Neptune In Each Zodiac Sign (1861-2026)

Like so many other influences that signs suffer, Neptune is one of them. Knowing how it acts in each of the signs makes it good to understand a little about its general characteristic.

Neptune is the planet of inspiration. It unites, mixes, and so disorder. Is contradictory and proposes ideas that cannot be realized. It has no morals or criteria and very easily evades responsibilities and reality. Neptune has two predominant characteristics, and it does not want to meet the wrong side of life and easily creates ways to escape from reality to face it, often using alcohol or other drugs.

People born under the influence of this planet are empathic and know very well how to put themselves in the other’s shoes. They are creative and artistic, sensitive and spiritual, at the same time careless, false, indecisive, and impractical. This planet has a subtle influence. Materialists are unlikely to feel these characteristics in your consciousness. On the other hand, the most sensitive will have strong influence, leading to the excellence of mystical union or creation, as well as dementia and mental alienation.

Its cycle in the zodiac takes approximately 164 years to complete, so it remains about thirteen years in each of the signs. This factor makes the characteristics generational, as well as personal. Below are the signs followed by the last time the planet traveled through this space in the zodiac.

Neptune in Aries (1861-1975)

The feeling of having a spiritual mission to fulfill predominates Aries natives. They are pioneers in religious and philosophical concepts. The negative side of Neptune expressed in this sign is false pride, and selfishness revealed through the desire to excel. This entry given in the last century initiated a time of spiritual development and psychic investigation.

Neptune in Taurus (1875-1889)

Visionary by nature, this native was looking for a way to practice his big dreams. This characteristic is revealed by the idealistic historical period related to the use of money and its sources. It indicates the artistic gift in general, in addition to the innate commercial savvy. Great position for investors and businesses, but the negative aspects can influence the path to fraud or carelessness in money management.

Neptune in Gemini (1889-1902)

This generation was born with a great capacity to develop creatively and intuitively through poetry and literature. The restless, versatile and active mind brought ease of expression through images. Innovations are related to travel, communication, and commerce. The negative performance came in concern about superficial values and confusion in practical and communication matters.

Neptune in Cancer (1902-1916)

This influence reveals a strong connection with the home, the land, and the family. These people are overprotective of those they love, emotionally sensitive, patriotic, and very idealistic. They cling to religion emotionally. The good aspects bring mediumistic tendencies, and the bad ones lead this native to pessimistic thinking. The sign of Cancer rules the unconscious, and when Neptune enters this sign, Freud appears, spreading the bases of modern psychoanalysis in 1902.

Neptune in Leo (1916-1929)

The artistic and musical talent, mainly focused on theatrical and interpretive arts, came strong in this generation that feels a great need to express themselves freely, shine, and reach fame. There is an inclination towards romantic idealism, a true generation of conquerors and divas. This planetary transition came with the height of cinema when great stars known today are born. And also the moment when there was a great economic depression, given by the false sense of prosperity. The love delusions and relationship problems between parents and children come from Neptune’s negative influence on this sign.

Neptune in Virgo (1929-1943)

This generation experienced the anguish and insecurity brought about by the Second World War. Because they have spent their childhood in this critical moment, they believe that they have to work hard to guarantee their existence. In this way, his creativity and dreams were cruelly put aside, giving space for a simple life and, above all, concerned with the health and well-being of himself and his family. Unfortunately, the negative side is in the form of excessive emotional concern, tending to psychosomatic diseases and neuroses.

Neptune in Libra (1943-1957)

The post-war generation came to thirst to recover their lost ideals. There was a movement in favor of peace and justice, reaching its peak in the 1960s. Fanaticism for idealism brought hypocrisy to politics and the judicial system, the origin of rebels without a cause. In particular, Neptune brings nostalgia for perfect love, equality between the sexes, mutual understanding, and the ideal match. These natives question concepts of relationships and obligations. The bad aspects are problems related to the opposite sex, little willpower, and the notion of reality.

Neptune in Scorpio (1957-1970)

Sexual and emotional disorders characterized this generation, and many people were marked by sexual exploitation aimed at commerce. At this time, the absence of inhibitions began to appear, sexuality viewed liberally, and promiscuity favored the emergence and spread of sexually transmitted diseases and the use of drugs as an emotional escape valve. Yet, behind all this vivacity, there is hidden a deep desire to create bonds with the loved one through the sexual act. This energy is discharged in artistic creations, music, and contestation.

Neptune in Sagittarius (1970-1984)

It was a period of strong crisis in the church and an absence of optimism and hope. As a consequence of this critical moment, the desire arises to recover the connection with the true meaning of life, causing the expansion of collective consciousness and acceptance of knowledge linked to the spiritual side, which had previously been repressed. Neptune’s influence on Sagittarius caused a superficially optimistic movement, consumerism. The results of this search have not yet been conclusive, as these natives still actively intervene in society.

Neptune in Capricorn (1984-1998)

This era is current, and all structures and bases are shaken, in crisis. Society is pessimistic and is afraid of the future, including natural resources and the overall economic stability of the planet. The need for spirituality has been felt in everyday life. Alternatives are emerging, coming from the destruction of what has been re-established. Those born with Neptune in Capricorn miss the hierarchical and family authority, in addition to the difficulty of living in society.

Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012)

At the end of the twentieth century, society collectively was taken by discontent and began to question issues pertinent to the New Age. There is a strong desire for political and social restructuring from the contemporary era, a strong desire to change the current world situation. This lack of structure will be felt not to guarantee progress towards a more just world. These Aquarians will feel profound loneliness caused by the lack of solidarity seen today among men. It will be a crisis in the technological and scientific conception. In terms of fashion, extravagant colors and combinations will be very present.

Neptune in Pisces (2011-2026)

This will be the period where we will see a return to romanticism and higher ideas. It will dominate the peace of humanity. Healing will make significant progress, and spirituality will be at its evolutionary peak. In general, Neptune does not influence anything connected to the artistic and fashion of this time, but art and music will be developed remarkably. It will be a birth period for great spiritualists and mystics due to the Neptunian inspiration taken from sensitivity and even prophesying. To reveal your gifts, you will need a solid, flexible ego capable of understanding the harsh reality.




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