Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Drowning in River, Sea or a Pool in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Drowning in River, Sea or a Pool in a Dream in Christianity

In dreams, drowning is a way for your unconscious to express exactly what you are experiencing in waking life. This indicates that you are drowning in workloads, stress, deadlines, relationships, and whatever. Only those who have had the misfortune to dream of drowning know how horrible and hopeless the experience is. The sense of terror felt during the dream can last for hours after awakening in waking life. As a result, one gets a thousand questions in his head, trying to figure out the meaning of dreaming of drowning and the possible stimuli that might have formed this dream. Yet the despair and terror experienced during this dreamlike vision are infinitely greater than what actually happens.

This means that the dream symbolizes the need to release the tension accumulated during waking life. Getting out of your routine and planning attractions or trips can do you great. The important thing is to let existential problems pass you by without accumulating in your energy or spiritual field.

So consider organizing your life so that there are always moments of distraction and appeal. Otherwise, your mind and spirit will become saturated, triggering dreams with drowning.

However some details can make a difference in the proper interpretation of this dream, for example:

  • What were the feelings involved during the dream?
  • Has anyone saved you from drowning?
  • Was the water cold or hot?
  • Did you drown in the river, the sea, a lake or a pool?

Answering these questions can help you figure out what it means to dream of drowning. So keep reading. Throughout the article we will pass on more information that may be helpful in helping you make this interpretation.

What it means to dream of drowning 

In the introduction to this article, we explain the most common origin of dreams involving drowning: emotional burdens, work stress, anxiety, and other existential problems. 

From this point of view, the dream is only a reflection of this pressure and saturation experienced in waking life. But the dream may manifest itself due to more specific conditions, such as:

  • Phobias and fears about something;
  • Difficulty concentrating on the issues that interest you;
  • Problems with breathing or blood circulation due to addictions such as tobacco, drugs, binge eating and idleness;
  • Imbalances triggered by specific waking life issues.

As you can see, there are many triggers that can form drowning dreams. Surely you are better able to understand the true origin of this dream based on the events of your waking life. But in general, the dream always points to the need to find inner balance and harmony, which are increasingly distant because of self-neglect.

Dream water, by the way, has many interesting symbolisms, and one of them is powerfully linked to the emotions and feelings a person experiences. So drowning is a symbolic way for your unconscious to express what you are feeling and experiencing in your waking life.

Other details may make slight changes to this interpretation, so read on.

Dream of drowning at sea 

There is a huge difference in the symbolism of freshwater to saltwater in dreams. While freshwater is more linked to psychological and existential issues, the sea acts as a potentiator, either for healing processes or for revealing a person’s emotional storms.

So dreaming of drowning may indicate that you are going through a really difficult time in your waking life. Perhaps you have lost hope and motivation in life. However this dream is only symbolic, and you should consider it purifying because it indicates the release of the conflicts that you have carried for a long time.

Dream of drowning in swimming pool

Pool water is associated with household and family matters. From this point of view, drowning in a pool symbolizes unresolved issues in family life. It can also indicate people and family members who need your understanding and tolerance on specific issues.

So be more present with your family, host parties, and do whatever is necessary to keep the family together, regardless of the mistakes each has made. Take on this task for your own learning and spiritual evolution.

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