Things We Can Learn From Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Did you know that the signs of the zodiac are divided into four groups?

Each group is represented by a natural element. Each sign is classified into an element according to its characteristics. The elements are responsible for identifying the essence of the personality of each sign. The natural elements that classify the signs of the zodiac are: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Know the signs of each element


 : Aries, Leo and Sagittarius;


 : Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn;


 : Gemini, Libra and Aquarius;


 : Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Fire signs: what are their characteristics?

Aries , Leo and SagittariusWhat do these three zodiac signs have in common? Oh friend, if the stars have already conquered you and you are a pro at everything related to the horoscope , you will have answered our question in no time: all three are fire signs!

This means that people born under any of these three sun signs — that is, the position of the Sun in the birth chart — share some characteristics with the element that represents them. They have an intense character, fiery, they don’t give in to anything, they shine with their own light and have a strong personality that sweeps away everything. But let’s go a little further… What other traits do fire signs share ?

Fire signs are…


It’s the first thing you’ll notice if you come across an Aries , Leo, or Sagittarius at any time. They live life in style, without reservations, and on more than one occasion they do not realize what is happening around them, because they are very focused on their own thoughts or even physicality. And they live everything as if it were the last day of their life. Fire is vital energy and there is plenty of that… But be careful, sometimes too much intensity ends up burning!


Fire signs are characterized by having a strong character.  So that we understand each other: they don’t let anyone step on them, they are very authentic and direct, and they always say what they think. They have charisma, something that makes them the most attractive and attractive of the entire zodiac wheel.


And precisely their charisma makes both Aries , Leo and Sagittarius the most self-confident signs… These people are full of confidence, their self-esteem is through the roof (something we could all learn from , by the way) and they do not They never doubt their abilities. What’s more, if someone questions them, they will do everything possible to demonstrate their power.


You will not find a more enthusiastic person than an Aries or a Sagittarius. The first of them loves to lead and spearhead projects. He also gets involved in all kinds of plans and motivates his friends and loved ones (that’s what the first sign of the zodiac is for). While the second will never say no to an improvised plan. Cheerful, spontaneous, lively, adventurous… Let yourself be infected by the enthusiasm of the fire signs!


Me, Myself and I. It is something inevitable in fire signs: they focus a lot on their own happiness, they are a little egocentric and somewhat narcissistic. Especially notable is the case of Leos . Being ruled by the Sun, the king of stars, they tend to think that the world revolves around them. They love to be the center of attention, so you will have to have a little patience when dealing with them, since they are very unempathetic.

What are fire signs like in love?

In their love relationships, these signs are fiery, although not very fiery. In general, Aries, Sagittarius and Leo live love with a lot of passion and intensity,  since they go out of their way for their partners when they are in love and, above all, they love to show off their romantic partner. So don’t be too surprised if they refer to you as a conquest… Of course, sex with them will be quite an adventure, we assure you.

Aries, for example, is considered the sun sign with the most initiative in the entire zodiac, Leo as the most passionate (and the one with always the highest libido) and Sagittarius, as the most detail-oriented, although obsessive, being a specialist in maintaining long live the flame of love. Almost nothing!

And the signs most compatible with them? Other fire signs and air signs ( Gemini , Libra and Aquarius ), with which you will find a perfect balance. With the water signs , on the other hand ( Cancer , Scorpio and Pisces ), it is better to put distance between them…

What to learn from Fire signs

Be guided by extremes

For Fire signs, there is no middle ground. Is it or is not it! Natives of this element tend to prefer the all-or-nothing approach. Intense and very true, they prefer to take chances with intensity if they really believe that it can work.

Know how to deal with impulsivity

These signs usually react impulsively to almost everything. Due to its intensity when it comes to realizing your desires and fighting for your goals, those born under the element of Fire have determination as something essential to their existence.

The combination of determination and impulsivity can cause very intense, deep and in some cases contradictory emotions. Be careful when judging the intensity with which the natives of these signs indulge in certain situations. Because they judge it as something very important to them, they are usually hurt if they realize that you are against it or simply do not give importance to it.

Live with stubbornness

Fire signs are usually (usually quite) stubborn. Owners of a strong personality, they like to impose their ideas and influence in a very assertive way those around them.

When they believe that they are right in what they say, they are usually quite incisive and hardly change their opinion, even when it is identified that they were not quite right.

Protection is fundamental

Those born under the signs of Fire usually admire the fact that they feel protected. Because they give themselves body and soul to certain situations, they believe that protection is essential to avoid future problems and possible hurts.

The intensity they place in relationships is strongly related to the degree of loyalty and protection they expect to receive in return.

Trusting can be dangerous

Because they give themselves so deeply to certain relationships and situations, those born under the signs of Fire tend to rely with great intensity on that and on those who believe. This can be very dangerous, generating false expectations and even great frustrations for the natives of this element.

When they feel that their confidence has been broken, they are capable of extreme and intense attitudes. The natives of Fogo are able to end a friendship of years if they suspect that they have been betrayed or feel abandoned.




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