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Ever wondered why it’s so easy to relate to some people, while it’s so much harder for others? Or why do you feel that immediate attraction to someone, as if you know that the energy of both of you has hit perfectly and that you will be great friends, while with someone else you just realize it won’t work?

This all has to do with astrology. More specifically, with the position of the moon in each astral chart, which directly influences how we will correlate. So, below, we have prepared a relationship that shows how your sun sign behaves with each moon placement on the astrological chart.

It’s worth knowing the position of the moon on the map of your boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, boss, best friend … Anyway, the people you have most contact with in your life. You will find that a lot of things will make more sense when you look at the positioning of the moon and what that positioning says about the relationship you have. We will see?

How to find out the moon sign?

Knowing the position of the moon on the astral chart means knowing the moon sign. That is, the placement of the moon on your map shows your moon sign, and that’s the same way it works for other people.

To find out this placement, you will need to have the following information: Date and time of birth of the person in question – be it you, your spouse, your boss or whoever you are.


Now that you know the position of the moon on the map of the people who interest you and also has your sun sign, check out the relationship compatibility! It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the combinations below, if your solar or moon sign is the same moon sign as the person you are analyzing, know that the chance of an ideal (really very good) relationship is huge!

Moon sign in Aries

You bet: Moon in Leo or Sagittarius

It won’t Work Out: Moon in Virgo or Scorpio

Moon in Aries: The Moon in Aries brings a lot of initiative, good ideas, explosive and impulsive personality, aggression (which can be good or bad) and a lot of courage. That’s why anyone who has Aries Moon is often a born leader who likes to run any relationship in his life – be it professional or personal. They are also people who don’t like to stand still, so always look for new activities, experiences and adventures.

Moon sign in Taurus

You bet: Moon in Virgo or Capricorn

It won’t work very well: Libra or Sagittarius Moon

Taurus Moon: The Taurus Moon shows someone who is kind, focused, and responsible. These are people who value material goods and work forever to improve their financial situation. And just as they want financial stability, they also want emotional and personal stability – they like to follow the routine. Unstable people in relationships do not match those of Moon in Taurus (which is why the relationship usually does not work with someone who has a Moon in Sagittarius).

Moon sign in Gemini

You bet: Moon in Pound or Aquarius

It won’t work very well: Moon in Scorpio or Capricorn

Moon in Gemini: Having the moon sign in Gemini means being very communicative, willing to always travel, meet new places and new people, live new experiences and be constantly learning – that is, to relate to that person , you must enjoy traveling, venturing and learning new things. Possession and emotional uncontrollability have no place around here.

Moon sign in Cancer

You bet: Scorpio or Pisces

It won’t work very well: Sagittarius or Aquarius

Moon in Cancer: Moon in Cancer means emotion to the skin always. This positioning shows someone who is absolutely affectionate, loving and extremely attached to family ties. They are very attached to family traditions, so they don’t like to relate to people who insist on letting go of all that is so important to them. And just because they are so family-bound, people with a Cancer Moon will be great parents and feel totally fulfilled when they can finally form a family.

Moon sign in Leo

You bet: Sagittarius or Aries

It won’t work very well: Capricorn or Pisces

Moon in Leo: Leo is a sign of the Fire element and governed by the Sun, which means that those who have Moon in Leo are confident, extremely vain and even have high levels of pride – the famous “nose up” person. Care must be taken that these characteristics do not take over the whole personality, as it can be very difficult to relate to someone so vain and in need of praise all the time.

Moon sign in Virgo

You bet: Capricorn or Taurus

It won’t work very well: Aquarius or Aries

Virgo in Moon: Having a Virgo Moon means being outgoing, but very analytical and emotionally reserved. That is, they have a great time with friends and are not ashamed, but prefer to preserve their feelings and emotions for themselves until they completely trust the people around them. Trust and stability are essential for people who have Virgo as their moon sign.

Moon sign in Libra

You bet: Aquarius or Gemini

It won’t work very well: Pisces or Taurus

Moon in Libra: Moon in Libra brings to the native characteristics that make him extremely sociable, polite, polite and very friendly. For those with a Libra Moon, social life is extremely important. So staying at home on a Saturday night is not an option! They are also people who care about how they look, both their own and their boyfriend’s. So keep in mind: To relate to someone from Moon in Libra, you have to enjoy hanging out with friends, being always handsome and being very polite!

Moon sign in Scorpio

You bet: Pisces or Cancer

It won’t work very well: Aries or Gemini

Moon in Scorpio: Moon in Scorpio marks someone very moody but very kind and affectionate. When you love, you love for real. Not afraid to express what you feel and do everything to see the loved one happy. She is extremely sensual and considers sex life very important. Having the moon sign in Scorpio also shows someone vindictive, so don’t test your confidence!

Moon sign in Sagittarius

You bet: Aries or Leo

It won’t work out: Taurus or Cancer

Moon in Sagittarius: Sagittarius, sign of the element Fire and which is governed by Jupiter. Having the moon positioned in the sign of Sagittarius means a lot of enthusiasm, optimism and joy for this person. Therefore, having a relationship with someone from the Moon in Sagittarius means being with someone upwards who cheers you up in any situation. It also means having someone very adventurous with you – get ready to travel a lot!

Moon sign in Capricorn

You bet: Taurus or Virgo

It won’t work very well: Gemini or Leo

Moon in Capricorn: Capricorn is a sign governed by the element Earth. Who has the moon in this sign is shy, traditional, responsible and has down to earth all the time. It takes a lot of stability, security and confidence in a relationship for someone with the moon sign in Capricorn to feel happy and truly fulfilled. They are also greedy, job-focused people. So anyone who relates to someone from Moon in Capricorn needs to be prepared to split the time between love and work!

Moon sign in Aquarius

You bet: Gemini or Libra

It won’t Work Out: Cancer or Virgo

Moon in Aquarius: Having the moon sign in Aquarius shows someone very intuitive, adventurous, who likes to discover each day. They are very kind and fun people, and have a special appreciation for technology. People with Moon in Aquarius need to beware of the urge for sudden change, authoritarianism and excessive stubbornness – especially in love relationships.

Moon sign in Pisces

You bet: Cancer or Scorpio

It Won’t Work Out: Lion or Libra

Moon in Pisces: The Moon in Pisces shows very creative, dreamy, optimistic people who live in the famous moon world. These are people who, too, have a keen instinct and are very perceptive. Absolutely sensitive, they need to relate to people who understand all this sensitivity and emotion in everyday life.

So what is the compatibility between you and the person who analyzed?