Having Saturn in 5th house is a very bad position for love life and in general to be happy and fulfill in life, especially if the planet is afflicted. It can cause strong inhibitions when it comes to expressing feelings or sex, or cause long delays or difficulties when it comes to enjoying life or experiencing pleasures, being in the worst case, practically impossible to do. It fosters the feeling of giving everything in love and receiving little or nothing in return, and predisposes to coldness or rigidity in love relationships, since love can bring more pain than pleasure, especially in the first part of life . These natives often suffer emotional and psychological blocks that will often be caused by frigidity or impotence.

Saturn in 5th house denies, hinders or delays the possibility of having children, or reduces their number. The children will be of a “saturnine” character - cold, intellectual, withdrawn - and in many cases they may become a burden or a source of problems and concerns; Furthermore, the relationship with them is usually cold.

Creativity in these people is often inhibited or blocked. In their leisure time they prefer entertainment of a serious or intellectual nature. Also their affective relationships are serious and responsible, established more with the head than with the heart.

Games do not suit them because they are unlucky and will lose money.

In general, they will envy happy, fulfilled, and successful people, and they will try to feel important and be recognized. Of course, they can come to stand out as a way to compensate for your frustration. On the other hand, if Saturn is dignified, the difficulties will not be so pronounced, much less if the card has a dominant beneficial planet like Jupiter or a beneficial Dominant Harmonic like 9, to give an example. This always helps mitigate the damage of Saturn in any home. But it does not cancel it, it simply mitigates it.


  • Their natives often suffer from the blockage of their creativity. In their leisure time they always choose intellectual amusements over banal entertainment. This position does not promote luck so it is not in their best interest to play as they are unlucky and lose money.
  • In their affective relationships they show a serious and responsible attitude, in which the use of reason predominates instead of the heart.
  • They envy people who are happy and successful , which is why they often try to show others that they are important and should be recognized.
  • Saturn in the Fifth house makes the natives critical of themselves , limiting their creativity and the outward manifestation of their personality. Avoid being spontaneous. They feel constantly watched and panic at social rejection.
  • However, when Saturn is in this position, self-esteem ends up becoming learning. By not evaluating themselves, they become shy, without expressing what they really are, but if someone tells them they can react with pride.
  • At work they do not perform as well as they could, they even miss opportunities for promotion or occupation of more attractive positions because they do not consider themselves prepared for them. However, his professional qualification says otherwise ...
  • In the sentimental field, they are not relaxed with their partners because they are always pending any type of censorship or rejection. There may be cases in which the relationship is based on the couple’s control due to lack of confidence in feelings.




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