What Happens When Each Zodiac Sign Man Or Woman Gets Jealous?

Each sign carries within its profile certain characteristics. These behaviors are strongly related to influences suffered by each one. Each person has a profile composed of striking traits, which are always very related to our behavior and are very common among people of the same sign.

We often analyze that in certain situations people of the same sign tend to have very similar behaviors. This is mainly due to the influence of the stars at birth. It is easy to identify people of the same sign based on the reaction at certain times and situations.

When it comes to love life, signs are also responsible for many characteristics, behaviors and decisions. In love, everyone has a jealous, insecure, attached side, but some signs often take it much more seriously. To help you make your relationship more loving and peaceful, we’ve listed the key jealous behavior characteristics of each sign. Check it out and enjoy the tips!

Jealous Behavior Characteristics of Each Sign


Aries are often quite impatient and, in some cases, even impulsive. Because of this, when they find themselves in situations where their jealousy is put to the test they often act compulsively and even drastically. Straightforward, they prefer to expose their jealousy clearly and objectively, without thinking about the consequences it can have.

Tip: Let the Aryan speak his mind, to save fights and confusion, always listen to their explanations very carefully.


Taureans have a hard time dealing with new situations and this can lead to compulsive behaviors and jealousy attacks. A little insecure and restless, Taurus natives are often very jealous when their partner decides to do something without their company.

Tip: Try to involve the taurine in all your decisions so that he will feel more present and secure, controlling possible bouts of jealousy.


Gemini natives change their moods with such great ease that they can suddenly have a fit of jealousy. To deal with this side of Gemini requires calm and patience.

Tip: Because they are fickle, it’s hard to know exactly what your reaction will be, so always be honest and avoid margins for distrust.


Cancer is very affectionate, attached and insecure. This makes romance paramount to your happiness. When a certain situation arises the jealous of the cancerian he usually withdraws and becomes defensive.

Tip: Do n’t be so picky about a cancerer’s decisions when jealous, lack of security makes it difficult for them to communicate and express themselves at those times.


The self-centeredness of Leo’s natives makes them very jealous. The fact that they always want to be the center of attention makes him very jealous when it does not.

Tip: Show the importance of the lion and make it clear that even though it is not a top priority, it is the most important person in the relationship.


Very demanding, those born in the sign of Virgo do not give up a crisis of jealousy feel they are misunderstood. Lack of commitment and dedication on the part of the partner drives the virgo out of his mind and can lead to much confusion and trouble.

Tip: Demonstrate what you feel clearly and objectively, Virgins admire sincerity and feel safer about it.


The Libran is very attached and needs to have the beloved always around. Very dedicated to relationships, Libra natives often feel jealous whenever they are placed in the background. The love relationship for them is always a primary thing.

Tip: Watch out for Libra’s small gestures, lack of conversation and the search for isolation can be very strong characteristics of a jealous crisis.


At the first sign of insecurity, Scorpio natives cannot hide their jealousy. Do not test the patience of a Scorpio, this is a situation that can generate even aggressive behavior.

Tip: A conversation alone is always the best choice to make Scorpio safer and less jealous.


Although not at all controlling or possessive, Sagittarians are often quite direct in speaking their minds, especially when it comes to jealousy. Right now, they are very objective and not afraid of hurting anyone with what they say.

Tip: This excess of candor should be seen as a positive feature, try to see this with understanding.


Capricorns do not give up trust in the novel. Whenever a doubt or uncertainty arises, they show their jealousy clearly and directly. These uncertainties can make Capricorn well shaken.

Tip: Don’t be hasty when dealing with a Capricorn’s feelings, take it easy and pass it safely.


Aquarians value reason more than emotion, always taking the rational as something very important and true. Silly jealous seizures make Aquarius natives extremely nervous and angry.

Tip: Participate in Aquarian life, but without threatening your freedom and space. It is important to have argument whenever discussing something with a native of this sign.


The jealous fits of Pisces natives are often true Mexican dramas. Those born to this sign have the gift of increasing things a little when it comes to jealousy, love and insecurity.

Tip: Try not to make the crisis worse by further dramatizing the situation. Analyze the reasons and always be ready to hear what Pisces has to say.

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