Lilith, The Black Moon: Effect on Signs and Meaning in the Birth Chart

From mythology to astrology, Lilith is a female figure who challenges patriarchy and connects with her wild nature ; with that free, intuitive spirit and in tune with Mother Earth that characterizes women in their purest essence. Lilith is an untamed character who integrates her fury and desire, in addition to channeling the feeling of a feminine lineage, making the true aroma of woman flourish.

What is Lilith in the birth chart?

Lilith is a legendary female figure in astrology who is not represented by a celestial body – such as Venus or Mars – but by a point in the orbit of the moon. So what does the goddess Lilith represent? Also known as Lilith, Lilith or the Black Moon , this point symbolizes the wild, rebellious and indomitable nature that lives in every woman. That part that vigorously rebels against the patriarchal system.

What sign rules Lilith?

For various reasons, no sign rules Lilith. To begin with, because Lilith is not a celestial body, but a point in the orbit of the moon. Secondly, if Lilith were a star, she would rule a sign and not vice versa. In astrology, the planets rule the signs and never the other way around.

The zodiac sign in which Lilith is found reveals her way of expressing herself and the astrological house indicates the area of life in which she will do so. Usually, Lilith exposes the repressed, unexpressed, or unlived desires and ancestral angers that manifest in women unconsciously.

It also points out the area of your life in which you may have felt repressed or dominated, generating feelings of fury and desire for revenge. This causes the nature of the black moon to awaken, in a woman’s personality, in an unpredictable way, in addition to having a destructive potential when it emerges without barriers from the depths of the subconscious. Until she comes out of the shadows, the area of the astrological chart in which Lilith is positioned tends to generate a certain rejection of her.

What does the Black Moon represent?

The black moon illustrates the wild nature that lives in every woman. That state of supreme freedom, in connection with Mother Earth, with her body, with her intuition and with repressed emotions such as anger or desire. This revealing point in every astrological chart invites women to integrate the repressed, to honor the feminine and to live in freedom. Lilith is the first woman and feminist. While the moon represents the menstrual cycle, the black moon is associated with that feeling of relief that menstruation provides when there is no desire for procreation. In signs such as Aries, Scorpio and Sagittarius, this archetype – which inhabits nine months per zodiac sign – manifests itself more comfortably than in lunar or Venusian signs or houses such as Taurus, Cancer or Libra, analogous to houses 2, 3 and 7.

Who was Lilith according to the story?

Mesopotamian mythology tells that Lilith was Adam’s first wife. In the Garden of Eden, God had created all animal species in pairs, male and female, except for humans. Originally, Adam was two in one: man and woman. Upon noticing that all the animals had his match, Adam begins to look for his better half, attempting to seduce females of other species. Without success, he prays to God and asks him to have, like the other animals, someone with whom he can share his time. God then decides to divide it into two, man and woman, creating Lilith.

Blissfully, Lilith and Adam begin to share their lives in paradise. However, when they were making love, Lilith wanted to go upstairs, but Adam refused. He wanted to dominate the scene, because deep down, he didn’t consider him and Lilith to be equal. That was the true essence of their discussion. He believed he was born from the Earth and considered that Lilith was not equally pure; that she had been born from the sediment. She disagreed and claimed to have been created by God at the same time. Despite being perfect for each other, Lilith decides to leave to express her essence freely, abandoning the only man on Earth.

Lilith builds her new home on the shores of the Red Sea, surrounded by demons – as the animals in the Garden of Eden called other beings not recognized by their own God. Little by little, her social life begins to flourish, maintaining free relationships with various demons and giving birth to a hundred immortal children per day.

What happened to Lilith?

Meanwhile, in the mythical garden, Adam begins to feel the lack of Lilith and prays to God to return her to him. God sends three angels to warn Lilith that, if she did not return to Adam, her immortal children would become mortal and she would watch them die one by one. To her, this warning does not seem fair, since God had specifically charged him to take care of her children. They respond that it was unimportant, insisting that she return to paradise. She refuses, and soon, her children begin to die. Lilith goes crazy, enraged and history writes that she, possessed by a demon, seeks revenge against men and humanity.

Who created Lilith?

Throughout time, myths have always had the mission of educating society through their morals. For centuries, the story of Lilith served the patriarchal agenda, implying that any woman who goes against God and chooses to be faithful to her own nature, rather than to her partner, would be punished and ostracized.

How does Lilith act in each zodiac sign?

Lilith in Aries or in the 1st house

Lilith in Aries or in the 1st house invites you to innovate, to be a pioneer, to explore your leading nature and to take a solitary and diverse path to open the way for other women, leaving aside ‘what they will say’.

Lilith in Taurus or in the 2nd house

The black moon in Taurus invites you to connect with your body, with your value, with nature and its cycles. It encourages you to recognize your value and make it count to manifest that life you dream of on the material plane.

Lilith in Gemini or in the 3rd house

The black moon in Gemini or in the 3rd house invites you to communicate your points of view. To connect with your wild and intellectual nature, to study everything that you are so passionate about and to pronounce your opinions with total freedom in honor of all your ancestors who did not have the opportunity to do so.

Lilith in Cancer or in the 4th house

Black Moon in Cancer or in the 4th house invites you to explore your instinct and the concept of motherhood. To find out if there is an innate desire to be a mother within you or if it is an imposed desire. It also invites you to explore the history of the women in your family and be surprised by what you will find.

Lilith in Leo or in the 5th house

If you have Lilith in Leo or in the 5th house, your natal chart invites you to stop avoiding being the center of attention and dare to shine. Let go of the reins, connect with your creative nature and let the indomitable fire that lives within you flame.

Lilith in Virgo or in the 6th house

In Virgo or in the 6th house, Lilith challenges you to demonstrate to yourself your ability to manifest abundance around you and add value to the system through your exemplary routines and constant work. To demonstrate that your work is worth a lot, and consequently, make it count.

Lilith in Libra or in the 7th house

Lilith in Libra or in the 7th house suggests you connect with your desire and avoid exclusively satisfying the desire of others. To shine with your distinguished intellect, to express your opinions without fear of not being liked and to connect with the Venusian and seductive nature.

Lilith in Scorpio or in the 8th house

Lilith in Scorpio or in the 8th house, invites you to investigate painful and repressed emotions to come to light. To know your taboos and to develop those esoteric gifts that you have hidden up your sleeve for a long time.

Lilith in Sagittarius or in the 9th house

In Sagittarius or the 9th house, Lilith feels at home. The invitation, in this positioning, is to free yourself, to embark on an adventure and to live through your own philosophies. It also proposes you to take action, connect with your passion and be of maximum inspiration to the world around you.

Lilith in Capricorn or in the 10th house

In Capricorn or the tenth house, Lilith invites you to trust in your distinguished ability to build your own empire. To trust that your constant work will eventually pay off, even if the patriarchal system makes you believe otherwise.

Lilith in Aquarius or in the 11th house

In Aquarius or the 11th house, Lilith challenges you to expand your intellect to the maximum, to recognize yourself as the brilliant woman that you are and to connect with your intuitive nature, in honor of all your ancestors who did not have the opportunity to do so. She also encourages you to connect with your free nature and express yourself as the authentic woman you are.

Lilith in Pisces or in the 12th house

In Pisces or the 12th house, Lilith invites you to a deep spiritual, esoteric and ancestral immersion. To develop your mystical gifts for all the women in your family lineage who were forced to silence them so as not to be called ‘witches’ by the patriarchal system.

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Lilith in astrological houses

Lilith in water signs and houses 4, 8 or 12

In a woman’s astrological chart, Lilith in water signs such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, or in their analogous houses, the 4th, 8th or 12th, could reveal a silencing of her mystical gifts. A repression of her esoteric abilities, such as developed intuition, to avoid being branded a ‘witch’ or ‘crazy’ in a patriarchal system. She may also indicate some pressure to be a mother, although this is not necessarily her innate desire. This positioning can unmask a spiritual repression experienced both personally and in the ancestral lineage, which is extremely relevant to this element.

Desire and indomitable fury are typical expressions of Lilith when she emerges into the light. In water signs and houses, Lilith can show a latent desire - or conversely rejection - to develop esoteric skills, or a strong repulsion at the pressure of the system to be a mother. The invitation to women with this positioning is to recognize her spiritual gifts, to connect with nature, with her natural instincts, with her ancestors, and to discover in herself if there is an innate desire to be a mother. .

Lilith in signs and houses of air 3, 7 or 11

Lilith on the air signs, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, in the birth chart of a woman, as well as in the 3rd, 7th or 11th houses, indicates intellectual repression.  It speaks of women who perhaps did not have the opportunity to study although they had the desire to do so, of women who were intellectually devalued, or who have not had a space to express their opinions in important contexts such as family, couples or work. It can also expose women hurt by having been accused of being ‘crazy’ for their cyclical nature, judged for establishing free relationships, or verbally abused. Lilith reveals repressed emotions belonging to her or other women in the family legacy. In air signs or houses, she can suggest the presence of ancestors who wanted to study but could not due to the simple fact of being women.

The black moon in air signs can awaken an excessive desire to develop intellect, express opinions and establish free connections. It can also activate fury after being silenced or accused of being pointed out with the term ‘crazy’. In signs and houses of air, Lilith’s proposal to women is to connect with her wild nature – free, seductive and intellectual – and to vent it, without mincing words.

Lilith in signs and houses of fire 1, 5 or 9

On the fire signs, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, or the houses of the same element, the 1st, the 5th or the 9th, the black moon expresses itself with exalted fury and passion. In a woman’s letter, it could indicate a refusal to occupy a leadership role, to develop her autonomy, or to express emotions such as anger or sexual desire. These repressions can be both their own and inhabit the family’s feminine legacy. Also, although not necessarily, it can be an indicator of abusive and aggressive experiences.

The anger and desire that are awakened with Lilith in fiery contexts are truly untamed emotions. Both anger and repressed desire can cause diabolical reactions. The invitation of this astrological point in the signs and houses of fire of a woman is to take action, to connect with passion, to channel repressed anger in a healthy and conscious way, to integrate the masculine energy that inhabits one and to explore that nature of a leader that flames in every sign of fire.

Lilith in earth signs and houses 2, 6 or 10

The black moon in the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, as in houses 2, 6 or 10, exposes women who were devalued, especially in their ability to generate their own resources. Women who at some point in their lives the patriarchal system made them believe that women’s work was worth less, with shares or with a lower salary. It may also indicate the existence of women in the family lineage who were not allowed to work, regardless of whether that was their wish, or who have been disinherited.

With the presence of Lilith in earth signs or houses, the woman’s fury can manifest through the desire to demonstrate her value and the abundance she is capable of generating. Her invitation is to recognize her own worth, to assert herself and to manifest her own resources on the material plane.

How to calculate Lilith in the Natal Chart?

Not having the prominence of the planets, Lilith is a lesser-known point within an astrological chart. Even to see her position in your astrological chart, you must tell the application to include this secluded figure. To know her in greater depth, the ideal is to consult a professional astrologer who is familiar with Adam’s first wife.

What is the Black Moon in the Astrological Chart?

Lilith is the Black Moon and it is an astronomical point that is used in the interpretation of the birth chart. Its meaning and representation is found in mythology, various astrological systems and traditions.




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