Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs With The Highest Crime Rate

Astrologers identify five signs of the zodiac, which in a state of aggression are capable of serious crimes, including murder.

We talk about those with whom you need to keep your eyes open. They can do great evil to people, becoming a real “fiend of hell.”


The main goal of Capricorn in life is to achieve a certain well-being. To fulfill his dream, Capricorn has to work hard and endure hardships and inconveniences. And when, upon reaching the goal, someone encroaches on Capricorn’s current welfare, he is capable of taking the most radical measures against his opponent.


Aries is a very patient sign. Will accept any grievances without giving a look. But one day this iron patience may come to an end. And then you will not envy anyone who meets Aries on a narrow path. In a state of rage, or, as lawyers say, in a state of passion, Aries can do a lot of trouble.


Cancerians are incurable jealous. Even in the absence of evidence of a betrayal of the partner, they are ready to tear and throw everyone. Too many citizens found themselves in the dock due to a stupid outburst of rage. And Cancers among them make up a considerable percentage.


Virgo has a lot of positive qualities. And the main one is devotion to their family. True, love for loved ones sometimes reaches manic, and in case of danger for them, the Virgos turns into an angry bear protecting her cubs. And often this protection can go beyond the reasonable. In the Criminal Code, this is called “exceeding the limits of self-defense.”


According to statistics, among maniacs and serial killers there is a considerable number of people born under the sign of Scorpio. Envy, temper, vengeance and jealousy - these are the qualities of character that often cause Scorpions to take the criminal path.

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