Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Betrayal in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Betrayal in a Dream in Christianity

Sensations during betrayal in dreams can be as painful as in waking life. The dreamer wakes up worried, confused and with a thousand questions in his head. In some cases, the reaction after waking up from this dream can be as impulsive as a real betrayal. This can be even more serious when the dreamer has spiritual awareness and knowledge of the triggers that can form a dream. However, the meaning of dreaming of betrayal can be seen from a psychological or spiritual perspective.

The discomfort caused by this dream can trigger conflicts, fights and unnecessary discussions in the relationship. Most of the time, the stimuli that make up this dream originate in the dreamer himself and in his current psychic composition. In this way, the dream can be a reflection of an illusory unconscious. Everything that we perceive, hear and feel in the waking life is registered in the unconscious and, when sleeping, these records surface like a storm of distorted and incoherent visions, representing a wrong idea of ​​betrayal.

In this case, the dream script would be produced by the impressions captured in the waking life. It is possible, however, that the dream originated from legitimate impressions of betrayal, that is, you are perceiving a strange behavior and attitude of marital infidelity and have come to believe that a betrayal is being consumed.

In short, dreams of betrayal can be divided into two categories: psychological and spiritual . The first may be associated with both real perceptions of betrayal and illusions and psychological fantasies. The second involves spiritual reality, that is, during sleep we can connect with spirits that have some connection with us. 

So to find out more in detail what it means to dream of betrayal, read on.

Dreaming about boyfriend betrayal

If your boyfriend is cheating on you in a dream, first of all you need to identify the source of that dream. Are you convinced of a real betrayal or is it just insecurities and unfounded fears? Most of the time, the dream reflects the fear of abandonment or being alone .

Dreaming of her husband’s betrayal

When a relationship is formalized by the marriage, over time the spouses start to live around a routine without many news and attractions. This dull routine can create an atmosphere of concern about each other’s interests and a possible husband’s interest in another woman.

This feeling of emptiness can become more and more accentuated, facilitating dreams of betrayal, which are a pure reflection of the couple ‘s lack of harmony and connection in waking life .

Dreaming of loving betrayal

Infidelity in a loving relationship can point to the need for dialogue and closer intimacy for the couple. A love relationship needs maintenance and intimacy. It is not enough to live together, it is necessary to create rapprochement through a lot of dialogue, affection and love. The lack of this approach and companionship can foster insecurities that end up manifesting themselves in a dream of loving betrayal .

Dreaming of wife’s betrayal

This dream originates in the man’s own vigilance in relation to other women . When a man does not appreciate his wife and begins to fantasize about having sex with other women, this creates a disaffection that is perceived unconsciously. When sleeping, the man can see the reflection of himself in the image of the cheating wife.

The sensations during this dream vision are usually enough to put the man on the axis and prevent him from continuing to have erotic thoughts about other women.

Dreaming about cheating on boyfriend with friend

Many committed women dream of their boyfriend cheating on them with their friend or best friend. Most of the time there is no need for concern, because the dream originates from  misperceptions about the boyfriend’s relationship with his friend .

However, the possibility that this dream originated from the lack of respect from one or both cannot be ruled out. Women have an immense capacity to feel when something is wrong, even if they do not see with their own eyes. From that point of view, dreaming of your boyfriend’s betrayal with your friend can reveal what your eyes don’t see. But reflect well before making hasty decisions.

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