Mandala Of Each Zodiac Sign

The Mandala - from Sanskrit, ‘circle’ - is one of the most chosen symbols to represent the vital energy of each of the signs of the zodiac. It is a representation of harmony through diagrams geometrically drawn with the colors of strength of its solar representative and ruling planets.

In ancient times, they were used as an artistic, religious expression and also as instruments of concentration that helped to reach higher levels of meditation in specific peoples, such as in Tibet and Japan. They were painted on the walls of Buddhism temples and also used in rituals. Nowadays, you can use your mandala as an object of energy renewal, either by having a drawing close by or, for the bravest, immortalized in the skin in the form of a tattoo.

Below, learn more about your sign’s mandala:

Aries Mandala

It is completely red, the color of the planet Mars and is associated with the element of fire. It is a symbol of vitality and ambition; as well as a stimulus for proactive attitudes and courage. Red, however, if used with too much intensity, can make a person unhappy and easily irritable.

Taurus Mandala

With more colors, the bull mandala is composed of shades of green, brown (associated with the element Earth), ocher and gold. As the natives of this sign are always in search of comfort and abundance, this is what the mandala represents: stability and wealth, through gold and connection with nature, through green.

Gemini Mandala

Predominantly yellow and orange, the Gemini mandala stimulates creativity and ideas. Shades of gray and silver that complement it denote the versatility of this sign, always ready for new challenges and stimuli.

Cancer Mandala

Because it is an essentially familiar and emotional sign, the Cancer mandala represents the most sensitive side of the mind in white, gray, silver and pearl. It represents peace, purity and helps to have smoother and more balanced emotions.

Leo Mandala

One of the most solar signs, Leo has his mandala represented in shades of orange, yellow and gold, colors that renew the energies and stimulate joy. They also represent power and inspiration, in addition to dispelling unfounded fears and unimportant things.

Virgo Mandala

In the colors of Mother Earth - navy blue, brown and yellow - the Virgo mandala encourages wisdom, stability and practicality. Keeps insecurity at bay and encourages organization.

Libra Mandala

The diplomacy sign has its mandala colored by pink and blue. Love and balance are completed in an explosion of good feelings and calm. The scale even weighs on your mandala, but Libriano also seeks to find balance through it. It controls the mind and promotes understanding.

Scorpio Mandala

As in the Aryan mandala, Scorpios have an explosion of red in their representation - power, passion, desire and confidence. Purple, also present, favors change. Provides wisdom to deal with emotional problems.

Sagittarius Mandala

Magenta, pink and blue predominate in this mandala. The most relaxed sign of the zodiac, it also has one of the freest mandalas. It favors creativity and spirituality, and triggers the protection of the mind.

Capricorn Mandala

Sober like those governed by this sign, it is done in shades of black, brown and gray. Colors, like Capricorn, refer to seriousness, order and austerity. The mandala of this sign stimulates the mind, organization and practicality.

Aquarius Mandala

Made in turquoise blue, it mainly represents purification and renewal. Stimulates communication and creativity, in addition to the thirst for knowledge.

Pisces Mandala

The shades of indigo, violet and water green present in this mandala are used to calm and stimulate the imagination and intuition. It also stimulates creative and artistic impulses.

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