Saturn in 8th house predisposes to long life, but often also to slow death, after a prolonged chronic illness. In the best cases, if the planet is looking good, the end will come by natural death. These people are afraid of death and the hereafter, and, in general, of everything mysterious and unknown, including in it also sex and instincts, with the possibility of suffering impotence or frigidity.

Often, that fear is hidden or hidden behind rigid and strict religious moralisms, for this reason it is common to find this position in many saints who were distinguished by their great asceticism, such as Saint Teresa of Jesus.

However, people who have Saturn in the 8th house also show a tendency to repress instincts and sex, either for moralism or for life imperatives, which is compensated by a great ambition for power and money.

Apart from everything mentioned, this position of Saturn is unfavorable for inheritances, legacies, and for money from the spouse or associates. The spouse will not only not help to improve the economic situation but will generally be the other way around, placing a burden on these natives.

On the other hand, they need to be very careful with investments and speculations, because they can easily lead to losses. Inheritances will come late, and can be accompanied by abundant burdens and problems. If Saturn is afflicted, there is danger of death in accident or execution.


  • This repression that the natives do on issues related to sex and instincts is offset by the development of a very great ambition for power and money.
  • However, Saturn in the Eighth house is not very favorable to everything related to inheritances, legacies or economic amounts that come from the spouse or any partner. And it is that the spouse will normally suppose an economic burden for the natives.
  • You have to be very careful with the investments and speculations in which you are involved, as it will be very difficult for you to avoid losses. The possible inheritances they may receive will always be late and fraught with problems.
  • In the case in which Saturn is afflicted there will be a real priest of death and execution. Natives love the obstacles that come their way in life. Although they do not usually realize it, the truth is that the more complicated and problematic the task they have to carry out, the more they like to solve it.
  • They socialize very easily. They like to get along with people with significant intellectual training. They hate superficiality and do not waste time in relationships that do not contribute anything to their intellectual development.
  • They participate in community activities. They like teamwork , considering it essential to achieve fulfillment in their lives. They do not like changes, so they prefer to do things calmly and adapting little by little.




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