6 Rituals From Bible To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

Our home is a sacred place. It is a place where we are safe, happy, and prosperous. Our residence, or home, is where we should feel good, in high spirits, and feel good energies.

But, our home is not always in a good mood or good energy. When you get home and start to feel bad or that the environments are strange or heavy, it is because the mood of your home is with negative energies or negative energies.

The negative environment will leave residents in a low mood, irritated and tired. There is nothing worse than our house with bad or negative energy. And what to do to prevent and improve the energy of our home? Apply the Feng Shui technique and do an urgent energy cleaning.

See the tips we prepared for you to start improving and cleaning the environments of negative energies.

6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Home from Negative Energy

Preventing negative energy from entering your home is the first step. Put a protective Baguá at the entrance, which is an easy-to-buy Feng Shui instrument in stores. It has an octagonal shape. You will place it on the front door of the house from the outside. Baguá repels negative energy.

1. Avoid false people to remove negative energy:

If you know that certain people are false, gossip, bad and envious, don’t let them into your home and life. These people don’t deserve your friendship.

2. Flowers and plants to remove negative energy:

Fill your house with natural flowers and plants. Green is life. Green renews the energy of the house with ease. Use and abuse plants and flowers.

3. Sing and dance to remove negative energy:

You have heard that “whoever sings their ills is astonished.”  Yeah. Music and energy. Singing and dancing are synonymous with joy and good energy. Then, put sound in the box and stir the good energy around me.

4. Energy Cleaning to remove negative energy:

Even protecting us or protecting our home, negative energies can come in and do a lot of damage. Therefore, weekly cleaning and energy purification are very important. Perform the following cleaning below:

- Sprinkle your house weekly, from the bottom to the entrance door, with holy church water or energizing water from a spiritist house. Put in a sprinkler seven drops of energized water, seven drops of lavender, and a handful of sea salt. Complete with regular water.

5. Pray and memorize good energies to remove negative energy:

When you are cleaning the house with the spray bottle, say Psalm 91 and Credo. Memorize that the negative energies are leaving and that good energies are entering the house. See your home with lots of light and protection from angels and God.

6. Thank god to remove negative energy

When you are done cleaning your house, say Psalm 23 and thank them for the cleaning and the good energy that the house is now. After cleaning, take a good shower. Do this cleaning once a week or when you think the environment is heavy and strange.

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