Biblical and Spiritual Meaning of Making Love in a Dream

You have almost certainly dreamed that you are making love to someone, and if you have never dreamed, know that the likelihood of experiencing this type of experience is quite high.

Most of the time, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life we put aside what really gives us pleasure. We are directed to meet goals, overcome steps and achieve our goals whatever they may be.

It happens that within us there is also space and need to live, experience love, and express affection, but we often forget this kind of food. In dreams, however, our deepest needs have room to manifest.

When we dream that we are making love to someone, it is usually an indication that something is not complete in our lives and a desire to overcome points that may be obscure to ourselves is usually revealed through dream images. And our all-knowing unconsciousness in dreams gives us a message about what we lack, in this case the expression of love in a different sense from what has happened.

If you happen to dream that you are making love to someone, research what is missing from this point in your life. Ask yourself if you are in an effective relationship, what you can improve, and more, if that is what you really want for yourself.

Erotic dream meaning

Erotic dream meaning

Other times an erotic dream with someone may also represent some kind of inner inhibition that is asking for passage to break free and release. It may be a warning that you have a lot of dampened life energy within yourself that may be hindering the expression of your creativity and other actions including the most diverse kinds of attitudes.

In any case, dreaming that you are making love to someone suggests a request to release something repressed that appears only in your dream images.

Spiritual meaning of making love in dream

Spiritual meaning of having sex in dream

Making love in a dream shows that the dreamer’s mind is totally free in his dream to the point of designing scenarios that satisfy his secret urges and hidden sex needs. In this kind of dream, all oppression is set aside and much damned energy is released, as there is no room for blockages.

The question, the suggestion, and the tip that remains is: What part of your life is lacking in romanticism, love, and ecstasy? Remember that it may be in the affective area, but not restricted to it. A dream of this sort suggests the lack and need to be fulfilled, it is up to you, if you do not already know it, to do a self-search and explore creative ways where you can meet your own happiness. The release of energy has already happened in your dream, the tension has been leaked and it is now immensely easier to catch this wave. Enjoy the release your brain offered you and be happy.

If you find it difficult to make room for it in your real life, ask for therapeutic help to unravel your ways of expressing love allying with your existing forces. One possibility is EMDR therapy where you reproduce the REM phase of sleep, which is when people dream. You can redo your dream by uncovering with your consciousness all the meanings and possibilities to truly make it happen in reality. You deserve it!

Let’s see some interpretations that we are sure will interest you.

You and love (dream of making love)

You and love (dream of making love)

Spiritual meaning of making love in the dream with someone you know

Dreams about making love with someone you know can have different meanings depending on the context and personal associations of the dreamer. In biblical interpretation, love making dreams are often seen as symbolic of spiritual intimacy or a desire for deeper connection with God.

Here are some possible interpretations of making love with someone you know in a biblical context:


In some cases, dreams about making love with someone you know may represent temptation or a struggle with lustful thoughts or desires. In a biblical context, this may symbolize the need for self-control and discipline in one’s life.

Spiritual connection:

Dreams about sex with someone you know may also represent a desire for deeper spiritual connection or intimacy. This can be interpreted as a need to focus on one’s spiritual life and relationship with God.

Personal relationship:

Dreams about making love with someone you know may also represent a desire for a deeper personal relationship with that person. This can be interpreted as a need to communicate and connect with that person on a deeper level.

It is important to note that biblical interpretation of dreams is highly personal and can have many different meanings depending on the individual’s beliefs and experiences. The best way to understand the meaning of a dream is to reflect on the personal associations and emotions that come up during the dream and after waking up.

Dreaming that you are making love in public

Dreaming that you are making love in public

You are a person who has a tendency to undertake risks. Not afraid to develop in public because you are very sure of yourself. You may be excited by scenes where you are on the edge of adrenaline.

Dreaming of making love on the sly

You like mysteries and feel that you are undercover. The excitement produced by not being seen is intense and you get it on many occasions. This type of act is for you, like many other matters in your life, doing so behind others’ back. Deception is in your life.

Spiritual meaning of making love in the dream with people of the same gender

Spiritual meaning of making love in the dream with people of the same gender

It is possible that in you there is a real inclination towards the same gender . In this case there is no problem or anything to worry about, as you are making love with the person you want. But if you are a straight guy and you see yourself in dreams making love with another man, for example, then if you must check thoroughly and with total sincerity, it happens very deep in your being.

Sometimes some people are averse to homosexuality and it is simply because they fear their own tendency. If this is your case, it is recommended that you show yourself without any shame and own your sexuality openly. Don’t suffer to hide something that is so natural in human beings.

Dream that you make love with your boyfriend or husband

This dream is pleasant and revealing of an excellent love relationship . It is wonderful that you consolidate your closeness with your partner. Dreaming about your boyfriend or husband is even romantic and erotic at the same time. Enjoy your potential next to the person you love.

If you have time without having physical contact with your partner it is also frequent that you dream of making love with her. This need is legitimate and you must externalize and materialize it. Search for your partner and find yourself intimately with her. Your subconscious screams for you to do it.

Dream that you are making love with your ex

You still have a vivid memory related to this person, surely you spent very pleasant moments with him or her and you feel in the current moments with nostalgia to relive that past that no longer exists. It does not hurt to give a call to this person to say hello, this will minimize that longing and anxiety that your memory produces.

Dream that you make love with your husband and you are both older

Dream that you have sex with your husband and you are both older

It is a beautiful dream that symbolizes that even today love is alive among you. Age has not diminished her affection and desire to care for herself and you still touch and value her as when young. They know that they have aged and feel good as they are, they are not ashamed because they have both reached this stage together. It really is wonderful that your wishes for your partner remain intact.

Dreaming that you are making love with someone in your family

This dream is sinful for our culture. So if you dream about this it is because you possibly want to strengthen ties with this relative. It is a weighted interpretation. Now, if in dreams you are seeing something you really want as a fact, you should check with a specialist.

In our culture relations with cousins are admitted, but not with siblings, much less with parents. This is known as incest. This act is rejected socially, biologically, and religiously as well.

You must see how your relationship with this family member is, what conflict exists between you or how close you are. This will give clues to know why you dream intimately with this person.

Spiritual meaning of having sex in the dream with a stranger

Dream Interpretation of Making Love with a Stranger

Symbology and meaning of dreams: dreaming of going to bed with a stranger

Dreaming of making love with a stranger is certainly one of the most recurring dreams but, at the same time, one of the most difficult ones to interpret. In fact, the moment in which the dream occurs, the person who dreams, the situation that develops in the dream state and the personal one in life must be evaluated.

Dreaming of going to bed with a person you do not know absolutely does not represent a truth or a metaphor of the dreamer’s intimate life. Rather, it indicates a need for fulfillment, a situation of relaxation or a particular harmony with someone who is living in that reality.

This dream, like all those related to the intimate sphere, are not directly linked to a personal physical pleasure. In fact, they evoke a desire to express their power both as a couple in a relationship and as colleagues at work.

Dreaming of making love with a stranger as a sign of transgression

Another interpretation of this dream could be found when our unconscious suggests that we want to live a transgression. In practice, this is simply a way that our mind uses to escape from a life too tied to dogma or lived too rationally.

Dreaming of making love with an unknown person as a sign of personal growth

When you have these kinds of dreams you shouldn’t make the mistake of interpreting them as a frustration on a physical level. On the contrary, however, it is most likely a personal growth in which the two sides of one’s personality try to meet. This happens especially when one believes that one side of one’s being is dark by trying to hide it or neglect it.

Going to bed with someone you don’t know: the parallels with real love life

Dreaming of making love with a stranger can also be a hint of what you are really looking for in a partner and that perhaps you have not yet found or do not have the daring to request.

Dreaming of having an intimate relationship with someone you do not know is also an indication of the intrinsic search for an adventurous romanticism that is missing in one’s life and the desire for a stable and lasting relationship.

When you dream of this type of physical intimacy with a stranger it is necessary to be able to put aside your prejudices and begin to consider people in a more open way in order to grasp what life is trying to teach. But, above all, your subconscious is trying to communicate a new intimate phase in your life.

Dreaming of making love with a stranger during adolescence

During youth or adolescence, dreaming of making love with a stranger is a very satisfying dream vision. It almost turns into the perfect relationship. This is also thanks to the lack of more serious involvement and the absence of responsibilities and inhibitions dictated by the company.

Dreaming of making love with a stranger of the same gender

Dreaming of having a relationship with an unknown man indicates the need to learn more deeply about male characteristics such as audacity, determination, or rationality and adapt them to one’s condition. Otherwise, dreaming of having a relationship with an unknown woman indicates the need to expand one’s feminine characteristics such as emotionality, creativity, soul, and empathy.

Places where the Love Making act occurs

Dream about making love on the beach

Dream about making love on the beach

This dream indicates that your relationship is flowing . It is loving, romantic, and pleasant. The beach is a symbol of stability and of wisdom. Take this opportunity to enhance your relationship and bring this beautiful dream to reality. Don’t let the moment pass.

Maybe you cannot go to the sea, but in your daily life relive with your partner the sensations and emotions felt in your dream. This will greatly enrich your relationship.

Dream about making love in the mountains

Dream about making love in the mountains

Your relationship is going through moments of great challenges and you are committed to knowing how to overcome them. You love your partner and you want the relationship to be sustained. Both are fighting for it. You live moments when you feel that you are on a steep path .

It also symbolizes that your relationship is in the best of times, that you are conquering challenges together, and are united despite the difficulties. It will all depend on the true qualities of your current situation.

Dream about making love on the street

Dream about making love on the                                                                                                street

You are a person who likes urban spaces. You appreciate the street , the architecture, the pavement, the traffic, the smoke from the cars, etc. So in dreams you see this as a perfect setting to make love. Perhaps you are a born artist or poet. Explore these qualities in yourself.

It can also mean that you don’t really care what they will say. You are a very free person in your actions and therefore you do not hide in places or walk mysteriously. Your life is wide and open!

Dream about making love in an elevator

Dream about making love in an elevator

You like to test yourself in places of high risk. Are looking for uncomfortable places, because what you want is to satiate yourself and fly away. You are risky and you are looking for places of certain danger, not only to make love, but for your daily activities. You are one of those who always seeks to be inside the “hotbed.” They do not measure consequences.

Dream about making love in your bed

Dream about making love in your bed

You like comfort and safe places that give you comfort and confidence. You do not like risks, you consider that making love should be an act of maximum respect and intimacy, that is why you enjoy it in your own most precious space.

Dream about making love in your office

You are daring and you like to detonate your adrenaline, you know that they can discover you and this would have many consequences according to the image you have in your workplace. You may dream about this because you have an illicit relationship. Perhaps you are cheating on your partner and the subconscious puts you in an illicit setting to make love.

Situations while the love making act occurs

Dream that you get caught while making love

You are a person who protects you from being seen in your private affairs, you keep yourself on reserve in all your affairs. You consider that being seen in an intimate act would affect you psychologically, that’s why you avoid it. Perhaps in your house you do not currently have much privacy because you live with your children or other relatives.

Your intimate space may not have a good lock. And every time you make love with your partner, you do it with fright. So you dream that you get caught.

Dream that you are censored for making love

Perhaps your love relations at the moment are carried out with people who are not well regarded, either because they are of the same gender, or because they are a relative (cousin), because they are your neighbors, or because you are committing infidelity. That is why these censorship images come in dreams.

Dream that many look at you while you are making love with your partner

Perhaps you have a tendency to be too open in your personal affairs, you like to leave many doors open for others to enter your life. You are one of those who tell everything and do not keep a little for your privacy.

You should review this behavior. Not everyone is worthy of knowing your intimate life. They could harm you with your own information. You should take a little more care of doing your things a little more alone.

Dream that you see sexual organs

The message conveyed by this dream is that you are doing very well in all aspects of your life. It depends on how you viewed the genitals in your dream, whether you saw them with pleasure, disapproval, disgust, or desire. If you saw them with desire, it means that you wanted to see them. Your perspective on anything that is directly relevant to your life can be defined by each of these traits.

It’s possible that showing your genitalia was related to a desire to show the most intimate part of yourself to a large number of people while maintaining complete freedom. Perhaps you are feeling very constrained, and you want to let your own actions fly so that you can be more of yourself in an authentic way.

The five most effective methods followed in Christianity to overcome love making dreams

Consequently, in light of these few biblical insights, I would like to provide the following five proposals in the form of a fast bullet point:

  1. Pray fervently for deliverance from the dreams, and gather several brothers around you so that you can pray fervently together. Pray fervently for liberation from the dreams.
  2. Before going to bed, read the Bible for five to ten minutes, focusing on a passage that discusses God’s work and the importance he holds, such as Philippians 3:8, Colossians 1:15–18, or Hebrews 1:1–3. Just before you go to sleep, let the word sink into your consciousness and fill your thoughts.
  3. Remove any sexually arousing content from your movie and television watching habits, including porn as well as other forms of worldly sexuality. Now that covers pretty much every movie and television show ever made. I’m sorry to hear that. You don’t require it in any way. For the past two thousand years, Christians have not regularly fed their minds with entertainment in the form of movies. You won’t be doing yourself any favors by letting yourself get worked up over so-called PG-13 movies that feature sexually titillating sequences.
  4. Perhaps get a sleep study done. In order to determine whether or not there are any abnormalities in our bodies, both my wife and I have undergone these procedures.
  5. When everything is said and done, have faith in the promises found in Psalm 25:15 and assert with assurance.

In-depth exploration of the psychological or emotional aspects of sexual dreams

Dreams about making love or having sex can be a reflection of our subconscious thoughts, feelings, and desires. They may be influenced by our experiences, emotions, and relationships, as well as our cultural and social conditioning. Here are some possible psychological and emotional aspects to consider when interpreting dreams about making love:

Desire and Passion: 

Dreams about making love can be a manifestation of our deep-seated desire and passion for intimacy and connection with others. They can reveal our unconscious longings for emotional and physical satisfaction.

Passionate sex dream meaning

Unconscious Thoughts and Emotions: 

Love making dreams can also be a way for our unconscious mind to process repressed or unexpressed emotions or thoughts. For example, if we feel unfulfilled or unappreciated in our waking life, we may have dreams about passionate love-making to compensate for these feelings.

Power and Control: 

Dreams about making love can also represent a desire for power and control in our lives or relationships. For example, if we feel powerless or vulnerable in our waking life, we may have dreams about being in control or dominating our partner sexually.

Fear and Anxiety: 

Dreams about making love can also be a manifestation of our fears and anxieties around sex or relationships. For example, if we have unresolved trauma or negative experiences related to sex, we may have dreams that trigger these fears or anxieties.

Communication and Connection: 

Dreams about making love can also reveal our subconscious desire for better communication and connection with our partner. For example, if we feel distant or disconnected from our partner in waking life, we may have dreams about sexual intimacy to try to bridge that gap.

It’s important to note that not all love making dreams have deep psychological meanings and interpretations. Sometimes they may simply be a reflection of our physical arousal or the result of watching or reading something that is sexually suggestive. The context of the dream, as well as the dreamer’s personal associations with the symbols involved, should be taken into consideration when interpreting any dream.

Cultural and social influences on dreams about making love

Cultural and social influences can play a significant role in how we interpret dreams about making love. Here are some possible cultural and social factors to consider:

Social Stigma: 

In some cultures or societies, sex may be considered taboo or shameful, which can lead to feelings of guilt or shame associated with love making dreams. Conversely, in cultures that are more open or liberal about sex, dreams about making love may be more accepted or even encouraged.

Religious Beliefs: 

Religious beliefs can also impact how we interpret dreams about making love. Some religions may consider sex to be a sin or immoral, which can lead to feelings of guilt or anxiety associated with love making dreams.

Gender Roles: 

Gender roles and expectations can also influence how we interpret love making dreams. For example, in cultures where women are expected to be submissive or passive in sexual encounters, dreams about being dominant or initiating sex may be interpreted as a desire for power or control, rather than a reflection of the dreamer’s true desires.

Media and Pop Culture: 

The media and pop culture can also influence how we interpret love making dreams. For example, if a person is exposed to a lot of media that portrays sex as glamorous or exciting, they may interpret their love making dreams in a more positive or romantic light.

Personal Experiences: 

Finally, our personal experiences and relationships can also impact how we interpret love making dreams. For example, if a person has had negative experiences or trauma related to sex, they may interpret their love making dreams in a more negative or fearful way.

It’s important to be aware of these cultural and social influences when interpreting dreams about making love, as they can impact our interpretations and emotional responses to these types of dreams. However, it’s also important to remember that each person’s interpretation of their dreams is unique and personal to them, and may not always conform to cultural or social norms.

Tips on how to interpret symbols in dreams and work with a therapist

Here are some tips on how to interpret symbols in dreams, as well as how to work with a therapist to better understand dreams about making love:

Keep a Dream Journal: 

Keeping a dream journal can help you remember and record your dreams, including the symbols and emotions that you experienced. Writing down your dreams can also help you identify patterns or themes over time, which can provide valuable insight into your subconscious mind.

Pay Attention to Emotions: 

The emotions that you experience in your dream can often provide clues about the meaning of the symbols. For example, if you feel fear or anxiety during a love making dream, this may indicate that there are unresolved issues or trauma related to sex or relationships.

Use Free Association: 

Free association involves associating the symbols in your dream with other words or concepts that come to mind. For example, if you dream about a snake, you might associate it with danger, fear, or temptation. This can help you identify underlying feelings or associations that may be influencing the symbols in your dream.

Seek Professional Help: 

If you are struggling to interpret your dreams, or if your love making dreams are causing you distress or anxiety, it may be helpful to seek the guidance of a therapist or counselor. A therapist can provide a safe and non-judgmental space to explore your dreams and feelings, and can offer strategies to help you better understand and cope with your emotions.

Consider Cultural and Personal Associations: 

Finally, it’s important to remember that the meaning of symbols in dreams can vary widely based on cultural and personal associations. For example, the symbol of a snake may have very different meanings for someone who grew up in a culture where snakes are revered, versus someone who grew up in a culture where snakes are seen as dangerous or evil. Similarly, personal associations with certain symbols, such as a particular sexual position or act, can influence how we interpret our love making dreams.

In summary, interpreting symbols in dreams can be a complex and personal process. By keeping a dream journal, paying attention to emotions, using free association, seeking professional help, and considering cultural and personal associations, you can begin to better understand the meaning behind your love making dreams.

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    I often have sex dreams with people I don't know in real life, although in the dream, I feel like I know them. Even though I'm a bisexual woman, all of my sex dreams with strangers are with women. I dream about having sex with my boyfriend, but never with anyone else. I can't believe how common it is.


    I had a weird encounter many years ago. Even though I was snuggled up next to my lover, my thoughts drifted to an old flame. I dreamed that I was having sex with my ex. At the time, I was completely enamoured with my current partner and had no desire to miss my ex-lover. Still, I awoke that morning with a tinge of remorse.

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