5 Types Of Astral Larvae That Suck Your Energy

Have you ever felt that someone has damaged your life in some way, even though you haven’t done anything really bad? Or did you feel the opposite, that you ended up harming someone, even if you didn’t want to, with a simple question of energy? Well, you may have dealt with an astral larvae without knowing it.

What are they and how are they created? 

The astral larvae are a bad energy clusters that influence your lives directly or indirectly. They form when a lot of miasma (negative energy produced by bad human actions and thoughts) lumps into an environment. So, if somewhere there is a lot of war, bad thoughts or envy, that energy ends up awakening the worst in people or creating barriers so that their lives do not happen the way they would like.

The 5 sources of astral larvae that suck your energy:

1. People who live with you

Of course, it’s not just anyone! We are talking about those colleagues who are always complaining, unhappy or dissatisfied with everything and everyone.

2. Diseases like depression and negative thoughts

Anyone who has or has had depression knows very well the feeling of having an astral larva stuck to them, as the feeling is that their energies (physical, emotional and spiritual) are going away. Regarding negative thoughts, we know how to be our biggest enemy! Our negative thoughts are products of our head that help to generate astral larvae and that consequently end up creating a great barrier of fears, limitations and insecurities in our lives.

3. Disembodied spirits

When a spirit cannot find peace or has something that it wants to resolve on Earth, it is possible that it “gets stuck” in someone, but not necessarily to do harm. What happens is that because he is constantly with someone, the energy of that human being ends up being affected.

4. Other people’s bad thoughts

Envious people have a lot of power! There are people who, besides wanting to be or have what we have, do not want our life to go forward. The energy they send us, even if it is unintentionally, can drastically influence our paths.

5. Black magic works

When the hole is further down, there are people who can appeal to black magic, stagnating negative energy in our lives.

Guide to bid farewell to astral larvae

  • Always be attentive to your thoughts, since they are the ones that produce evil.
  • Accept that negative thinking exists, but give positive thinking more voice.
  • Wish good for yourself as well as for others, including people you don’t like.
  • Do spiritual cleansing work.
  • Pray or join the prayer groups.
  • Do yoga or meditation.

These are some ways that can help you get rid of astral larvae and, especially, stop producing them. We are not saints, we are full of qualities and defects, and as much as we are good people, it is natural to have a negative thought even if we fight against it. Police yourself and try as much as you can to produce and spread good energy around. After all, this is one of the ways to change the world!

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