Astral Hell and its 5 Curiosities Explained

The 30 days before the birthday are the worst problems anyone can ever live. In the case of women, not even PMS - which usually lasts a week - can overcome astral hell. But, not everything we can take on the negative side, after all, even the darkest days lead us to a more than positive purpose in our lives.

We have separated five curiosities for you to understand that, as annoying as the astral hell is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that it can be an astral paradise for us!

1. We lost our minds but got a bonus

It’s normal we lose our minds in those 30 days with the astral skin flower. Everything ends up annoying us, everything turns against ourselves and, to make matters worse, everything goes wrong! It turns out that in this period we are ready to let go of something in our life and put an end to a cycle that we are already worn out. Take advantage of this phase to organize your ideas and throw away anything that doesn’t add to it anymore, because what good is it that you start another year with the same obstacles if you don’t throw them away?

2. It’s a time to reflect!

What would we do without the problems? Although the problems are really quite complicated, but it is from them that we grow, we know how to deal with some situations and, consequently, we learn not to repeat them. It’s pretty much a homework! We need to value them so that in the future we can look back and see how we have evolved.

3. Each sign reacts in a way

Don’t go around wanting to compare yourself to the astral hell of the people around you. Each person - or rather - each sign reacts in a different way. We all already have a different temperament and personality from the stars. Depending on your sign, you may even be faced with it naturally or with your head held high ready for difficult times. But others may fall into contradiction and cry, scream, eat whatever they see ahead and among other situations. In the end, it’s you and your astral hell.

4. Don’t set expectations for anything

Our team said and repeats: For nothing, really! Creating expectations in our normal days is already a problem, in astral hell then, not even talked about. We always want everything to go as planned, we make plans in our head and we want everything to work out. But we know very well that this is not how it works. The best tip is: let it roll, let it happen, let it live! The longer we wait, the more disappointments we will have; if we don’t wait, things happen naturally and come to us like a glove - or surprise, as you prefer. It is a difficult task to accomplish, but make an effort that you will thank in the end!

5. Dribbling the Astral Hell

Now that you know that this little hell starts a month in advance of your birthday, start programming to avoid involuntary nervousness. Plan a trip, an adventure, a happy hour with friends and anything that makes you forget about the routines we take during the months. But don’t forget to clean yourself! Eliminate all the things that hurt you and start your new year with both feet together and firm to move forward with your head held high and confident.

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