Why Are Geminis So Difficult To Understand


If you have a colleague or Gemini acquaintance, you are well aware of the difficulties that exist in trying to understand the behavior of people of this sign.

Geminis are very independent people and like to make their own choices, so relating to other people requires an effort to accept the way others behave and the limits you will have to impose on your usual behavior in order to live well in Group.

These people are known for their intellectuality and intelligence, they are versatile individuals and dedicated to the act of reflecting, thinking. Another characteristic of Geminis is indecision. Although independent to choose what they prefer, they have great difficulties in deciding what is best for them, so they always need many options and hate to feel under pressure to give the final say.

Relating to Gemini

The characteristics of such a sign make them very active, they are always very busy which can make them want things always in their own way. Often the Gemini is stressed out because he is unable to accomplish something he intended, or when they fail to convince someone with their plans. In this situation, taking the anger out on those around you is the most common.

Another circumstance that makes living together difficult is the fact that Geminis are dual. That is, in some moments they are very well and excited about everything they have to do, but in a few seconds they can totally change their mood in the face of an indecision or failed task that takes them seriously.

Convincing them of something is also not an easy task, after all that role is his. With the power of persuasion and the gift of the word, the air sign has the ability to say what it wants in a fluid and intelligent way, convincing many around them not to go back on their propositions.

In love with Gemini

Are you dating a Gemini? So you wonder how to make things work. Resorting to astrology will help you understand this sign of the zodiac.

Gemini is ruled by the air element and the planet mercury, so you can expect a lot of fun surprises, but never a dull moment.

All those born under this sign seem to have an enormous amount of endless layers and you will constantly have to unravel layers to get inside.

Why is dating Gemini so difficult?

Almost all the people who get involved with twins could say that they are the type of people who get what they want, when they want, and they are!

Gemini is a go-getter and does not stop at anything or anyone to get to their destination.

No matter who you are, Gemini will get what they want.

Maybe Geminis are too honest about everything, or maybe they can’t handle the truth!

Let’s see a list of reasons why Geminis are so hard to love and what to expect when dating one!

If you need advice, talk to a good Tarot reader who will help you quickly with your relationship.

1. Gemini can be manipulative

Gemini will stop at nothing to get what they want.

This also means that they could manipulate someone or something to get what they want.

Due to this toxic behavior, they can remove the closest people from their life.

2. Gemini is very insecure

It is quite possible that a Gemini this week wants to go to the beach and the next week they want to become the president of a foreign country.

The point is that you will never know which card Gemini will deal and you just have to go along with it.

3. Geminis are hard to date because they love to be alone

Sorry, but this relationship or situation will not be full of hugs and kisses 24/7.

Geminis value their time alone, and once they feel like you’re crossing that line, they will let you know and it won’t be pretty.

4. It is difficult to reach a Gemini

When will they let their guard down? The answer is probably never.

Geminis are very difficult shells to break. This does not mean that they act this way with everyone.

Until they find their true love, it will take luck trying to reach them.

5. Gemini is a control freak, it’s hard to accept

It is your way or the highway. Gemini is one of the most independent signs of the zodiac and only depends on one person to do the job, on themselves.

If they feel like their relationship is out of order, they will run for the hills without looking back.

6. Gemini doesn’t do well with dating

Gemini does not take life too seriously, if you are looking for someone who will keep a straight face for every joke that is made, Gemini is not the one.

Those who have a loving relationship with the Gemini also find barriers to overcome. Precisely because they appreciate independence and options, they do not like to get stuck or even suffer the establishment of limits, as in a common relationship.

To conquer this sign it is necessary to let it always be who it is. Not imposing rules or even criticizing them too much can be a good way to deal with this personality.

Be prepared only to face theories you will have to agree with and somewhat unexpected mood swings. Ah, do not forget that for them rest is a short time, life does not stop and they like to live it actively.

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