Statistics Knows Everything! Zodiac Signs Prone To Divorce

Zodiac signs prone to divorce

Sometimes, in order to find out whether a partner is prone to divorce, it is not necessary to completely ruin the relationship with him. Pay attention to the sign of the zodiac of your chosen one. Indeed, some of them are more prone to divorce and remarriage, while others most often devote their entire lives to one person.


Aries are passionate, stubborn and hardworking. They are individualists and without hesitation go to their goal, sometimes regardless of the opinions of others. Great if Aries is in love. As he used to seek career heights and benefits for himself, so he will achieve you, and then your family boat will rapidly slip along the river of life. However, having lost interest in you, an honest and frank Aries will not try to restore relations, and will also decisively file for divorce.


But Taurus need a reliable partner and established relationships will not be scattered. This zodiac sign is not prone to breaking. Taurus will rather try to change to meet the current needs of the partner.


The twins are windy and changeable, they love to flirt and appreciate female attention. Sometimes a twin man, connected by a serious relationship, can go to the left, but not because he is inflamed with feelings, but out of interest and thirst for a new one. And then, most likely, he will tell his wife about this. Whether there will be a divorce depends on the woman; the Twins themselves will not demand it.


Cancers, like no other, value their family. Their house is their fortress, and they will fight for it. Crayfish are absolutely not prone to divorce, and until the last moment they will discourage his wife from doing this, even if the relationship collapses before our eyes.

Cancers are prone to monogamy. Even after a divorce, they are capable of loving their former partner for years.


According to statistics, Lions are also not prone to divorce. That’s just the reason they have is different than the Cancers. Initiating a divorce, Leo is forced to admit that he made a mistake when choosing a partner. But this zodiac sign can not stand to admit his own failures.


Virgo is an intelligent person both in his own eyes and in the eyes of others. He loves to reproach loved ones for imperfection and is a terrible moralist. Divorce is not part of the Virgo man’s value system: it is immoral and tarnishes his reputation.


Libra is amorous and easy to communicate, however, deciding to take on the obligations of marriage, they tend to remain faithful to the end. Perhaps this is facilitated by the soft nature of Libra, which prevents them from making decisions. But the fact remains: Libra does not like to file for divorce.


Scorpions are passionate natures, full of energy, zealously giving themselves to the cause. Having met his chosen one, he decides to marry her, and nothing can stop him. Having stopped loving, he just as zealously will run with documents in the registry office.

Scorpions can be cunning and vengeful. If the separation is going to be difficult, they can begin to intrigue the ex-wife just for their own pleasure


Sagittarius – amorous experimenters, are constantly in search of new sensations. Sagittarius is not the most prone to divorce zodiac sign, however, if he meets a more interesting and extraordinary partner who agrees to pair him, without hesitation will break the previous relationship.


Capricorn appreciates its comfort. For some representatives of this zodiac sign, comfort in the house is even more significant than feelings. If Capricorn feels well married, it’s warm in the apartment, dinner is waiting on the table, there is an opportunity to relax after work, he will be content with the existing relations.


Aquarius men are very wayward and unpredictable. Often they perceive marriage as a burden. This zodiac sign has the greatest tendency to divorce, not only in men, but also in women.


The Pisces are timid and faithful. They adore their wives and will never want to part with them of their own free will. If only the woman you love does not change Pisces. A representative of this zodiac sign will suffer, but will not forgive such an offense.