Who Would You Be In The Ice Age According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Manny the mammoth, Diego the saber-toothed tiger, and Sid, the sloth form a very different pack. But they don’t care about each other’s jokes. After all, they consider themselves a family and must remain united to protect each other even with all the differences.

They live during the Ice Age, a very distant time from what we live in today, and named the movie. But even though it was a long time ago, it is possible to relate the characters in this famous children’s movie to the Zodiac signs.

Aries: Diego the Saber Tooth Tiger

Diego is powerful and is the most energetic of the whole group. He ends up acting on impulse a few times but is always willing to correct his mistakes and help his friends. It is courageous and battles for everything it wants. All these features make Diego a perfect Aryan!

Taurus: Manny the Mammoth

One of the last of its kind, Manny is big, strong, and a little scary when you meet him. But after a few minutes by his side, you realize that he has a giant heart and would be unable to harm anyone for no reason. Taureans are like that too!

Gemini: Sid the Sloth

Sid isn’t a big fan of bathing, but that’s not what makes Gemini look like him. The animation sloth’s protagonist is interested (which sometimes makes him take many risks) and is the most talkative character in the movie. That is, more Geminian, impossible!

Cancer: Ellie the Mammoth

Ellie is Manny’s partner. Together they help save the mammoth species! Ellie is just like Cancerians: she has a very kind heart and thinks first of her family and then thinks of herself. Besides, Ellie does not set aside any family traditions, such as sleeping on a tree upside down. This shows that, no matter how traditional, as a family, it deserves to be preserved.

Leo: Teddy the Rabbit

Teddy is not in the first installments of the Ice Age series, but, as a good Leo, makes a triumphant entry and wins everyone’s heart in the fifth and final movie. He is a rabbit over 300 years old, but his concern for the physique keeps him slender and youthful. Teddy is obsessed with the perfect and highly vain body.

Virgo: Shira the Tigress

Shira entered the series, trying to disrupt Diego’s life and the rest of the pack. But over time, he regretted his actions and joined the saber-toothed tiger and his friends. The tigress is very intelligent, cautious, and quiet, which makes her analyze each situation very well and think before speaking. Besides, he likes things to be done his way.

Libra: Shangri-Lhama

Despite lacking some Libyan characteristics, Shangri is very similar to the natives of this sign in some respects: he is peaceful and always tries to sort things out in the best way. It is virtually impossible to see him fight with someone and is very friendly.

Scorpio: Captain Gutt the Captain Guts

As Captain Gutt feels betrayed by Shira, a strong will for revenge sets in. He spares no effort to get revenge and does not give up easily. Like Captain Entranha, Scorpios do not give up revenge when they feel betrayed.

Sagittarius: Crash and Eddie, the Skunk Brothers

Sagittarians are humorous and are always looking for a new way to satisfy their inner child, always wanting to have fun and have a good laugh. So are the brothers Crash and Eddie, responsible for various pranks, jokes, and jokes that sometimes even get them in trouble.

Capricorn: Scratch the Squirrel

From the first movie to the last animation in the series, Scratch is focused on the same goal: burying his nut. The nut means to Scratch the same as working for Capricorns: obligation, focus, and purpose. Scratch thinks of nothing other than getting his job done satisfactorily - even if, in his case, this involves a bit of shuffling along the way.

Aquarius: Misty and Bubbles, the Unicorns

Aquarius is the boldest and most different sign of the whole Zodiac. And even in a story full of unique characters, Misty and Bubbles can overcome any boldness limit. They are colorful and prehistoric unicorns with the mission of caring for the crystal world of geotropic.

Pisces: Julian the Mammoth

Julian in Ice Age is engaged to Amora, daughter of Mammoths Manny and Ellie. Like Pisceans, Julian is sensitive and very affectionate. Moreover, it is capable of everything to defend who loves.

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