Sun in Astrology

What do we mean when we talk about the Sun? Learn about its lights and shadows here.


The Sun, the force of life, represents our personal essence, the most authentic and genuine part of ourselves that we offer the world. When we let our Sun shine, it illuminates and radiates warmth to others, allowing them to recognize, love, and value us for who we are.

Our solar identity develops throughout life. As children, we tend to react based on our Moon or act according to our Ascendant because the Sun is still forming. Yet, its energy subtly pushes us to grow and develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

The Sun allows us to declare, “This is who I am.” We identify ourselves, choose what resonates with us, and see things through the lens of our desires. It’s through the Sun that our will, values, and capacity for choice emerge.

Expressing Our Sun

Harmonious expression of the Sun is essential. It’s what gives us our identity, indicates our place within the family, and makes us unique individuals. In its positive manifestation, the Sun energy is authentic, genuine, generous, vital, happy, and giving. People with strong Sun placements often possess great personal dignity and respect the dignity of others. They are enthusiastic, capable of guiding and leading without seeking control or imposing their will.

The Shadow Side of the Sun

However, the Sun can also manifest in a negative way. This can show as egocentric, boastful, arrogant, or even authoritarian energy. When someone prioritizes their Sun over others’, they stop radiating warmth and begin to “burn” anything different, silencing or canceling out opposing views. This arrogance can also manifest in the opposite way: withdrawn, insecure, and lacking in presence.

The Sun’s Potential

The Sun has the potential to reveal everything we can offer from the most genuine part of our being. It’s part of our divine essence, and connecting with it can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves. From this place of self-knowledge, we can recognize our gifts and contribute them to society. It’s like the daylight hours, where we can nourish ourselves with “solar vitamins,” grow, and interact with the world in full visibility.

Additional Sun Sign Information

  • Ruling Sign: Leo
  • Exaltation: Aries
  • Detriment: Aquarius (Exile is an older term; detriment is more common now)
  • Fall: Libra
  • Ruling Day: Sunday
  • House Ruled: 5th house (creativity, self-expression, play, seduction, joy, the child within)
  • Body Parts Ruled: Heart, circulatory system, solar plexus, physical growth, vitality, and strength
  • Mythological Associations:
  • Greek: Apollo (also Helios, the first solar god, and Hercules, whose twelve labors parallel the Sun’s journey through the zodiac)
  • Egyptian: Ra (the solar force, also depicted as Aten Ra)
  • Tarot Correspondences: The Sun and Strength

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