Tarologist: What, Who, How, Meaning and Why..

What is Tarology?

Have you ever wondered about everything that is necessary to be a Tarologist? Is it necessary to have a gift as for Mediumship and Clairvoyance? Come and find out ...

Tarot and Cartomância, allow you, through a deck, to discover your future, interpret the present and understand the past .

But, what do you have to do to be a Tarologist ? How can a precise Tarot print run be done?

Come and find the answer to all your questions ...

Tarot - The origins ...

Over the centuries, the divinatory arts have come to appear people who for their knowledge in the area of ​​Tarot, are called Tarologists. So the appellations of diviners and others are no more.

Tarology, or the art of drawing cards, is seen in another dimension, more rational over the so-called “bizarre”, strange from past centuries. Cartomância then becomes a pragmatic and noble divinatory art; what marks the coat of arms of the world of Cartomância.

Who can be a Tarologist ?

A Tarologist is someone who has a perfect knowledge of Tarot cards. The Marseille Tarot is the most used and the most well-known, but many others can be used, such as the Lenormand Tarot, Visconti-Sforza, Rider Waite, among others ... A Tarologist must choose his deck and be in perfect suit with the letters, a perfect alchemy has to unite them…

It is necessary to know each card and its meaning not only in each circumstance, and taking into account the energy of the querent, but also taking into account the position in which they left the deck. This requires extreme sensitivity, great mental agility and a total and absolute knowledge and respect for the teachings of the Tarot, learned in courses and / or in books.

Sentimental problems? Isn’t your life what you dreamed of? Do not hesitate, consult the best Tarologists and Psychics and find your way!

How to be a Tarologist?

In order to start a career as a Tarologist, it is necessary to have an enormous intuition, sensitivity and above all, a thirst for knowledge. Gifts of fortune - telling and mediumship are not mandatory.

It is also essential to have knowledge of psychology because sometimes the messages and the indications that the letters convey are difficult, harsh ... and it is necessary to transmit them to the client in the best way, helping him / her to deal with the situation and to put practice card advice in order to find your way avoiding obstacles.

Consulting a Tarologist allows you to have a clear and precise answer to all your questions. The Tarologist interprets the events in a rational way, taking into account the material, sentimental and / or philosophical meaning of each card.

Why is someone looking for a tarologist? To know the future, right? Do we tarologists really have this power to predict the future? If the future belongs to God, would we be placing ourselves “as such” to predict what is in the way of that querent?

Tarot for Present and Future?

I would say that the Tarot is an instrument to better understand the PRESENT and yourself, making better choices regarding the future. Each card has an image, a name and a number that are symbols, and according to this range of information, a meaning. The tarologist, then, would be a decoder of these images, and once these qualities or difficulties in his life are identified, we can work with them in a positive way and improve our personal development and our relationships.

However, incredibly the Tarot also seems to “predict” patterns or events that are going to happen. And how does it happen? As a natural reaction of our unconscious, based on the Tarot images during reading. It also helps us to develop an inner awareness so that we can make more lucid decisions, understand the reason behind an issue or situation, and give us a light, a possible path on that journey.

The Tarot is an objective tool for self-analysis and awareness of your sense of purpose, vocation, challenges, and more ... cards don’t lie.

And the tarologists? Do you always interpret them correctly? Every letter has its positive and negative side, its light and shadow side, therefore, they must be analyzed in a calm and impersonal way, without criticism and judgment, and with deep respect for the querent.

In addition, we are fallible beings, but we must be as conscious as possible about our “commitment” to Spirituality.




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