Mayan Horoscope Signs, Culture, and 2024 Calendar

Did you know that in the Mayan Horoscope you belong to a different sign than your usual zodiac sign?
That’s right, the Mayan horoscope has 13 different signs than the signs we are used to in our daily lives. Mayan zodiac signs are defined by a different calendar which is one month longer than the Gregorian calendar. Therefore there is the existence of new signs and one more sign.

The Mayan Culture

The Mayans are well known around the world for their great wisdom. They are considered one of the most advanced peoples of the classical period of history.

Mayan influences stand out especially in countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and central Mexico.

Considered evolved in writing and epigraphy, the Mayans have a different calendar based on lunar phases, unlike the other calendars used by most civilizations that are based on evolution and solar movement.

The Mayan Horoscope Calendar

Based on the lunar cycle the Mayan calendar features 13 months consisting of 28 days each. Unlike our calendar, the Mayan months are called animals. Each month is styled by a different animal.

Mayan signs are also represented by these animals and each month is responsible for astral influence and energy.

What is My Mayan Horoscope Sign?

Find out what your Mayan horoscope sign is and its personality:

Mayan Horoscope Sign Monkey - From January 10th to February 6th

Restless and active, monkey natives are often very determined people struggling to reach their goals. Very creative the monkey is seen as one of the liveliest and most willing signs of the Mayan horoscope.

Mayan Horoscope Sign Falcon - From February 7 to March 6

Strong in character, hawk-born are generally very ambitious. They have ease and good ability with activities related to reading and comprehension of texts.

Mayan Horoscope Sign Jaguar - From March 7 to April 3

Independent and agitated, those born in the jaguar sign are often very communicative people who love to always be with people around them.

Mayan Horoscope Sign Dog or Fox - April 4th to May 1st

Solidary and very loving, those born in this sign often often forget about themselves to please others. This can in some cases lead to economic losses and emotional upheavals.

Mayan Horoscope Sign Serpent - from May 2nd to May 29th

Due to their very competitive personality, snake natives are hard-working people. For them to win is more than important is paramount!

Mayan Horoscope Sign Squirrel - May 30th through June 26th

Very sociable, the squirrel is one of the darlings of the zodiac. But this excess of sociability can lead the natives of this sign to talk too much and have great difficulty in keeping secrets.

Mayan Horoscope Sign Turtle - from June 27th to July 25th

Calm and tranquil like turtles, so are the people of this sign. Generally a little shy, those born in this period are usually quite faithful and considered friends of great trust.

Mayan Horoscope Sign Bat - From July 26 to August 22

One of the greatest pleasures of bat-borns is being the center of attention. Known for their ability to lead, natives of this sign often have a strongly entrepreneurial personality.

Mayan Horoscope Sign Scorpio - from August 23 to September 19

Although the animal is feared by many, the scorpion natives are usually very quiet people. Good learners and with high concentration power, usually stand out for being self-taught in various activities.

Mayan Horoscope Sign Deer - From September 20th to October 17th

Considered one of the best signs of the Mayan horoscope, the deer is emotional and loves everything around him. Sensitive and dedicated, she usually goes out of her way to please and bring pleasure and joy to those around her.

Mayan Horoscope Sign Owl - from October 18th to November 14th

Reserved and mysterious, owl natives take a long time to surrender, but after gaining trust they are usually very dedicated people and given the relationship.

Mayan Horoscope Sign Royal Peacock - from November 15th to December 12th

Full of glamor, the peacock loves to be the center of attention. With the people of this sign is no different, eccentric and bold, love to be observed and especially praised. They are usually quite charismatic and with a strong power of intuition and magnetism.

Mayan Horoscope Sign Lizard - December 13th through January 9th

Very kind lizard-born are usually able to adapt to any situation. Dedicated and very willing are often with many people around them.

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