Metatron is an archangel that belongs to the Hebrew mythology of which there is no reference. At the level of the Jewish Tanakh, he is considered a mysterious figure, and it is said that he is a messenger and transmits the heavenly orders of God every day to the angels Gabriel and Raphael, for some, he is a heavenly scribe, and for others, he led the Jewish people from Egypt to Israel. Learn everything about this topic here.


Metatron is an archangel who has been present both in Judaism and in some branches of Christianity. Even though he does not appear in the Jewish Tanakh nor the New Testament, he is also known as Mattatron, Metraton, and Metator.

His name does not have a defined etymology. Some people claim that it comes from the Greek “the one behind the throne,” which is one of the most popular definitions, but it is the one with the least acceptance. Other people consider that his name comes from the Hebrew word that refers to the “guardian of the entrances.” Finally, some link his name with the Latin words “metator,” which means messenger, and “mitator,” which is defined as an explorer of the legions.

Metatron, along with his brother Sandalfon, is the only archangels that do not have the ending “the” in their name. They end in “on,” whose meaning would be “great”. This begins to appear in the Book of Enoch, which was edited in the 1st century BC. Other parts were rewritten in the 3rd century BC and later in the 1st century AD. This has led to different versions of who Metatron is.

Initially, some say that he is the most important being in heaven after God and that he sits on the father’s left since Christ is on his right; Others comment, based on the above, that Metatron is Lucifer himself, since as he is to the left of the father, he would be the adversary of God.

On the other hand, some say that Metatron was human and that he was known as the Prophet Enoch, and other people go to the opposite and say that he was not human and that he is the oldest of the archangels. As can be seen, there are many different ideas of who the figure of Metatron was. That is why he has been used as a mystic figure and the occult and has not been accepted by Catholicism or any other movement. Protestant.

Its most mystical aspect began to gain essential popularity between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries when Kabbalistic theories were created. However, this does not mean that for the Jews, the figure of Metatron was not necessary. On the contrary, some say that It was the way that the Jews found to express their rejection of Jesus Christ since it is said that they came to Enoch to deify him and thus have a human figure that they would later dose. For this reason, they consider him to be the second most crucial divine being after God.

Finally, some say that Metatron is a scribe angel whose objective is to detect cosmic secrets, and this is based on the fact that he possesses great wisdom. A symbol of this is that he has 365,000 eyes, so it is said that 365 is the number of days that a year has, and 1000 represents the totality between its meanings, so it is established that 365000 would be the totality of time. Based on this information, it is said that if Metatron has 365,000 eyes and the eye is the symbol of consciousness, and this can be interpreted as clairvoyance, capable of seeing in all the times to come.


While you are meditating, the Archangel Metatron will appear to you as a powerful heavenly entity that is enveloped in a brilliant light. He wears a brilliant blue robe that has fading magenta layering on top of it, and he has numerous sets of stunning golden wings. Some people have interpreted this to mean that the Archangel is wearing a dark green and brilliant pink outfit.

The countenance of Metatron is quite amazing to look at. He seems to be happy all the time and to retain his youthful appearance. He is easily comparable to an elder brother in the sense that he is someone you would look to for advice and direction. His overarching objective is to be of assistance to you in changing all of your negative thoughts into good ones. When he makes his appearance, the archangel Metatron is seen holding something in one of his hands. You will either see him holding the Book of Wisdom or a gigantic scroll that contains all the answers to life, the universe, and everything in between.

In some portrayals, the archangel Metatron is shown standing with the Book of Wisdom lying at his feet. This image is found in some renderings. When he appears in this manner, it is generally accepted that he has reached the highest possible degree of comprehension. Metatron, the archangel, is shown here with the Book of Wisdom. There is also a possibility that you will see the archangel Metatron holding a cube in his hands. It is stated that this huge cube is a sign of the love that he has for us, and that it offers both support for our spiritual progress and safety from a spiritual perspective. Within Metatron’s grasp, the cube spins briskly, approaching an almost imperceptible rate of speed.


Various prayers are made to Metatron since he is considered powerful and seeks to teach people to use their spiritual power consciously and appropriately. The prayers that are made will depend on what is being asked of the Archangel Metatron since he has prayers for protection, help, and even prayers for children. Here we will see some of these sentences:

Prayer for Protection

Archangel Metatron, the light of all the Seraphim,

with your sublime primordial protection help me to achieve the stillness

of my spirit, to give me strength to continue and win,

always in the name of the truth

enlightening me in all my ways.

With your divine light,

give me confidence in myself and faith in my ideals,

I will be at your service because I am worthy of your protection, free

me from all impurities that may harm

me, grant me a quiet existence

to work with love.


Prayer for a specific request

Glorious Archangel Metatron intercedes for me and helps me activate my body of light and walk the path of enlightenment.

Glorious Archangel Metatron, I implore your continued custody to maintain clarity of mind and light of spirit with every step I take towards the light of God.

Glorious Archangel Metatron, wrap me in the white of your light and help me be filled with your blessings of tranquility, balance, emotional cleanliness, and harmony. Please help me to feel the clarity of the light that you bring to my soul and always to share it with all my fellow men.

My protector, grant me the grace that I request of you (make your request) if it is convenient for the good of my soul and the whole world. Join me and guide all my steps until I reach eternal life and divine love. Amen.

Prayer recognizing the Enoch-Metatron identity

Oh! Enoch, you are the Archangel Metatron. I accept your presence.

You who is the Chancellor of Heaven, Angel of the Covenant, and King of the Angels, who are the recorder and supervisor of all our acts in the book of life, thus recording them with a pen.

Today I ask for thanks because you will be a witness of the good I do, perhaps of those acts of Love or Benevolence not recognized by others.

I seek your advice to help me find the balance between what we give and what we keep for ourselves.

Guide my efforts and help me find the correct measurement for my performance and activity.

Thankful I remain of you eternally, Archangel Metatron.

Thank you, Father,

Thank you, Jesus, of Nazareth,

Thank you, Virgin Mary,

Thank you, Universe.

Metatron as the patron of children

Metatron is considered the patron angel of children, and this is mainly due to his role in the Zohar, where he played a critical role, as he guided the people of Israel in the desert to the promised land. It is said that it is in charge of guiding children both on earth and in the sky, and also, it is said that it helps in a unique way the indigo and crystal children to overcome the obstacles of their evolution.

It is said that parents often go to Metatron to ask him to help and guide them to help their children with their spirituality, education, and the correct development of psychic abilities.

He is associated with children since, after the departure, Metatron was in charge of taking the children of Israel through the desert and keeping them in a safe place. So it is considered that in the same way, it continues to lead children today, either on earth or in heaven.

It is said that Metatron cares about caring for children who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and also cares about helping parents, teachers, scientists, and health professionals so that they can find alternatives to help these children.

Some say that Metatron seeks to facilitate or help children who have just crossed to the other side to get used to and adapt to heaven and helps children who are on earth to feel self-esteem, have more concentration, and, in addition, it helps them to be more spiritually aware.


The well-known Metatron’s cube is its symbol, and it is said that it contains the most sacred formula of all geometries, which is why it is considered the key and kaleidoscope of creation. In the Kabbalistic writings, it is said that Metatron created this cube from his soul. That is why it is sometimes represented with the cube on his chest or, in other cases floating behind him.

For some people, this cube is considered a sacred sign, so it is drawn around some objects or someone to protect them from demons and satanic beings.

Metatron’s Cube is considered sacred geometry since it represents one of the best-balanced systems that support spiritual development at the speed of light. It is said that its explanation is relatively easy to apply and that it covers the most knowledge complexes about the creation, harmony, balance, and design of the Universe.

On the other hand, it is said that this cube is included and is born from the flower of life, which is composed of a two-dimensional representation and is composed of 13 circles, which are all the same, the lines are drawn to pass in the center of each of the circles, the central circle is in the center and around it are placed six of the thirteen circles that are arranged in a hexagonal way. The remaining six circles extend along the same radial lines.

Associated with sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is considered a kind of coded language that the subconscious has to understand things. It contains information that causes a high vibration, which helps the more profound understanding of oneself or all the things surrounding us say it encourages universal consciousness.

In the metatron’s cube, you can see two tetrahedra, one pointing upwards “the sky” and the other pointing downwards “the earth”, that is, an upward and downward flow is demonstrated that is created by the eight original cells. . Sacred geometry is said to be in the hermetic maxim “as it is above, so it is below.”

What is essential about Metatron’s cube is that it shows that sacred geometry is not simply geometric figures obtained in a classical way, but also of all the relationships that exist harmoniously in the human body, in the structure of animals and plants, in short of all manifestations of the Universe.


Metatron and Sandalphon are known as twin brothers, and as we have already seen, these are the only two archangels whose name does not end in “the” that refers to God. For their part, their names end in “on,” whose meaning is “Great.”

An essential aspect of these brothers is that Metatron is located at the highest point of the Tree of Life. For his part, his twin, Sandalphon, is located on the opposite side, at the lowest point. Sandalphon is the base of the tree that receives and supports everything that exists above it.

Between them, there are differences and similarities, both were previously human on earth, in the case of Metatron being the Prophet Enoch and it is said that God took him to a Celestial kingdom and transformed him into Archangel; and in the case of his twin Sandalphon it was the Prophet Elijah and traditionally they are considered twins because they both share a human origin and both have been able to reincarnate and return to their angelic form.

But let’s get to know a little more about Sandalphon, he is also known as Sandalphon or Sandalfon, and his name is said to come from the Greek. It is translated as “co brother = twin” and for this, it is said that like Metatron, it also has an origin human and was later transformed into an angel.

Sandalphon is honored according to Jewish tradition because he was the Prophet Elijah and turned into an angel, who was swept away by a whirlwind that rode him in a chariot of fire.


Some have tried to convince and say that the Archangel Metatron and Michael have many similarities and have faced each other. Some compare it and have come to say that both are the same Lucifer.

Regarding the similarities, we can see how for the Hebrews, Metatron is the prince of many faces, and this because the Hebrews considered that this name led and brought souls to the presence of God, both with the name of Metatron and that of San Miguel, has in counts ninety-one the same as the name Michael. Some say that Saint Michael is the one who indeed leads the souls of God’s friends to Beatitude.


Some theories say that Metatron and Jesus were brothers since both came from the same father, and this theory is since some say that Metatron was Enoch, before God transformed him into an angel, these say that Jesus sits at the Father’s right and Enoch to his left.

As we saw initially, Metatron is part of the rejection that the Jews had towards Jesus Christ after his death. They created the figure of Enoch to worship a human figure, which is reflected when we see that Jesus is known as “The Son of God” and Metatron-Enoch is known as the “Little Yahweh.

As can be deduced, Metatron-Enoch is the expected Messiah of the Jews, and Jesus is the Messiah of the Christians. It is said that there are about 3000 to 4000 years of difference in which they lived between one and the other.

His relationship with Lucifer

In the Kabbalistic scriptures, Metatron is considered a harsh angel, it is said that he himself sought to maintain the image of a merciful God, but he also sought to preserve the truth of the revealed texts and it is that a culprit was sought for religious facts that are assigned to God, but who say they have the wrong hand in, these facts lead to the following questions:

  • Why and who are responsible for the Egyptians drowning when the waters closed after the passage of the chosen people?
  • Who was it that stopped Abraham when he was about to kill Isaac?
  • Who led the Jewish people against the warlike enemies and scorched Sodom and Gomorrah?

All these answers according to the Kabbalists, is Metatron and this belief is mainly due to the theory that Metatron is sitting to the left of the father, which suggests that this is an opposite position to that of Jesus who is sitting at the right of father, based on this there are those who conclude the following regarding the relationship of Metatron and Lucifer:

  • Metatron can be the opposite of good, that is, he is a malevolent entity.
  • Being seated to the left of God, it symbolizes the path of Lucifer.
  • It is said that Metatron created matter, and for many, matter is identified with evil.
  • He is compared to Lucifer, since Lucifer tempted Eve with the fruit of knowledge, while Metatron was conceived as an angel of wisdom who delivers hidden knowledge to men ( Kabbalistic secrets) , of sacred geometry as the famous symbol.

Like a talisman

A talisman is usually a medal or stone, which according to its followers has magical powers that are used for evocations and protections.

In the case of Metatron, his talisman is a medal that has Metatron’s cube drawn, which refers to the harmonic structure of sacred geometry and the structure of the fruit of life; it is used as a symbol of protection and acts as a channel through which the energy source creates the potential field of creation.

 His Mantra

The Mantra is known as a phonetic combination that people use to attract spiritual, emotional or physical effects, in the case of Metatron we would be talking about a mantra for the invocation of angels, it is said that the mantras of angels attract love, money, health, among others.

The metatron Matra consists of repeating the word “METALHIM” 12 times which should be pronounced like this: MMMEEETAAAALLLJJJJIIIIMMMMMMM, with more emphasis on the syllable “JIM” the “H” should be pronounced as a “J” and the letter “M” it should be left playing for a long and smooth way.

In the tarot

The archangel Metatron, is used in tarot cards and it is said that this card refers to the direct link that exists between God and humanity, this card is called the Celestial scribe card.

This card symbolizes the greatness and strength that must be developed in all areas, in some cases it refers to some very important writing, in addition to determining the appearance of the genius that is carried within.

The card reflects a person with a penchant for writing and in reverse shows abuse of power and self-centeredness. In tarot, Metatron is considered the balance between love and serenity that receives the ray of light that allows you to pass through the doors of consciousness that separate you from the Supreme.

Metatronic Keys

The metatronic keys refer to the two chakras, specifically the sixth and seventh of the head and are linked to unity and it is said that the third eye expands laterally to the back of the head, connecting with the seventh chakra Thus achieving the so-called coronation, from this deployment 12 points are generated that make new connections. These 12 metatronic keys are:

  1. Alpha, which is located on the forehead about 2 mm from the hairline.
  2. Bad, it is the point that is located on the front to the right of the third eye, within the point of the pupil, in the middle of the eyebrow.
  3. Precision, it is located on the right temple, above the hairline, where the jaw muscle is inserted.
  4. Nunc, it is located two fingers above the tip of the right ear.
  5. Depth, it is 2mm to the right of the hairline at the back of the right ear.
  6. Vision, is the lateral hollow that is formed in the right lateral part of the neck, at the base of the occiput.
  7. Omega, is located one centimeter to the right of the root of the hairline.
  8. Ki-Ris-Ti, is the left lateral hollow of the neck, at the base of the occiput.
  9. Unit, this is the Hollow located 2 millimeters to the right of the root of the hairline, at the back of the left ear.
  10. Hic, it is located 2 fingers above the tip of the left ear.
  11. Clarity, is the left temple, over the root of the hairline, where the jaw muscle that is felt when the lower jaw contracts is inserted
  12. Well, this point is on the forehead, above the left eye, within the axis of the pupil, midway between the eyebrow and the root of the hairline.

Each of these keys represents an energy, which each person can activate if they have a good state of consciousness, it is said that they help to maintain the auric field, which requires various levels of physical, mental and emotional well-being in order to do so. ensure the growth and well-being of a person.

Metatron-inspired tattoos

The most common tattoo of Metatron is his symbol, because it brings protection as well as his wings.

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