Effect Of The Black Moon Lilith On Each Zodiac Sign

Effect Of The Black Moon Lilith On Each Zodiac Sign

For astronomy, Lilith is an astronomical point corresponding to the degree of the lunar orbit (projected on the elliptical of the Zodiac) further away from the planet Earth. In astrology, Lilith has an important role.

Also called the Black Moon, Lilith shows on your Astral Map a place, or a segment of your life, in which you are dissatisfied, and that, therefore, you need to work for this area to change and improve. Precisely because she is associated with the dissatisfactions and frustrations present in her Map, Lilith usually symbolizes something terrible. For this reason, it is also known as the Black Moon.

Everyone has Lilith on their birth chart, and the astrological house shows the area where the person is dissatisfied. Therefore, locating it on the map is very important. And what exactly does Lilith do in each house or sign? See below!

Black Moon Lilith In Aries

When Lilith is in house one, the house of Aries, she shows someone very insecure, with a great concern for the physical, many affective problems, lack of appreciation of achievements, and this all generates aggressiveness as a form of protection. The person may appear arrogant and aggressive, but this is just a way for the person to disguise his insecurity. Besides, Lilith in Aries shows someone who is very afraid to start new projects; someone who, no matter how willing he is, the fear of starting and not being able to go to the end prevents him from putting his ideas into practice.

Black Moon Lilith In Taurus

A person with Lilith in Taurus that is, in house two of the map, is someone who thinks a lot about money and material goods.  The person tends to be an accumulator and capable of anything to acquire more possessions. Financial stability is essential for someone with Lilith in house two. However, as stable as they are, they have a hard time feeling safe. Even when the situation is good, that person always finds a defect, some problem, that makes him feel insecure and afraid of losing his wealth. You are so concerned about the money that it can affect your health.

Black Moon Lilith In Gemini

When Lilith is in Gemini, the person is obsessed with communicating, but in destructive ways, such as lying, persuading, seducing. This can cause the person, when speaking the truth, not to be taken seriously. This person thinks he is brilliant and believes that he will be able to deceive anyone. Besides, people with Lilith in house three have an unrelenting thirst for knowledge; they always want to learn more and more, but the desire is so great that they do it without any criteria - they study without even paying attention because they are already eager to research the next subject.

Black Moon Lilith In Cancer

Lilith in Cancer symbolizes a lot of vulnerability in all areas of life. Shows excessive attachment to memories and difficulty expressing feelings. In the case of women, fertility problems can occur. There is also a lot of insecurity about the family, as if he feels he is not loved enough by his parents and other family members. If the person has no family, the problem persists, only related to the closest people, such as the most intimate friends or the loving partner.

Black Moon Lilith In Leo

When Lilith is positioned in house five, the house of Leo, she represents the ego in excess and self-esteem up there  - much more than necessary. The person with the Black Moon in this house does anything to appear and be the center of attention. If you leave, only that person will speak in the conversations. It seems that this person only thinks about himself and believes that he is more important than others. Lust can also be a big problem, as can ostentation.

Black Moon Lilith In Virgo

Lilith in this house represents a lot of organization, a lot of perfectionism, and a lot of pressure so that everything goes out the right way. These can generate many manias, such as cleaning manias, organizing even what is not his, always being healthy (which can even cause addiction to some medicine). Lilith in Virgo shows someone who is never satisfied with anything or anyone. This can be a big problem, as it generates a lot of stress and, consequently, health and interpersonal relationship problems.

Black Moon Lilith In Libra

Someone with Lilith in house seven wants to be accepted and loved so much that she gives up her own opinions to follow what others say and thus feel part of the group. He doesn’t mind being “Maria goes with the others,” but that bothers those around him. He always says that everything is fine, even when he is not, not to disturb the harmony of the place and the people who are in it. Although you are always looking for peace, you can often fail, which is too frustrating.

Black Moon Lilith In Scorpio

People with Lilith positioned in Scorpio’s home have several sexual problems. Despite sexuality being touched on, these people suffer from a specific block that does not allow them to have sex in the way they would like - they can hide these problems or, on the contrary, exaggeratedly show them. Although they don’t like it and can’t control it, people with Lilith in house eight judge themselves and others a lot when they have sex. This can result in frustrated, negative, and stressed people.

Black Moon Lilith In Sagittarius

Lilith at Sagittarius makes the person a little confused, as she has difficulty defining her thoughts and changes her opinion very quickly. Despite his difficulty in fixing an idea with everyday matters, when it comes to religion, for example, the person with Lilith in this house is so sure about what he believes that he doesn’t put aside what he thinks for any other opinion. He does not give up his freedom, which becomes an obsession because, at all times, this person feels that they are trying to end the freedom that he has already won.

Black Moon Lilith In Capricorn

Lilith in Capricorn shows highly determined to be responsible and correct but who can’t be. The frustration is such that the person does wrong things even if that is not his will. He wants a stable professional career so much but always goes through interference. The mixture of the desire for everything to work out with the frustration that everything always has a problem and an obstacle makes him obsessed with specific segments of life, such as work and personal achievements.

Black Moon Lilith In Aquarius

One of the biggest problems for someone who has Lilith in Aquarius is the need for a person to be different. Nothing she does can be like someone else’s. The places she frequents, the way of acting and dressing, speaking, the tastes, and anything else; everything must be different. This person is also attracted to cosmic matters and tends to become attached to people who will make him suffer shortly. He is not very humble and often also leaves out generosity.

Black Moon Lilith In Pisces

House twelve represents Lilith, an emotionally confused person, constantly repenting for everything that went wrong in the past . Because he is fragile, this person is easily deceived and hurt by others, which makes him frustrated and isolated from the rest of the world. When someone tells a problem, the person with Lilith in fish sucks all the bad energies out of that problem for him and is affected by it. That is, it absorbs the negative energies of others too much.

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