Vacation Horoscope: The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Travel the World

Trips are always planned with great positivity by most people. Getting out of the routine, visiting new places and having different experiences or a new adventure. In the case of the zodiac, some signs stand out for being travelers on duty and having this wanderer soul, as is the case with Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries and Pisces. These signs carry the impulse to change, and it is very likely always to find them in new destinations. With the arrival of retrograde Mercury, travel plans should wait a while, so it is always good to keep an eye on promotional air tickets for the time that will come after that period.

These are the most traveling signs of the zodiac


It is a vital sign and always seeks energetic and innovative experiences. For this reason, he is always looking for adventures and nourishes himself with new emotions, which brings him very close to the idea of traveling and exploring new destinations. A reasonable trip request for Aries is new places with the opportunity to explore different cultures, leaving there with an innovative vision.


It is a sign that values comfort and well-being, so the travel plans of Taureans are usually made with a lot of planning and advance to avoid any merengue. This sign is the best to define routes and make the right choices. The ideal taurus destinations are places with good food and beautiful locations. July holds good travel opportunities for them.


People born under this sign are generally very communicative and modern. The curiosity that motivates them is always the same, leading to leaving the place and discovering new environments. What defines a good trip for Geminis are the people they know during that time, so good places are where you can get to know the local culture well.


They are not so adventurous by nature, their homes are their favorite places. This is not to say that they do not enjoy visiting new places, as long as they are worth leaving the comfort and peace of their homes. For this reason, Cancer travels usually involve the company, be it family or someone special.


Leo is full of life and positivity attracted to you. Thus, great destinations are those where there is an environment to fill the eyes and a mood of high spirits. Style is something that they value a lot and seek it everywhere they go. Even in a backpack, Leo will always find a way to be well.


Perfectionism is the motto of this sign. Well organized trips with hotel reservations and scheduled tours, are the type of Virgo. They are practical and analytical people, so they prefer places where they can access everything from food to hygiene and comfort. Good choices are places where you can add some learning.


Libras are refined, and this is also reflected in the choice of places to go. They like luxury and beautiful places and prefer to overpay for the best, from the hotel to the food. Because it is difficult to make decisions, Libras like to be accompanied on their travels and get bored quickly in certain places. They are humorous partners for traveling.


The scorpio is a water sign, and this is reflected in the choice of your destinations. They are intense and can even be controlled, but when decided, they fall headlong in the places they go. They look for less traditional places and new routes and when on the road, they like to explore everything and get to know what is possible.


Among all the signs, it is the one that comes closest to the wanderer. Its nature is defined by adventure and exploration, and it is this spirit that guides your travels. Fascinated by the new, Sagittarians look for places never visited before that completely escape conventional routes. Renewal is a search on every trip, and they seek deep and philosophical experiences more than a mere pastime.


Capricorns are always interested and very thorough. In their journeys abroad, they always seek value and refinement, a strong earth element. Even on vacation trips, they look for concrete goals and objectives and consistently seek to learn from the place visited.


Visionary people born in an Aquarius are always thinking ahead. They also have instant decisions and face any adventure. Freedom is its most significant characteristic, so they take unexpected trips that come at the last minute. In wanderings, they look for different, mysterious places with unusual experiences.


They are eternal dreamers. He likes to travel in a group, but he also enjoys moments of solitude and independence. Culture always attracts them, like music, dance and the way of life of the different people you meet. For always idealizing too much, care must be taken not to be disappointed with reality.

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