Uranus In The Signs Of The Zodiac - Uranus Sign Meaning in Astrology

Uranus is a slow-moving planet - it takes 84 years to complete its cycle in the zodiac. It stays in each sign for about seven years, and that is why it makes its passage a situation of significant impact. It is a planet of generations - all people born at this stage have the same energy pattern - which defines the needs for freedom, independence, and individuality.

The passage of Uranus in the signs indicates periods of change, ideologies, breaks, and new forms of knowledge and management in different areas. It is as if the steering wheel changes hands and the direction is rethought, as the arrival goals are no longer the same.

Find out below how each Uranus sign is generated:

Uranus In Aries

Uranus in the sign of Aries shows a generation of people whose life mission indicates unexplored paths in areas such as science. They are courageous, audacious, and skilled; on the other hand, they may be prone to fanaticism and impulsiveness. It is a generation that refuses to live the same way as their ancestors and is thirsty for change. He is constantly looking for new experiences to achieve happiness.

Uranus In Taurus

Here Uranus indicates a generation eager for new approaches in the field of money and natural resources. It can also show a phase of people born with extraordinary artistic talents. They are highly materialistic and can curb spiritual aspects because of this incredible energy. Care must be taken not to generate a form of stubbornness that crosses the line.

Uranus In Gemini

Despite forming a generation of people with great potential to develop a new way of thinking, care must be taken with restlessness. Born in this generation, they tend to be so active and full of ideas that they risk never finishing a project or reasoning. They are also great travelers in search of discoveries.

Uranus In Cancer

A more decisive aspect of the sign, Uranus’s changes indicate here are in the emotional realm. Changes in family ideals (parents become friends with their children) and relationships are the big mottoes of this generation. Caution is necessary with sudden changes in mood and temperament different from the usual.

Uranus In Leo

This indicates a generation that seeks new ways of looking at love and sex. He generally believes in free love and does not stick to pre-established patterns of romance. It also shows a group of people with a lot of artistic and scientific creativity. On the negative side, they tend to be self-centered and leave the collective in the background. Stubbornness is also often apparent.

Uranus In Virgo

The innovation of this generation is in the area of working methods and mainly electronics. It is a period full of discoveries in this area, including computers. They are born with ease for labor relations, ecology, health, and technology.

Uranus In Libra

New ideas about marriage, society, and social conduct are what Uranus indicates about this generation of Librans. Relationships and feelings become more critical than judicial relationships on these topics. If they do not seek harmony, they may encounter problems in these areas since the partner may not be so used to the freedom and justice that this sign seeks.

Uranus In Scorpio

The World War I phase was experienced by those born with Uranus in Scorpio. In this way, they were looking for new forms of civilization when they saw the old ones being overthrown before their eyes. Care must be taken with the constant search for change, without regard to whether they are productive or destructive.

Uranus In Sagittarius

Uranus in the sign of Sagittarius indicates people who seek to create concepts of religion and education. It is a generation of people curious about foreigners looking for international travel and want to know and understand people’s worldviews from distant places.

Uranus In Capricorn

A sign that always seeks power, when Uranus is passing, it indicates a generation of people who will develop changes in government and commercial structures. Watered with ambition, they need to be careful not to get lost among the goals.

Uranus In Aquarius

Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius, and when it is in its sign, the change is even more profound. They are people of a generation with an easy understanding of religiosity and spiritual energies. They constantly seek their knowledge and conclusions. If there is tension, the Aquarius can be too undisciplined.

Uranus In Pisces

Uranus in Pisces indicates a generation seeking freedom from the ideas of the past. They are interested in meditation and Eastern philosophies, as well as disavow materialism. The care in this sign is in the tendency they develop to escape from situations that do not please them.

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