Moon in The Houses

How is the influence of the luminary that governs our emotions manifested in the different areas of life? Find out here their affinities and the style with which they express themselves in your birth chart.

Moon in 1st House

The area of ​​life where this Moon is expressed is that of the Self. They tend to be people with raw emotions, very affable and sentimental , who find it difficult to hide how they feel. They can be temperamental and change their mood several times a day. They are extremely susceptible to the gaze of others, which conditions their own image.

Moon in 2nd House

Although the needs include security and material stability, this Moon can cause economic fluctuations: periods where there is a lot and others where there is less, such as the lunar cycles of growth and decline. They are also people who tend to make impulsive expenses based on how they feel and seek to keep what they have rather than share it.

Moon in 3rd House

Their way of thinking and communicating is usually charged with emotion. They are adept at creative writing and know how to get their message across. They are also people who are very given to interacting and sharing time with the people they meet in their daily lives, therefore, they are sociable and popular. It is a typical case of someone who knows the name and history of each neighbour.

Moon in 4th House

Their emotional refuge is home and family. They have a great appreciation for history and the past, or at least their interest in its study leads them to consider it a fundamental part of their life. They feel a great attachment to their origin and suffer greatly if they have to uproot themselves. At the same time, they are guardians of their intimate world, which they protect and keep for those closest to them.

Moon in 5th House

They pour their sensitivity into art (as spectators or creators) and love. They probably enjoy conquest and romance more than an established relationship, which is why sometimes they don’t last too long as a couple. They tend to like children and be in touch with their own inner child, whom they never quite let go. They have great creative sensitivity.

Moon in 6th House

Helpful and empathetic in their day-to-day life and in their work space, people with Moon in this house are likely to affect their work. They need to dedicate themselves to something that stimulates them and that they like in order to perform at it. They also tend to somatize their unexpressed emotions and present acute reactions, such as anxiety, to threatening situations.

Moon in 7th House

Love is one of the most important themes for natives with this placement. They need a sensitive and empathetic partner , and that the bond also has these characteristics. They may be the famous “serial monogamists”, eternally in a relationship without taking time to be alone or to mourn the ended relationship: their challenge is to learn to be well on their own.

Moon in 8th House

Intensity and a taste for depth define your emotional life, which can be defined in many ways but never as superficial. They are attracted to mysteries, taboos, sex and death. They are naturally good at dealing with crises and coming out of them stronger , which is why they can become excellent therapists by profession or in fact in their daily environment.

Moon in 9th House

Expansive and given to searching for the reason for everything, natives with this placement find refuge in religions, beliefs, the search for meaning and faith put into practice. They love knowledge and approach other cultures in their desire to broaden their horizons. They idealize trips and can do them regularly, or settle abroad. They are excellent students and teachers.

Moon in 10th House

Your profession and your social place are directly related to your self-esteem and well-being. This can lead them to change spheres several times, or to always move the goal a little further to increase their ambition and, in this way, stimulate their achievements. For this reason, they tend to be successful and recognized at some point , although to do so they travel a path full of hesitations and new beginnings.

Moon in 11th House

Their self-esteem is subject to their identification with an environment of people and, many times, with a cause or project. Groups, causes and friends are the areas of life where they find satisfaction and well-being. They are very likely to believe in collective ideals , aspire to create a better society, and are personally involved in making it happen.

Moon in 12th House

Your inner world, the mystical and the subtle, are extremely important for your balance. They are intuitive people, very permeable and sensitive. They feel affected by what is happening around them, like an emotional sponge. They are likely to have relationships hidden from the public eye or forbidden or impossible loves. They have a low profile, do not like to attract attention, and can tend toward loneliness and isolation.

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