Aquarius Communication With Every Zodiac Sign

Continuing with the series of articles on the communication of signs, we will now talk about Aquarius’s communication with other signs of the Zodiac.

Note that the analysis made in these articles is generic, superficial. To check which facilities and difficulties are to be faced in the relationship between two people, it is necessary to perform the synastry of the astrological maps.

Aquarius Aries Communication

Two owners of the truth, better Aries to leave Aquarius because sometimes it is wiser to be happy than to be correct. Together they will discuss a lot about life’s justice issues and idealize a better world. They need to find the persistence to get him out of ideas, and that will be up to Aries, who has the discipline to teach Aquarius. This, in turn, leads Aries to the art of reasoning based on concrete facts before acting on impulse.

Aquarius Taurus Communication

Two stubborn together! One processes everything at a turtle pace (Taurus), and the other thinks he is the owner of the truth (Aquarius) and lives in the future, which will be read by Touro as a utopia. Taurus’ rigidity and presence in the present moment upset Aquarius, who is always dictating how the world should be, dealing poorly with what it is. If you can lower your head and learn from Taurus how to deal with reality before you want to change it, you can do well together. Suppose Taurus understands that it is from the revolutionary minds that the significant milestones of history that led us to development were born. In that case, he will understand the fundamental nature of Aquarius, and the relationship can go forward.

Aquarius Gemini Communication

A lot of intellectualization and little affection. Impersonality reigns. They both need to be alone from time to time, and they understand each other. But both can speak in circles and not conclude anything. The thing is to discuss. In an effective relationship, touch and collaboration must be worked on. There is a communion of minds but a lack of affection. Social life is essential for both of them, and the relationship is based more on friendship, so that, even when romantic, it always has a more excellent tone of the company.

Aquarius Cancer Communication

The impartial and impersonal Aquarius does not understand how Cancer can defend its loved ones (read: family) even if they are wrong. It is very illogical for Aquarius to endure. Cancer will understand the Aquarian nature as cold and insensitive and even selfish, as he does not understand that, above him and his family, there is a collectivity to which both belong. It is necessary that both understand what logic is sound and affection and that they are just as important as taking care of the family and worrying about what kind of descendants they will leave to the world and what kind of world they will leave to their descendants.

Aquarius Leo Communication

The complementary opposites! They are two individualists and have a desire to lead / command. While the Lion reigns with his heart, Aquarius treats everything rationally. Leo finds this lack of sensitivity, and Aquarius thinks Leo is naive. Both are right, and if they stop attacking each other, they can achieve the Zodiac’s most outstanding achievements because the loving leadership lives here.

Aquarius Virgo Communication

Two anxious, but while Virgo knows it and accepts it, Aquarius denies and refutes any criticism. And Virgo came into the world to analyze everything and point out what is wrong, including Aquarius ‘attitudes, and this is where the fight starts because Aquarius’ hardhead does not see his defects. They need to stop anticipating the future and live the present more.

Aquarius Libra Communication

There is no affection here, and there is more rationality. If Libra avoids fighting, Aquarius loves an academic struggle and intends to make his ideas prevail. Libra listens, and Aquarius speaks but does not listen. Although Air signs, forming a Trine, there are adjustments to be made. In common, they both like people and are aggregators, as well as intellectuals. But Libra’s need for harmony can be shaken by the need to be right in Aquarius.

Aquarius Scorpio Communication

Either they understand each other, or the relationship ends soon, and nobody will ever want to return. Two tough heads who want to be right about everything and have fixed opinions about everything, not always coinciding. Aquarius is impersonal, rational, and needs independence. Scorpio is passionate, emotional, and needs company. Can they understand each other? They need a lot of spiritual instruction to overcome their difficulties and accept one another.

Aquarius Sagittarius Communication

Two people with a strong need for space and freedom and whose mental plan is essential, but in different ways. The philosophic Sagittarius finds in the scientific mind of Aquarius the foundation and concreteness necessary to give more realism to his ideals. The skeptical Aquarius finds in the philosophical sense of Sagittarius the importance of meaning in life and a relationship with the higher and spiritual mind. If they know how to accept these differences as something that makes them great, they can work very well together.

Aquarius Capricorn Communication

The Aquarian mind that always needs to be right is not well understood by the resilient Capricorn, for whom it is better to be practical. If Aquarius accepts that he needs to learn to be more realistic and less idealistic and Capricorn accepts that he needs to dream more, they can do well together. But it is a relationship that lacks affection since Aquarius is impersonal and Capricorn denies their emotions.

Aquarius Aquarius Communication

Two rigid and anxious heads! There is an excess of future in this relationship, and both need to learn to enjoy the present more. They understand their mutual need for friendship and space and do not suffocate each other. But they are impersonal, which can generate a cold affective relationship if they do not work with mutual affection.

Aquarius Pisces Communication

Aquarius’ coldness and impersonality will hurt the sensitive Pisces, and not all of his understanding will overcome it. Pisces needs company and warmth, and Aquarius wants space and freedom. They don’t understand each other’s needs and only value the relationship when it is too late.




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