Saturn in 7th house is an unfavorable position for marriage and all kinds of unions or associations. In this area, the greatest or most painful and lasting tests will be experienced. These people face marriage and all kinds of ties with the utmost seriousness, prudence, caution and responsibility. Often the marriage is usually late, and contract with a person with whom there is a great difference in age or social class.

The spouse, regardless of gender, will have Saturnian physical or psychic features - serious, mature, responsible, introverted. On the other hand, they have a good chance of being widowed, or that the spouse is a burden, a source of pain and suffering, instead of happiness.

The declared enemies of the people who have Saturn in 7th house will be terrible, tenacious, powerful and of great evil, being able to cause great misfortunes to those natives. It is also an unfavorable position for lawsuits and conflicts with justice, which must be approached with great caution because there is a danger of losing them and leaving them seriously injured. If it is very well planned, the marriage will be happy and it will be reached after great difficulties.

Saturn in the 7th house is of course a transit that is not beneficial for lasting sentimental unions like marriage. Neither for the other associations or unions of another type, be they personal or professional.

The natives take marriage and all kinds of ties with the greatest possible caution, seriousness and prudence. They are usually late marriages, with people who belong to another social class or with whom there is a huge age difference. In the case of being very well aspected the planet will come to it after going through great difficulties, but in the end the couple will be happy.

The spouse, whether male or female, will normally have Saturnian traits, such as introverted character or seriousness. The natives also have many possibilities of being widowed or that their spouse is a burden, a source of suffering and that marriage becomes an ordeal where happiness does not appear anywhere.


  • A well-known example of Saturn in this position is the case of King Felipe II, who married four times with women with whom there was a great difference in age. All four died, becoming a widower and lived in solitude for the last twenty years of his life, locked in El Escorial.
  • The enemies of the natives with Saturn in the seventh house will be powerful and terrible , so they will always seek to do as much damage as possible as soon as the opportunity arises.
  • Nor is it an optimal position for matters related to lawsuits and conflicts with justice , because if this situation is reached, there is a huge possibility that they will end up being seriously injured.
  • With regard to professional relationships with its partners, problems, restrictions and initial commitments will arise that will limit naturalness, generating disappointments and misgivings.
  • The natives’ couple relationships with Saturn in the seventh house will be taken very seriously , so slowness will prevail and all important issues will be weighed.
  • Sometimes, the lack of security of the native will lead to the same couple ending up causing restrictions and excessive limits on their freedom.



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