Saturn in 12th house is not a good position for its natives. They will be victims of unpleasant and dangerous circumstances. Numerous and fearsome enemies will emerge that could endanger their lives.

Said enemies will often have the typical Saturnian characteristics, being able to be malevolent people of advanced age who will try to do them the most damage possible in all those situations that are favorable to them.

In the event that the planet is afflicted, the dangers that threaten the natives will be dire. From suffering exile, attacks, jail or being falsely accused to suffering from chronic diseases that slowly end your life.

Here if the Saturn in 12th House, the planet with the most “evil” tradition meets the most unfortunate house, therefore this position threatens us with the greatest, longest and most painful tests. Hidden enemies can be numerous and especially fearsome.

These will have the traits and characteristics “Saturn”, being able to be people of advanced age and to be especially malevolent, constant and dangerous in their attacks.

If Saturn is afflicted, the worst adversities threaten the native throughout his destiny: from the possibility of suffering serious chronic diseases that consume or paralyze him fatally, to the danger of knowing the hospital, exile or prison; or to suffer false accusations, robberies or attacks.

On the other hand, there is a great desire, whether conscious or unconscious, to seek solitude, to isolate or withdraw from the world, this being a frequent position in monks and people of great spirituality.


  • Saturn natives in this position tend to loneliness, cutting themselves off from the world to live in peace. This transit, for example, is very frequent in monks and other people with great spirituality. They do not like to interact with the group and prefer a dividing wall that preserves their identity.
  • They are people very willing to provide services and help others , being kind and compassionate. They will feel the attraction of mystical life in order to thoroughly work their inner world and try the meaning of life. Their humanitarian nature will lead them to work for movements and institutions that promote aid to others and are responsible for helping those most in need.
  • As the planet is poorly aspected, it can lead to the natives becoming sullen beings or suffer the loss of freedom when they are admitted to hospitals or even in prison.
  • They often suffer bad forebodings and unconscious fears that do not allow them to live peacefully . Normally the karma so negative is due to the great debts generated in their previous lives that it seems that they will have to pay in their current life.
  • These deep and unconscious fears will manifest themselves in the form of agoraphobia, the fear of being kidnapped, the deep concern of relating to strangers.
  • When Saturn is well aspected it will allow you to be successful in those jobs that you do in places of seclusion , such as in laboratories, hospitals, universities. An example of this type of position would be that of the astronomer Galileo Galilei.

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