Numerology - What does the lucky number mean

Numerology - What does the lucky number mean

The other day, I met a very dear friend, who hadn’t seen him in a long time. We met in college, and with the end of the course, it is natural that the rush of everyday life, does not contribute to having the same contact. We took the opportunity to catch up, and between a laugh and another - he was always a lot of fun - he ended up telling me that he thought it was amazing how certain days seemed to work so well in everything he planned, while others, on the contrary, everything he invested gave wrong.

This sparked the conversation that went on until very late, creating the most fanciful theories, some too absurd to have any support on which to base themselves, others even quite philosophical, giving a deep tone to two friends until they get to know each other better, after all of hours when we didn’t reach any conclusion, we said goodbye wishing that our days were always of good luck and success.

I went home thinking about this question, because despite the playful tone with which we deal with the subject, it is really true, why are there golden days and others extremely gray?

If it were possible to guess the day when we would be lucky, would we know how to enjoy it?

According to one of my favorite writers - Rubem Alves - every day is harvest. “Carpe diem” - harvest the day, like a ripe fruit, he says. But would there be a day when our “luck” contributes to everything really working out?

According to Numerology, there is. And it is even possible to predict it. The secret, who would say, is kept on the day of our birth. Like everything in life, it is a simple mathematical question. Through it, we can know the days of the week and even the most favorable months for our projects and dreams.

For example, if you were born on 2/24/1975, your lucky number is 6. To reach this result it is very simple, just add the figures of the day of birth together, then: 2 + 4 = 6. From 6, just check the days of the month that can be reduced to this same number. So:

Favorable days - 6, 15 and 24 (15 because 1 + 5 = 6/24 because 2 + 4 = 6) day of the week: Friday.

Likewise if your lucky number is:

1 - favorable days: 1,10,19,28 / day of the week: Sunday
2 - favorable days: 2,11,20,29 / day of the week: Monday
3 - days favorable: 3,12,21,30 / day of the week: Tuesday
4 - favorable days: 4, 13,22,31 / day of the week: Wednesday
5 - favorable days: 5,14,23 / day of the week: Thursday
7 - favorable days: 7,16,25 / day of the week: Saturday
8 - favorable days: 8,17,26 / day of the week: Sunday
9 - favorable days: 9,18,27 / day of the week: Monday

Observing here that if you were born between days 1 and 9, you don’t need any calculation, because the day of birth is the lucky number itself.

So, let’s go and use mathematics to find out your luck and do a “little meal”?

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