People with Saturn in 6th House approach work and responsibilities with the utmost seriousness and concentration, doing it with the greatest efficiency and meticulousness. They are disciplined, routine, ascetic and spartan, and in general, it is a good position for administrative or accounting tasks and for all those that require maximum precision and attention to detail. He has a need for continual effort and sacrifice and sacrifice, often suffering from a tyrannical, demanding, and distant boss. When they are bosses, they create many problems in the relationship with employees and servers, which are usually demanding and cold.

They ask too much of themselves and others. Work and responsibilities then cause constant burdens and worries that slowly undermine their health. They tend to feel alienated from a job that they generally don’t like and that they can’t leave because they feed them. They are considered poorly paid and their great efforts are not recognized.

In itself, this position of Saturn is unfavorable or threatening to health. The natives will be assaulted by constant fears, anguishes, depression and melancholy or they will have a hypochondriac character and their vitality may be undermined by numerous diseases, especially those related to Saturn: bone or joint problems, rheumatism, arthritis, gout , kidney or biliary lithiasis, and states of general weakness or asthenia. Also, danger of chronic diseases or that end up becoming chronic.

Saturn in the 6th house is undoubtedly a position that enhances a job well done, with great seriousness, concentration and responsibility. Its natives are disciplined and routine people who are very willing to carry out administrative and accounting tasks in a very efficient way.

His initiative to do very complicated and strenuous jobs is usually under the supervision of demanding and often tyrannical bosses. Something that the day they become bosses they reproduce with their employees or subordinates, thus maintaining the cold and distant relationship that they had before with their superiors.

The natives of Saturn in the 6th house are very demanding of themselves, but also of others. So much work and responsibility generates constant burdens and numerous worries that little by little take their toll on your health.


  • The constant performance of meticulous work makes them end up feeling alienated, but they cannot leave the job because it feeds them. They understand that the remuneration they receive is not what it should be and that all the efforts they make for the company are not recognized by anyone.
  • The health of the natives of Saturn in the sixth house is continually threatened. The depression, melancholy or hypochondriacal character will lead you to suffer from joint problems, arthritis, gout or state of weakness or general asthenia. They risk that the diseases they suffer from end up becoming chronic.
  • The professions chosen by the natives will be those that require very precise, detailed and constant knowledge and way of working. That is why they usually opt for sciences, engineering or professions related to the world of accounting.
  • If Saturn in the sixth house is stressed it will be difficult for you to find a job that you consider satisfactory. In your life you will be affected by numerous obstacles that will prevent you from getting a position where you can show what you are capable of doing.
  • Throughout their working lives, they maintain a constant concern for the work they perform , usually taking on more tasks than they should, thus bearing responsibilities. More often than not, despite their efforts, opportunities for promotion at work are rare and slow over time.




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