Sun in The Houses

The Sun is nothing more and nothing less than the core of our conscious identity. How does it manifest itself in different houses or living areas? Find out here their affinities and the style with which they express themselves in your birth chart.

Sun in 1st House

The Sun expresses itself in the house that marks how we present ourselves to the world and how others perceive us. It is an indicator of health and vitality. These are self-affirmed people oriented towards self-expression, for better and for worse: if they are in harmony, they can feel secure, enjoy good self-esteem and become positive leaders. If they are poorly integrated, they can be arrogant and self-centered.

Sun in 2nd House

They must be careful not to identify with their possessions until they confuse their value with their money and assets. However, the Sun in this house usually indicates an orientation to value security and make it the center of life. It also marks skill in business and resource management. They can, if they are well integrated, have a radiant self-esteem and take their place without problems.

Sun in 3rd House

Identity is played from the word, which has a central importance. They will never say anything without intention, whatever it may be, or lightly. They are defined by their intellectual abilities; they are curious, mobile, and skilled at learning and expressing themselves. However, they can be fickle and, if not well integrated, have problems maintaining attention and achieving concrete results.

Sun in 4th House

They are people attached to their origins and roots, which play a fundamental role in their identity. They are protective and warm. They may be very close to their family or feel a strong loyalty to inherited traditions and roles. Inharmoniously, they can be emotionally dependent and inflexible towards anything that differs from what they learned from the cradle.

Sun in 5th House

A typical positioning of people with artistic and expressive interests, and with innate leadership and direction qualities. They can be childish and enjoy play and the closeness of children, as well as improvisation and relaxed environments. If they are not well integrated, it may be difficult for them to follow rules or obey orders.

Sun in 6th House

The key word is discipline. They are likely to prefer dependent jobs that offer a reliable and predictable routine. They are also focused on taking care of their health , with great perseverance and the ability to carry out exercise programs and correct regulation of their diets and rest. They are helpful and seek to help. The risk they run is being too structured and falling into rigidity.

Sun in 7th House

They tend to feel incomplete if they do not have someone else to complement them: a partner, a partner, a best friend. There must always be a pair in the lives of these people, because that pair works like a mirror that helps them find themselves. Inharmoniously, this preference becomes a need that leads them to bond with anyone and lose themselves in those relationships.

Sun in 8th House

They identify with taboo topics, such as sex and death, and a natural tendency to get deeply involved. They dislike superficial things. They have natural gifts to be good analysts, detectives and administrators of other people’s assets. Poorly integrated, this energy can lead them to risky or addictive behaviors and a dangerous taste for the forbidden.

Sun in 9th House

They identify with everything that leads them to expand their mental horizons: philosophy, learning, contact with other cultures , faith and justice are central to their lives. Not necessarily religious in nature, they will look for the underlying meaning in everything they experience and see around them. The risk is to go too far into abstraction and move away from the concrete, theorizing excessively without giving importance to the immediate.

Sun in 10th House

They identify with their objectives and their ambition. They are those people who tell about their projects when asked how they are, because their identity is played out in what they do and the role they occupy in society. They tend to be professionals, self-employed, or have high-profile careers. Excessive ambition and arrogance are their risks if they are not well integrated.

Sun in 11th House

They are people who define themselves by their groups and friendships, sometimes running the risk of losing their individuality due to excessive identification. But, if they are well integrated, they can lovingly belong to a whole. They also tend to take causes they believe in and carry them forward with very active participation. They are faithful and reliable.

Sun in 12th House

These are low-profile and mysterious people, difficult for others to decipher because they are not very fond of showing themselves. They like to work in inconspicuous areas or in the background. Permeable and sensitive, they usually have mystical and spiritual qualities, but also a tendency toward isolation and emotional imbalances, which they must take particular care of.

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