The Influence Of Crescent Moon In Each Zodiac Sign

We have known for a long time that the moon affects land forces, animals, and ourselves. Now, you may not know that the moon also affects the signs since, in a month, it spends two days in each of them until it completes its entire cycle. Bearing this in mind, how can the signs, when visiting the Crescent Moon, the lunar phase responsible for developing projects, including loving ones, affect us?

Crescent Moon in Aries

This moment is perfect for using 100% of your time in your personal and professional projects. If you don’t screw up now, you can be sure that great fruits will be harvested very shortly.

Crescent Moon in Taurus

It is the perfect time for investments: be it in savings, direct treasury, or stocks. But of course, always being very well informed of the conditions before everything!

Crescent Moon in Gemini

Social life calls for attention! Dedicate your time to your friendships and meet more people. We never know who we can meet, be it a professional contact or a possible crush!

Crescent Moon in Cancer

Now, the family asks for affection. Take good care of who is unique to you, as life is concise. Plan a lunch, an afternoon coffee. There is no better combination than family and food! Right, grandma?

Crescent Moon in Leo

That recognition that you so longed for, finally, can be achieved! As long as you have planted your seeds, of course. Now is the time to receive all the respect, recognition, and popularity you’ve been waiting for.

Crescent Moon in Virgo

Having already set your goals, focus on the details, and use your power to achieve everything you want. It only depends on you!

Crescent Moon to Libra

It is time to have a special affection for your house. Change the decor, clean up or buy a new object. The important thing is to give love to your home!

Crescent Moon in Scorpio

The proposal is to get involved intensively. As the crescent moon brings loving energy, it is good to keep an eye on possible passions. If you don’t find anything, don’t worry. Sometimes, the intense desire of the moment can be some personal or professional project.

Crescent Moon in Sagittarius

Feel the gypsy energy that dances within you. It’s time to set foot in the world or, at the very least, plan that trip you want to do!

Crescent Moon in Capricorn

All the wear and tear of work will finally bear fruit! Be it in the form of recognition, pride, or financially!

Crescent Moon in Aquarius

It is the perfect time to start a new course or invest in a hobby. After all, it’s never too late to learn something new!

Crescent Moon in Pisces

Look for a way to elevate yourself spiritually. Go to a church or temple, meditate, do yoga, write. The important thing is to increase contact with yourself and the Whole.

The lunar forces are adapted to the moment that each one is living. Try to notice the signs and try to dance to the music!




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