Do you have desires in your heart that deeply connect to your essence? For example, some people essentially want to help others and try to do it in a way they like: writing, recording videos, studying psychology, etc. We all have a soul within us that yearns for something that brings us happiness and satisfaction, and that characterizes the compass of our lives that, indeed, guides us to the right path. And this compass can be found on our birth charts, symbolizing the most harmonious positioning between a person’s Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Our guide is known as the Wheel of Fortune, and we will find out what it says when it positions in each zodiac sign!


This positioning brings a person who will feel fulfilled when he sees that his efforts have brought rewards and, especially, when he gets someplace of prominence since he is very competitive. What moves her is to have initiative, not be a “Maria goes with the others,” and always looking for something new.


Whoever is positioned in Taurus will be at peace when the person is close to nature, whether on the beach, plain, or mountain. And as contradictory as it may be, that person also loves to spend money and will always be searching for something that will make him increasingly wealthy. After all, what the person values most is a future with stability!


This individual has communication as its greatest weapon. The person loves to talk, meet people, and make contacts, but he is very wrong for anyone who thinks his life is just turmoil. He finds great pleasure in his studies, is intelligent, is not ashamed to change his mind, and is always tuned to everything in the world.


What moves this human being is the family and the collective. Your peace is in the arms of the loved one, in the lap of the parents, in the embrace of your children, and the declarations of the friendship of your friends. He also loves to help, protect those who matter to him, and feel useful daily.


That person needs attention, and his quest is to find his place in the world. He wants to be a reference for others, being able to influence and inspire them. And this can also happen through some artistic medium since he has a lot of touches!


For this individual to find happiness, he needs to live in an organized and standardized environment, if possible: no three red blouses folded under the drawer and one blue on top. He is very concerned about his health. And for him, that feeling of being helpful is essential!


To be happy, this person needs to feel all areas of his life harmonized. If any is going wrong, he already feels heavier and unhappy. And this also extends to her social life, he loves to be in contact with others and listen to them, but if he feels any injustice or pressure from another person, he can also feel quite uncomfortable.


This positioning reveals someone who always needs to be transformed to be happy, which varies a lot. It can be a transformation in the visual, in the hobbies, in the study area, in the career, etc. The important thing is to feel the energy in motion, not be the same as yesterday and be different from tomorrow!


He is a well-known citizen of the world, and he has a great interest in different countries, different people, and cultures. He also finds great pleasure in researching the origin of life and why, whether in philosophy or religion.


The focus of that person’s life is work. He studies, works hard, get promotions, and helps others, but his most outstanding achievement is to feel that his work is worth it and, above all, that people around him are as responsible as he is.


Whoever has this position feels a great need to do things differently and not be “inside the box.” This person has a significant focus on humanitarian issues, but he also has an extreme ego when it comes to being bold and unique in everything he does.


This person finds satisfaction in devoting himself to others; his life makes sense when he gives himself, whether in the form of voluntary work or in a mere pair of ears willing to listen. Other than that, his spirituality is highly evident, and he finds his peace when he can cultivate it.

Reading like this, it seems that the Wheel of Fortune only brings good things. However, depending on its positioning, it can negatively influence people and end up getting several not very pleasant consequences for their lives. Thus, it is always good to consult an astrologer to see if everything is on track, but if not, check what can be done to improve as soon as possible!

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