to reform the world.

01/30 to 02/8 - Sefirá Tiféret People with strong performance within social groups. Interested in politics.

02/09 to 02/18 - Sefirá Nêtsach People focused on social life, friendships, and know how to take advantage of the good that this interaction provides.

02/19 to 02/28 - Sefirá Hod  People connected to the art world and know how to express themselves adequately.

03/01 to 03/10 - Sefirá IessódIntrospective people, with a rich internal universe. Sharp emotional.

03/11 to 03/20 - Sefirá Malchut Generous people capable of personal sacrifices to help others.

03/21 to 03/30 - Sefirá Chochmá Dynamic, impulsive and fast people. Between thinking and acting, the time is short.

03/31 to 04/09 - Sefirá Biná People with initiative and leadership qualities.

04/10 to 04/19 - Sefirá Chéssed People who think with their hearts. Their attitudes are instinctive and intuitive.

04/20 to 04/30 - Sefirá Guevurá People who have the impulse to earn and accumulate assets. Strong appetite.

01/05 to 10/05 - Sefirá TiféretPeople who seek comfort, security, and who seek self-affirmation.

05/11 to 05/20 - Sefirá Nêtsach People with a refined sense of aesthetics, linked in the aspect of exchange in relationships.

05/21 to 05/31 - Sefirá Hod People who stand out for their communication. Writing talent. Good speakers.

06/01 to 06/10 - Sefirá Iessód People who seek information and are curious. Good teachers.

06/11 to 06/21 - Sefirá Malchut People who use thought to make things happen. Good planners.

06/22 to 07/01 - Sefirá Chochmá Intuitive people who use knowledge to help others.

07/02 to 12/07 - Sefirá BinaPeople knows how to work emotions rationally because they control emotions.

07/13 to 07/22 - Sefirá Chéssed Loving and welcoming people. Resistant to new situations.

07/23 to 08/02 - Sefirá Guevurá People who use internal resources to plan. Providing and generous.

08/03 to 08/12 - Sefirá Tiféret People with leadership qualities. They appreciate the beauty. They like to have and provide comfort.

08/13 to 08/22 - Sefirá Nêtsach People who seek partnerships that will help them achieve goals.

08/23 to 09/02 - Sefirá Hod Tireless people who work hard. They are practical and realistic.

09/03 to 09/12 - Sefirá IessódPeople linked to the proper functioning of the body. Concerned about hygiene, diets, and health.

9/13 to 9/22 - Sefirá Malchut  People who develop functional methods. They work with precision.

09/23 to 10/3 - Sefirá Chochmá People are balanced in their decisions, fair and impartial.

10/04 to 10/13 - Sefirá Biná People who are formidable in their judgments. Ethical and honorable in personal and public life.

10/14 to 10/23 - Sefirá Chéssed Understanding, compassionate, loving, and connected to the arts.

10/24 to 11/2 - Sefirá Guevurá Disciplined, safe and forceful people.

11/03 to 12/11 - Sefirá Tiféret People who know how to impose themselves and deal well with power. Naturally respected.

11/13 to 11/22 - Sefirá Nêtsach People who experience partnerships with great intensity.

11/23 to 12/2 - Sefirá Hod People who seek knowledge hard. The world of ideas is rich.

12/03 to 11/12 - Sefirá Iessód People with vital interests in other cultures. They like mental and real journeys.

12/12 to 12/21 - Sefirá Malchut People like to transmit their knowledge and intend to leave their mark in great deeds.

12/22 to 12/31 - Sefirá Chochmá Determined and rational people. They stand out for their perseverance in achieving goals.

Suppose you are interested in this type of astrology and Jewish culture. In that case, I recommend looking for centers of serious study on Kabbalah and Judaism. This knowledge can benefit your life a lot and lead you to get in touch with a rich and very wisdom culture that is Judaism. Good luck with your studies!

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