The K-POP Group Of Each Zodiac Sign

K-pop is a music genre that was born in South Korea around the 90s. The acronym is an abbreviation for Korean Pop, or Korean pop music. In recent years, the pace has been growing and has become a worldwide fever, attracting many followers here in United States. The various K-pop groups, although producing a similar musical style, have quite different characteristics. And, therefore, each sign has the K-pop group that is your face! Find it out:

Aries - Red Velvet

The first and most impetuous of the signs of the zodiac has everything to do with Red Velvet, a group formed by five girls from Seoul, South Korea, who produce both jovial and fun songs, as well as more mature and daring rhythms, all with Aryan guy!

Taurus - Twice

Also from Seoul, the group that most suits Taureans is Twice. Formed by nine girls, it is considered one of the most popular K-Pop groups today and is known for the strong friendship between the girls. One of his most famous songs is “Candy Pop”, something like “Doce explosivo”. Do you have a more bullish title?

Gemini - BTS

BTS, a band made up of seven boys, is the group that matches the Geminis. The band writes and produces their own songs, full of references to literature. Even the name of the band refers to the versatility of Geminis, since BTS does not have a single meaning. It may be Beyond the Scene, Bangtan Boys, among other names.

Cancer - GOT7

The always romantic Cancer are all about GOT7. The Seoul band, made up of seven members, became famous both for their songs that speak of love, as well as for the stage performances that include martial arts blows. That is, they have the emotional and strong side of Cancer.

Leo - Dreamcatcher

The expansive and luminous energy of Leos is all about the group Dreamcatcher, which combines R&B and rap with traditional K-Pop. The songs played by the seven girls that make up the band bring agitated rhythms and full of positivity, everything that the Leos love.

Virgo - Exo

The group Exo, composed of nine boys, is one of the biggest hits of K-Pop. In addition to winning numerous awards and sales records, the guys from Exo also show their talent promoting big brands, such as Samsung, and for their social work with UNESCO. So much dedication and care is the face of Virgos, isn’t it?

Libra - Seventeen

Libras, who appreciate harmony and friendship so much, have everything to do with the Seventeen group. Composed of 13 boys, the group produces and writes their own songs and divides into teams that are responsible for each aspect of their creations. The balanced result is perfect for Libras!

Scorpion - KARD

Intense and mysterious Scorpios combine with the KARD group. The four members of the band, two boys and two girls, have nicknames related to the deck and the band usually creates songs with “hidden cards”, that is, with other artists that are kept secret until the release. All this air of mystery is what Scorpios look like.

Sagittarius - BAP

Sagittarians are guided by their spirit of freedom. The group that has everything to do with them is BAP Formed by six boys, the group wants to distance themselves from the delicate figure of K-Pop idols and create a unique style. In addition, one of his hits is called Young, WildFree: Young, Wild and Free. Want more Sagittarius than that?

Capricorn - Big Bang

The group of five members, Big Bang, was one of the main bands that helped launch K-Pop to the world. In addition to producing their own music, they also experiment with different rhythms and instruments, and influence many other K-Pop bands. That is, they are very hard workers, just like Capricorns.

Aquarius - Girls’ generation

The Girls’ Generation group is one of the main girl bands in South Korea. The eight members of the band helped launch K-Pop worldwide and are one of the biggest hits of the genre. They combine bubblegum pop, a style known for gum hits, to more complex rhythms, such as R&B. An unusual mixture that is the face of Aquarians.

Pisces - Black Pink

Formed by four girls, the group Black Pink became an overnight success and their music videos are among the most watched videos on YouTube. With songs full of positive messages, the band has a delicate air, but full of strength and determination of Pisces.

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