Differences Between Sun And Moon In Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Many people know which sun sign they have, even those who do not understand or care so much about astrology. However, not everyone knows which lunar sign they have, as well as other astrological data of themselves that is discovered from reading each one’s astrological chart.

But it is very important to know the lunar sign as well as the solar sign, because it is the moon sign that tells us the way we are inwardly. In a nutshell, the sun sign is what affects our personality and our characteristics that everyone can see and perceive. The lunar sign shows how we are inside, the way we think, what we believe, our feelings and emotions.

So knowing just the sun sign is the same as knowing only half of you or, finally, the person you’re interested in. And why is it so important to know the lunar sign after all? Because this information can reveal important information.

Scorpio, for example, is a sign that gives its mouth. Even when it comes to the Sun in Scorpio, there are characteristics that are not considered very good, such as revenge, remorse, grudge, bitterness. But believe me, when it comes to the Moon in Scorpio (that is, someone who has Scorpio as a lunar sign), the sign’s reputation may get even worse.

Moon in Scorpio shows someone who takes absolutely everything personally.

That is, was there a discussion at work? This person will not be able to separate things and leave it only in the professional environment. So forget about that little beer after work! The friendship is gone forever.

Did you take a long time to answer a message, didn’t return a call, made an excuse not to go out on the weekend? This person will consider that you have something against him and that’s it, the friendship will never be the same.

And if you did something that hurt someone with Moon in Scorpio, just forget it. This person will never forget (never really). She may even forgive over time if she realizes that you really want this forgiveness and are doing everything she can to get it. But even if forgiveness comes, the event will never be forgotten. That back foot with you will always exist and the trust will never be the same.

And believe me, even if you are forgiven, be careful, because their feelings of revenge are so great. They only really feel relieved when they consider themselves avenged. So they have no pity, pity or compassion. You made him suffer, so he will make you suffer too. It’s that story: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

But above all else, the Scorpio Moon makes emotions flush with skin. So if this person loves you, he loves you for real. If she hates you, run. If she wants to help you, she will help you with all her heart.

So is knowing how to take!

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