Here are the karmic lessons for all zodiac signs

There is a part of astrological studies known as Karmic Astrology . She considers the existence of specific karma for each sign.

What are karmas? They are like missions that we must carry out in life, from learning from other lives. Therefore, each sign is assigned a “task”, according to the astral heritage of other past existences. Karma can be seen as teaching, ways to improve one’s behavior according to his personality.

The “fulfillment”, or better, the guidance in life for the knowledge of your karma has the objective of providing spiritual balance and development of the soul.

Know the karma of each of the signs of the Zodiac:

Aries Karma

The Aries personality carries aggressiveness and concern for the opinion of others. The karma that this sign has is to trust yourself more, to plant seeds, to be more tolerant and rational. The greatest difficulty is to transform this feeling of anger into energy to carry out the tasks, and to have patience and tolerance to accompany its development throughout life.

Taurus Karma

Attached to work and pleasure, Taurus tend to live a lot for themselves. The teaching that Taurus individuals must take is that it is necessary to work on dedication for the sake of common goods, with security and greater emotional and spiritual stability.

Gemini Karma

Always looking for independence, Geminis venture into various relationships and activities. Their karma is to make things more concrete, even if in lesser quantity. Whoever is of this sign must learn to choose a single path, making some renunciations and understanding that such an attitude will not take away their freedom.

Cancer Karma

Cancerians are tasked with working with their fears. The difficulty is in identifying them in the activities of your life. Whoever is in this sign must give more space to reason and thought, to try to better understand their difficulties and get rid of useless judgments.

Leo Karma

Leos need to assert themselves and, for this, invest in the recognition of others. Learning for this sign consists of identifying common causes, thinking with greater altruism and less individualism.

Virgo Karma

This sign is characterized by intelligence and karma is the need to use it in groups. The Virgo’s difficulty lies in the priority he gives, even if unconsciously, to idealizations, leaving aside practical activities. The power of authority and thought must be transferred to reality in practical and collective activities.

Libra Karma

Sign very attached to judgments and social standards. Libras must learn how to act less preoccupied, consider other points of view and accept the plurality of the world.

Scorpio Karma

Intense in his relationships and affixed by positions of power and authority, the Scorpio has the task of identifying changes and also achievements as necessary, not burdens or disappointments.

Sagittarius Karma

The task of this sign is to get rid of worldly pleasures in favor of social action, in the sense of connecting your personality with the real world, through more true attitudes based on understanding the universe and the world in which you live.

Capricorn Karma

For this sign, it is necessary to improve the relationship with oneself, so that the group experience can be better exercised. Capricorns need to leave the scope of purely personal conquests, to dedicate themselves to collective conquests.

Aquarius Karma

For Aquarians, the challenge is to transform their eccentricity and power into good guidelines for the common good, just outside their personal life.

Pisces Karma

With a weak emotional structure, Pisceans should strive to accept and understand the world, first, understanding themselves. The karma of the sign of Pisces is in the need for acceptance and tolerance both of him with himself, and of him with the people around him.

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