Best Nail Polish Color For Each Zodiac Sign

The way each woman takes care of her nails reflects a lot on her personality. According to her zodiac sign, the choice of colors, the shape of the nail, and designs remember the woman’s characteristics.

Learn which color of nails suits you best according to your sign and how it represents your personality!

Aries Woman Nail Colors

Aries women are daughters of fire and therefore love warm colors like red and orange. Besides, they are bold and independent, characteristics that can reflect the choice for cold and dark colors like black. Aryans need to express their feelings and thoughts, and the colors of the glazes reflect this and are refined and selective.

Taurus Woman Nail Colors

Taurus are very traditional women who do not feel obliged to follow the fashion dictated by the seasons, so their choices are always more in line with classic concepts. The color chart chosen by the natives of Taurus is centered on sober colors with few warm colors, focusing on blues and wines. Good taste is significant for the daughters of Venus.

Gemini Woman Nail Colors

Gemini women like to remain innovative when it comes to fashion. They are modern and bold, so you are not afraid to innovate and even to make mistakes. Warm colors are very welcome, as is the mix of colors and styles in the nails. Gemini like bright reds and open oranges, but they do not dispense with light tones that are durable.

Cancer Woman Nail Colors

Cancer women are very discreet and conservative. They are not very close to innovation, always valuing delicate colors. Some Cancer natives are more daring and opt for nail colors that escape the traditional style but never depart from the description. Roses and whites are the favorite colors of Cancerians, but they opt for silver tones when they want to shine.

Leo Woman Nail Colors

The Leos are very exuberant, which generates a specific taste for the exotic, so the favorite colors of leonines are red. With a strong personality, but at the same time very refined, he draws a lot of attention everywhere he goes. Always try to be chic and elegant, sometimes opting for chocolate and bronze tones with lightly rounded nails.

Virgo Woman Nail Colors

Virgos are incredibly discreet women with a very refined taste. They are linked to traditionalism when choosing their nail colors, opting for shades of brown and sand. The choice for the green in a more closed tone and brownish tones is the trademark of Virgos.

Libra Woman Nail Colors

Libra natives are very refined and classic, and they don’t use anything that is in bad taste. Sometimes they can get a little out of the description, but refinement will always be present. In addition to a specific preference for colors, Virgo women use nail colors of good brands, which will have good quality and durability. They bet on intense reds, roses, and pinks.

Scorpio Woman Nail Colors

Scorpios are intense and exotic women, which is reflected in the choice of colors. They bring the drama of your personality to the clothes and accessories, so you could not leave out the nail polishes. The choice for dark colors like black reflects everything that Scorpios are: audacious, bold, and sexy. Colors like wines and dark blues also make them successful.

Sagittarius Woman Nail Colors

Sagittarius natives are modern and very daring. Without question, Sagittarians will adhere to whatever fashion dictates! So they use different colors like blues, reds, greens, purples, oranges, and more. There is no wrong time for them! Besides, they also choose colors that reflect nature, such as greens and blues.

Capricorn Woman Nail Colors

Capricorns are traditional, even for the brands they use. They like to use nail colors that are proven to be excellent and durable. The colors should also be as tractional as possible, such as closed reds and roses. They always try to maintain the elegance and sobriety of the looks.

Aquarius Woman Nail Colors

Aquarians are bold, modern, provocative, and very innovative. All of this contributes to her taste for nail polish colors being extravagant and full of personality. She is always the first to want to break the rules. They can use many colors simultaneously without the slightest problem, so oranges, purples, golds, and others, will be the woman’s choices.

Pisces Woman Nail Colors

Pisces women are very romantic, so boldness is far from them. The nails are usually in sweet colors like light roses and violets. Besides, they are very mysterious, and you can choose gray and dark purple. As their main element is water, they can bet on shades of blue.




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