How Mars Influences Each Zodiac Sign Sexually?

Astrology is what helps to understand details of the personality that we usually ignore on a daily basis. Such as the romantic side, the financial side and also the sexual side.

A planet and its position on the birth chart can indicate many crucial points about its sign. Mars is what governs how we deal with the world and how we manifest our energy sexually. The planet reveals the eroticism behind each sign and teaches you how to deal with it at the time of seduction, making your partner feel fully satisfied in all ways.

Representing our most human instincts, Mars reveals the sexual preferences we have and helps determine how we behave before, during and after sex. Know how the planet acts sexually in each sign!

Mars in Aries

When Mars is in Aries on the map, his desires are intense and urgent. Aries are always willing and this stimulates a lot for the relationship to flow at full steam. The natives of this sign stimulate the partner and like strong, fast and dominating movements. When the partner is not at his peak, it is very likely that things will start to go wrong, so it is very important to find someone to accompany him and get excited in the same way.

Mars in Taurus

When Mars is in Taurus on the map, the romance is certain. Affectionate and intimate, Taureans love to win people over in bed. They perform amazingly between four walls, are intense, but don’t like anything done in a hurry. The natives of this sign prefer a good climate and intimate places at the time of sex. The more snug they are, the more excited they will be.

Mars in Gemini

When Mars is in Gemini on the map, the senses are very important. Geminis love whispering at the ear, massage and caressing the body. Foreplay is essential to excite them, without which they rarely feel at ease. They love to explore their partner’s body, thus facilitating some bolder sexual positions. Never waste the opportunity to make sex an unforgettable adventure.

Mars in Cancer

When Mars is in Cancer on the map, feelings influence as much as foreplay. At “H” time, Cancerians are intense and need a lot of intimacy for sex to be pleasurable. The more they feel protected by the partner, the greater the delivery. Prized for kindness and affection, traditional positions fit perfectly with your personality. With patience and kindness, it is possible that the dormant wild side of the natives of this sign will break free.

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Mars in Leo

When Mars is in Leo on the map, it’s time to prepare for madness. Leoninos are fire and make judgments to the element, fascinated by sex and lust, they come across everything within four walls. Sensual and exhibitionist, in the game of seduction, they are always the masters and love to dominate. They love positions that show their curves and skills, are not afraid to take risks and show the wildest side in bed.

Mars in Virgo

When Mars is in Virgo on the map, it’s time to worry about all the details. Having sex with Virgo requires double caution, as they love to be pleased and like everything organized. Detailed and demanding, the place needs to be impeccable and clean, otherwise you can get the horse out of the rain. They only surrender when they feel comfortable. Preliminaries are more than mandatory. Conquering your trust and pleasing your desires, you can achieve one of the best nights of your life with this sign that you love to dare within four walls.

Mars in Libra

When Mars is in Libra on the map, companionship is needed. Partners for all time, Librans are magnetic and love an emotional connection with sexual partners. Conversations are his first preliminaries, the brain is what really stimulates the natives of this sign. In bed, they are not so common, but they surrender entirely when they are connected. They love teasing and exploring their body as if it were a map.

Mars in Scorpion

When Mars is in Scorpio on the map, take a breath! There is no sign more intense than that. Scorpios are insatiable and love to explore their most hidden desires. They provoke even more, but they love to do what they promise. They do not support routine, so sexual fantasies, erotic toys and a different environment are always exciting for them.

Mars in Sagittarius

When Mars is in Sagittarius on the map, it’s time to innovate. Sagittarians are fierce and skilled in the art of seduction, have tricks that leave their partner open-mouthed and love taking the initiative. The more different the place, the better. They do not like to mark anything on the agenda, they act out of impulsiveness and are excited by danger. Casualty is with himself and the positions are inspired by the surroundings.

Mars in Capricorn

When Mars is in Capricorn on the map, intimacy is very important. Capricorns are mistakenly called cold, but in reality they only need a vote of confidence. They need to feel safe, only then are they free emotionally and sexually. They like to please their partner as much as themselves, always show affection and caress during sex.

Mars in Aquarius

When Mars is in Aquarius on the map, it’s time to break taboos. Owners of a sexual freedom envied by natives of other signs, Aquarians always know what they want, how they want it and where they want it. They love to innovate, are easily excited and see no problems with more than one partner. Their creativity is what determines the position.

Mars in Pisces

When Mars is in Pisces on the map, it’s time for domination. Pisces are possessive and intense and desire love all the time, especially in sex. Attached and calm, they prefer something more romantic followed by a delicious shell. To win them over: caresses, sensitivity and patience. The sex in their heads transcends the body and involves energy, so it is very important that there is an emotional connection with the partner.




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