Saturn in 11th house is a position that leads to isolation from its natives. They fail to integrate socially into any type of group and end up becoming insecure and frustrated in everything related to relating to others.

In lucky cases they will have very few friends, but they will be true, with a firm concept of what friendship means , continually showing it to them. These friends usually also show a saturnine personality, as will be an introverted, serious, responsible and faithful character. Some may be much older than the natives.

It may be the case that the natives are very possessive and jealous of their friends. They will not bear the arrival of someone new who can strengthen their ties of friendship with them, they will do the impossible so that this does not happen.

And is that longed for friendship is the way they have to leave their dark inner world and open up to the world. A difficult objective to achieve and with which they will have to fight hard to feel fulfilled.

We will find this position in isolated or lonely people, who do not have friends or fit into social groups and, consequently, feel frustrated and insecure about relationships. In the best cases, these natives will have very few friends but they are very good, deep and with a strong sense of commitment.

These in turn will have “saturnine” characteristics: serious, profound, introverted, responsible and faithful; they may also be much older.

In many cases, these natives are jealous, selfish, and possessive with their friendly relationships; in others, the opposite will happen, and they will be able to make the most selfless sacrifices and resignations for their friends. They are characterized by their fidelity and strong sense of responsibility in friendly relationships or when they are part of a group.

In the latter case, they will often perform the less pleasant tasks without receiving a reward, or perhaps they will feel neglected, isolated or marginalized. In many cases, their longing to make friends may not be reciprocated. These natives will have great difficulties in making their ends, objectives, desires and illusions come true, and they can only achieve it with great will and patience.

If Saturn is afflicted, the friends will betray the native, and they will either become enemies or lead him to misfortune. Then it heralds great disappointments, illusions and dashed hopes, as well as isolation or loneliness impossible to alleviate or break.


  • Their desire to be part of a group makes them capable of taking unpleasant actions to try to integrate into it. Not being valued, these actions will make them feel neglected and marginalized.
  • Normally they will suffer many vicissitudes to achieve belonging to some social group , something that will take a long time and that they will only achieve based on a lot of will and patience.
  • When Saturn is afflicted, the friends will betray the native and become his enemies. It will give rise to great disappointments and dashed hopes and a social isolation almost impossible to break. Part of his problem is that he expects too much from his friends and therefore he will tend to lose them.
  • Their problems regarding their relationships with others will always be clouded due to their shyness and extreme reserve . This mistrust is not only due to external reasons but is also due to their lack of internal confidence.
  • These are people who tend to always think negatively, very pessimistic about the future. Many of the contacts with whom they intend to maintain a friendship relationship are to satisfy the need for security they seek. They are very respectful of the law and manifest a deep sense of duty.

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