Cartoon Character According To Each Zodiac Sign

Did you know that that drawing that you followed throughout your childhood can be related to your sign?

Each character expresses a different characteristic and personality. Find here the cartoon character that best suits you!

Aries (Popeye)

The biggest spinach consumer in cartoon history represents you. Popeye is a brave and passionate guy for his beloved Olivia Palito. Good at fighting, he faces his arch-rival, Brutus, without any significant problems. Aryans, like Popeye, are humble beings, but they are eager for victory.

Taurus (The Flintstones)

Lazy and very eager, Taureans struggle against these characteristics within themselves. He has a spirit of leadership, and, therefore, he quickly becomes the head of the family, just like Fred Flintstone. It closely links to family and friendships. Sometimes they seems to be intellectually limited.

Gemini (Woodpecker)

Cunning, this pet can certainly represent Geminis very well. Charismatic, can see the humorous side in everything and does not miss a joke. Intelligent, he can solve any problem without being affected by it. Go to great lengths to achieve your goals.

Cancer (Beauty and the Beast)

Like all Disney princesses, Beauty has all the characteristics of a Cancerian. Helpful, kind, family-oriented, and highly sensitive, this princess faithfully represents the natives of Cancer. Always willing to help friends, for sure, you can always count on someone with Cancer.

Leo (Johnny Bravo)

Like the natives of Leão, Johnny Bravo always makes a point of appearing. He loves to seduce people of interest, but he doesn’t have a big brain. The owner of a generous heart is always willing to help those in need. Leos, for their part, are also always hostage to a compliment.

Virgo (Dexter’s Laboratory)

Nerd and perfectionist Dexter is the character that best defines Virgos. Like the diminutive genius, Virgo natives are persistent and do not give up until they find a solution or answer what intrigues them. He may have an obsessive side, but he always shows his naive side to others.

Libra (Lady - The Lady and the Tramp)

Ruled by the planet Venus, goddess of Beauty in Greek Mythology, Libra could not be better represented than by the sweet Lady, the puppy of the Cocker breed in the drawing. With great vanity, Librans like to be well looked after and attract attention. But don’t be fooled; Libra natives are great warriors.

Scorpio (Batman)

Of great intelligence, Batman-like the Scorpios uses his attributes in favor of good. Great detective, the scorpion native can always find out what he wants. Besides, sensuality and mystery appear through its magnetism.

Sagittarius (Send Rain)

Sagittarians, like the cat Manda Chuva, are very attached to the pleasures of life. They are attached to nothing and no one when it comes to doing what they want to do. Optimistic, they are always looking for the bright side of life. A little irresponsible, but always cherishing the well-being of those who like it.

Aquarius (Ben 10)

With a generous, humble, and kind heart, the Aquarius native looks very much like this character. Ben is a ten-year-old boy who fights against evil to protect the weak. When an Aquarian realizes that he has the power and the solution to the problem, he clarifies without thinking twice.

Pisces (Master of the Magi)

The Master of the Magi can represent the most evolved side of the sign of Pisces. He is always available to help someone through his knowledge. They usually have a good heart and a more evolved view of things.

Capricorn (Princess Cadence, My Little Pony)

Crystal Empire is ruled by the refined and devoted Princess Cadence, who is also the ruler of the Crystal Empire. The world of ponies is full of fierce competition, yet she manages to come out on top every time. As was evident on the day of her wedding, she suffers from extreme insecurity and is too concerned with the opinions of other ponies, as proven by the fact that she was in full freak out mode. However, just like every other Capricorn, she triumphs despite adversity and demonstrates true strength. People who were born when the Sun was in the sign of Capricorn have a steady temperament and the ability to work diligently to overcome the challenges that life may throw in their way.

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