What Is Your Lucky Colour According To Number Numerology?

In fact, a lot depends on our date of birth. Not only what character the person will be but also what is the lucky color of the person.

That day can be the number that determines the course of life. So, people born under a certain number have happy colors. Numerologists recommend wearing clothes of these colors more often and trying to surround yourself with them in order to receive positive energy.

To determine your ruling number, you need to add all the digits of the date of birth, and then add the resulting number until it is unique. This will be your ruling number. You can recognize your lucky color from it.

Lucky Colour For Ruling Number Is 1

People whose ruling number is one, are prone to egoism. Their happy color will be red. Try to wear it more often and it will support your energy and desire to conquer new heights. It is worthwhile to surround yourself with red when you lack peace of mind and strength.

Lucky Colour For Ruling Number Is 2

People born under this ruling number have a happy color - yellow. They experience communication and networking problems. Therefore, yellow clothes will help you if you have an important interview or negotiations. This color will also support you in a positive mood. Numerologists do not recommend fully dressing in yellow, only one detail will be enough.

Lucky Colour For Ruling Number Is 3

Those with ruling number three are better off wearing black more often. These people are very mysterious, often addicted to numerology or astrology. However, do not dive deeply into these areas, superficial knowledge will be enough. You do not like to talk a lot about yourself, so let the clothes say everything for you. Despite the fact that black is not the most positive and bright color, but it will make you more visible and enhance in the eyes of others.

Lucky Colour For Ruling Number Is 4

If you want clothes to bring you good luck and happiness, it is best to buy things in an orange hue. It is he who will bring you wealth and good fortune. People born under this ruling number are often very pessimistic. This greatly affects the general condition and can even harm health. To prevent such thoughts from getting into your head, wear orange.

Lucky Colour For Ruling Number Is 5

Those who calculated their ruling number and got five are themselves quite successful. They may feel that they are missing a sign that will help them move on. To get more magic kicks and make decisions faster, wear blue. He will help to cope with indecision and successfully overcome all adversities.

Lucky Colour For Ruling Number Is 6

These people often complain about life. Either they lack money, then strength, then health deteriorated. They always have a glass half empty. They are sure that the “extra” money will solve all their problems. Wear green things to work to attract wealth. It will also be a plus if you decorate your office with this color decor.

Lucky Colour For Ruling Number Is 7

People with the seven ruling number have a very bright fate. They are constantly in motion, but it knocks out all the forces and sometimes spoils health. To get rid of the constant clutter in your life, wear gray. Such a color will help you relax, stop and tell you what you really need in this life.

Lucky Colour For Ruling Number Is 8

Mysterious people born under the eighth number need to wear purple. It is he who will attract into your life the happiness and financial well-being that you are so lacking. These people are often envied - it seems to those around them that they have everything that you can dream of, but they themselves can’t decide, they always have little. Violet color will help in attracting what you most need.

Lucky Colour For Ruling Number Is 9

Those lucky enough to be born at number nine always go against the system. These are very wayward people who do not want to depend on anyone. However, they do not always succeed. Often your decisions become rash as you do everything very impulsively. To moderate this character trait will help the pink color, which will not only attract good luck, but also direct your energy in the right direction.

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